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Buy rented or unrented: Owner-occupancy, capital investment & Co. – advantages and disadvantages

To buy rented or unrented – this is the question you have to ask yourself when buying real estate. In principle, the difference is whether you want to buy your property for personal use or as an investment. Here we have summarized for you all the advantages and disadvantages of buying rented and unrented property […]

8 mistakes when buying real estate: location, personal use and resale value – our tips

Mistakes when buying real estate – Buying your own home for the first time can be overwhelming. Mistakes creep in again and again gladly into the purchase process of a real estate. Whether a bad location of the property, reasons against self-interest or a purchase out of emotion – mistakes cost you a lot of […]

Return vs. investment property: cash flow or appreciation – advantages and disadvantages

Yield vs. investment property – You have decided: Finally buy your first own property! But am I buying an income property or an investment property? But what is it anyway? What is the basic difference between these two types of investment? And what exactly is an A, B or C location? The most important thing […]

Owner-occupation vs. real estate as an investment: Advantages and disadvantages of owning a home – A comparison

Owner-occupancy vs. capital investment – The dream of owning a home is a goal that many people have in mind. But does it make sense to choose a house for personal use as the first type of real estate? Or is it not nevertheless perhaps more meaningful to use above all the Erstimmobilie, like the […]

Pension and inflation: deductions, risk & shock! – Real estate as a way out

Retirement and Inflation – Retirement is a touchy subject among the younger generation today. In our last article on wealth accumulation, you already learned what inflation means. Here we will show you the effects of inflation on your future pension. Here the question arises again, whether a real estate as capital investment or investment real […]

Types of real estate: House, apartment & Co. – Everything you need to know

Property types – The first own property, but in which property type should I invest best? This question is often asked by young investors and this is exactly where we have the answers for you! Whether it’s a house, apartment building, condominium, special real estate or commercial real estate, we have put together a comparison […]

FIV Issue #10 – Graft Architecture Firm, Apartments & House Guide

FIV Issue #10 – The latest issue of FIV is all about real estate: The successful Architekturburö Graft gives us an exclusive interview about their company, interesting projects and their passion for architecture. In our big apartment and house guide we introduce you to different apartment and house types, so you can find exactly the […]

House types: Detached house, prefabricated house, holiday home and villa – Houses from A-Z

House types from A to Z – You just need a little more space? You want to buy a house? The house types presented by us offer a good orientation. Find out here which type of construction best suits your needs. All common house types from bungalow to detached house to villa are explained for […]

Single-family home: build, buy or rent? Modern ideas for your own home

Single-family home – The traditional single-family home has not been so traditional for a long time. Quite the opposite. The single-family house is rightly the most popular type of house in Germany and is becoming increasingly modern, although it continues to compete with other types of house such as the villa, the solid house or […]