Sara Sampaio: Between love, success and mental illness

Sara Sampaio is an extremely successful model. How did she manage to become an official face of lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret despite mental illness? Does she have a boyfriend? Is she giving up modeling for an acting career? You’ll find out all about it in this article!

Sara Sampaio’s path to the world’s most famous catwalk

Sara Pinto Sampaio, which is her full name, was born in Portugal on July 27, 1991. Together with her brother, she was raised in Porto, a coastal city in Portugal. At the age of 15, she was already different in appearance from the other girls her age and was therefore approached by a modeling agent. However, her parents were against her entering the tough modeling business at such a young age. So she had to wait until 2007. In that year she took part in a model contest and even won it, despite her height of 1.72m . But also this time her parents stood in the way of her great career. Sara was supposed to finish her education first. Therefore, the future model went to Lisbon after graduation to study there. Despite the strict influence of her parents Sara never lost sight of her goal: to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel! Until then, however, she had to continue to work hard and stay ambitious. She appeared on countless covers of various fashion magazines, including Elle and Vogue also graced the pretty brunette. She also appeared in countless advertising campaigns. Among them H&M, Armani and Calzedonia. Then came the big disappointment. She was invited to the casting, but then got a rejection. But her patience throughout the years paid off in 2013 she finally floated down the famous catwalk. The hard work finally bore fruit and she has even been one of the official faces of the brand since 2015, alongside Adriana Lima or Stella Maxwell.

Despite her success as a model, she is not resting on her laurels but has recently been working on an acting career. She is starring in the movie The Clapper. The Clapper is a comedy in which Sara is not the only star guest. The main roles are played by Ed Helms and Amanda Seyfried and Adam Levine also makes an appearance.

Family, boyfriend, who are Sara’s favorite people?

Sara’s mother, Cristina Sampaio is also not unknown. Cristina was born in Lisbon in 1960. There she graduated in art at the age of 25. Since then she has been very successful in drawing caricatures and cartoons about political issues. Not much is known about her father, Armando Sampaio. In an interview, the model talked about how her father deals with the fact that nude pictures of his daughter are circulating on the internet. Armando wouldn’t be ashamed of it but he also wouldn’t walk around with the pictures to show his friends. As a Victoria’s Secret model, it’s totally normal and part of being photographed naked. Sara has a good relationship with her brother André Sampaio.

Sara is currently dating millionaire Oliver Ripley. They have been together since 2015, but they are neither married nor do they have children. Nevertheless, they are very happy in their relationship. Recently, they were seen riding a Ducati on a fast-paced tour of the city. Of her chosen one, Sara says, “He’s British. He’s very handsome.”

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Due to the model life, the two hardly see each other. Both travel a lot and are therefore often alone. “There’s a lot of planes, a lot of sleepless nights, and there’s a lot of being alone” says the pretty model about their relationship.

Does Sara Sampaio have a mental illness?

Sara suffers from a mental illness called trichotillomania, a compulsive disorder of pulling out her hair. Her fans found out about the bad underbelly of her life in a via Instagram after Sara was asked about her eyebrow routine and replied, “I try not to touch them. But because I suffer from trichotillomania, I tear at them a lot. That’s why I have lots of gaps and use an eyebrow pencil to fill in bald spots.”

After statement, she decided to speak openly about her disease. She revealed in her Instagram story that she has been suffering from the condition since the age of 15 and that the symptoms are worst when she is under stress. Sara has since managed to control her mild form of trichotillomania thanks to medical help.

A small hint that models also have their problems and that the seemingly marrowless model world also brings dark sides with it. Sara receives praise from all sides for the fact that she also talks about her marrow and not just like other stars her problems dead silent to maintain the appearance of a glamorous and glittering life.

Sara’s street style

Sara is also very well known for her good fashion sense. Her style is neat, polished and centered around a slim silhouette, for this fashion she always gets a lot of praise from famous designers. She wore a special style highlight in Cannes in May 2017, a white frothy lace dress by Francesco Scognamiglio. For this style she got a lot of attention and praise.

7 million fans on Instagram and Youtube

Sara is very present on her social media channels. Especially on Instagram. Here she has already collected 7 million followers. She always posts about her everyday life as a model. Humorous stories about funny actions with model colleagues or about her hard workouts. Photos of her on the red carpets of this world or sweet couple-pics with her boyfriend in Halloween costume.

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