Exclusive autumn interview with elegant Parisian influencer Daphné Moreau – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Daphné Moreau is a dynamic, positive and passionate 30-year-old Parisian influencer. Since 2007, she has been the editor of the fashion and lifestyle blog Mode & The City, which is a source of inspiration for many French women who are fans of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and well-being. Daphne loves fall, Scottish, Instagram, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies, Christmas, New York, Pinterest, Harry Potter, F.R.I.E.N.N.D.S. and tea. IVF is pleased to bring you its exclusive fall interview with Daphne Moreau of Paris.

Interview Daphné Moreau

FIV: Hello Daphne ! How are you doing ? FIV Magazine is pleased to have an exclusive fall interview with you. How did you get the urge to create your blog? Can you describe your universe for our international readers who don’t know you yet?

Daphne: Hello, I started my blog Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Fashion & The City in June 2007, more than 12 years ago! At that time, there were still very few blogs, especially in France. I was already reading some Anglo-Saxon blogs and I wanted to do it myself. It was a rather spontaneous and almost naive process at the time! I never thought that this environment would develop so much and that the blog would become my main activity a few years later!

FIV: As an influencer, you often have the opportunity to collaborate with companies. What is important for you when you agree to work with a brand?

Daphne: I only work with brands that align with my editorial line and that I proudly endorse. It’s important to me that the brands I work with are close to my universe and values. I would never talk about a brand or product that I don’t 100% recommend, because the trust my community puts in me is the most valuable thing in my eyes!

Top 3 Best Autumnal Parisian Teas and Tea Rooms

FIV: FIV Magazine could see from your blog and Instagram account that you are a big tea lover. What are your 3 favorite fall teas?

Daphne: Indeed I love tea, it is so comforting, especially in this season. I especially like Earl Grey, Citrus Rooïbos and almond tea !

FIV: As a Parisian, what are your favorite tea shops in Paris to drink tea in the fall?

Daphne: Angelina and Ladurée are great classics that I really like. The Meurice’s teatime is also quite exceptional in a grandiose setting !


Fall Look by Daphne Moreau

FIV: Fashion is one of your main passions and you usually share your daily wear on your blog. If you had to describe your favorite look for this fall/winter season, what would it be?

Daphne: Without hesitation a nice shirt, jeans, blazer and a pair of ballerinas or moccasins, all in pretty shimmering colors like camel, beige, brown or rust !

Activities & Tips to Stay Positive in the Fall

FIV: Fall is one of your favorite seasons, but it’s a pretty depressing time of year for many of us because it marks the end of summer and the arrival of winter. What activities do you like to do this season?

Daphne: I have always been deeply comforted until fall! This season I love to walk in the parks or woods to enjoy the beautiful colors and the very special light of this time of year. I’m also a big fan of cocooning and nothing beats a Saturday afternoon under a blanket with tea at home in front of a good romantic comedy (preferably with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan). I also have lots of friends over for dinner or brunch at home: fall is the season for socializing!

FIV: We all know that the blogging profession is not always easy and requires a lot of time and commitment. How do you always be positive and think positively? Do you have any tips or quotes that help you to be positive?

Daphne: I could always see the glass half full instead of half empty;) I am passionate about personal development and it really helps me to step back from life and enjoy the day to day. There are so many reasons to be happy/se if you choose to focus on the positive !

Beauty and autumn care program

FIV: What is your fall beauty routine? What beauty products do you recommend?

Daphne: After summer and sun, it’s even more important to take care of your skin. In the fall, I rely on moisturizing with a good cream and hydrating masks. I recently discovered Biovive, La Canopée and Hellobody brands, which make very good products (with good compositions). I’ve also been a fan of the Caudalie brand for years!