Die Christ Freundschaftsringe – eine Ode an die Verbundenheit

Ein Freundschaftsring ist eine der schönsten Möglichkeiten, um die Botschaft von Zugehörigkeit zueinander in die Welt zu tragen. Ob in der Kindheit, im Jugendalter oder als Erwachsene: eine Freundschaft will gefeiert werden. Beste Freunde verbringen oftmals ihre ganze Freizeit miteinander, unterstützen sich, trösten

Care tips for bronze jewellery

Pieces of jewellery made of bronze are becoming more and more popular. Who wants to enjoy these fancy pieces as long as possible, should follow some care instructions. First of all, a quick look at the material itself. Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper. There are no specifications for the composition, but it […]

Wedding rings at Christ – as individual as your wedding

Just as every person, every couple, every wedding and every yes has its individual face, the wedding rings should also be an expression of your incomparable love for each other. Thus, they are not only the most beautiful, but also the most personal pieces of jewellery, which, as a symbol of the incomparability of your […]

Boutique #HOUSEOFCHANG x le bloc 2015

House of Chang – This week we were guests of the sympathetic Cologne Chang, in the store of Chang13 or #HOUSEOFCHANG. Of course we had questions for the creative head with his own fashion boutique in his pocket.

Boutique LOOK! x le bloc 2015

All new! The LOOK! Concept Store opens soon with a new store in the heart of Cologne. We already got all the info and of course asked questions about the new boutique:

Boutique GY’BELL x le bloc 2015

GY’BELL – young, lively and friendly. The young fashion boutique owner tells us about herself and her store.

Boutique De Ridder x le bloc 2015

Today we had a look around the store of Boutique De Ridder. In the middle of the city, De Ridder is a real top dog.

Boutique SIMON and RENOLDI x le bloc 2015

SIMON and RENOLDI is one of the small fashion boutiques in the Belgian quarter in Cologne that is participating in le bloc 2015. We took a look around the SIMON and RENOLDI store and asked the boutique owner a few questions.

Boutique Bob 10.5.10 x le bloc 2015

Bob 10.5.10 – as creative as the name is also its owner. Bob’s fashion boutique is a firm member of the design scene. We got a sneak peek:

What comes on the chain – pendants and popular motifs for children

Children also want to develop their personality and already express their individual style. What better gift, therefore, than a necklace with a matching motif pendant? It is not only a great eye-catcher, but also enhances any outfit and adapts individually to the interests of the child

Fashion blogger Kim from Kiamisu

I blog mainly about fashion, so about the outfits I wear, trends I like and recommend. Other categories are beauty, events and – since I renovated my apartment – interior. As soon as I go on a trip, I also like to report about it under the topic “On The Go”. However, the main focus […]

I’VR Isabel Vollrath Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

The official fashion show of I’VR Isabel Vollrath took place during the Berlin Fashion Week on January 20th at 7:00 pm. For Isabel Vollrath the focus is especially on the recognition effect, but also on a contrasting and abstract cut.

Green Showroom – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

In the Green Showroom, more than 40 environmentally conscious and sustainably produced fashion labels presented their collections on 19 January at 15:00 during the Berlin Fashion Week. In collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Show, the focus of this event was on vegan clothing and accessories.

Ewa Herzog Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

On January 21, the official fashion show of Ewa Herzog, in the framework of the Berlin Fashion Week, took place at 16:00. Ewa Herzog’s collection reflects romance, the slightly girly, but also very feminine in her collection. She also uses more lace than in the previous collections.

Too Faced: Highlights of the brand – Better Than Sex Mascara, Lip Plumper & Co.

Too Faced – Long-lasting Foundation. Glossy lips and curved lashes: The American cosmetics brand Too Faced is known for its innovative products and is considered an industry miracle that revolutionized the beauty industry with its unique creations. Bestsellers include not only the Chocolate Bar Eye Palette and Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, but also the ever-popular Better […]