MM6 x Fashion Week Milan 2022

MM6 / MFW 2022 – MM6 Maison Margiela is among the brands that are allowed to present themselves within one show at Milan Fashion Week.

MM6 – Maison Margiela

MM6 is the sister label of the fashion house Maison Martin Margiela, which Martin Margiela founded in 1988. The designer quickly made a name for himself in the fashion world with his avant-garde creations. The MM6 range is aimed at self-confident women who dare to do something. Because Martin Margiela plays with current cuts and looks. Nevertheless, the parts from the MM6 collection are absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Because here, in addition to colorful and cut eye-catching pieces, there are also real classics, such as black sweaters or white blouses. The quality is of course particularly high and this is also reflected in the price.