Interview with Jacky Wruck: About GNTM, her life as a model & healthy eating

Jacky Wruck in an interview – Jacky participated in the 15th season of the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel. She was able to stand out from the 30 chosen candidates and made it to the GNTM final. In the final, she was then crowned the new winner. In the interview, the model reveals to us how her life has changed since winning GNTM. The beauty also talks in the interview about her dream cooperation and her stressful everyday life as a model. In addition, Jacky gives tips for a healthy diet.

Jacky’s life since her GNTM victory

FIV: Hello Jacky, how nice that it worked out with the interview. Since you won GNTM last year, you’ve been working as a successful model and have a huge reach on Instagram. What has happened to you since your time on GNTM?

Jacky: Hey! I’m happy to be part of the magazine! Yes, a lot has changed in my life since 2020 and my victory on Germany’s Next Topmodel. Actually, it’s hard to put into words. I haven’t become a different person, but I’ve been able to gain a lot of life experience in a short period of time, and my victory has given me many new opportunities that I might never have had, or at least not so quickly. I am now working in the modeling industry, which I always wanted to be a part of. All in all, the time from when I won GNTM until today has been filled with an incredible amount of experiences, events and lessons learned. I continue to learn new things every day, meet new inspiring personalities and have learned to listen to my gut feeling when making decisions. One point that has been very important to me from the beginning is to protect my private life and maintain contact with my family and friends. After almost two years now, I can say that for the most part I have succeeded quite well. Everyone knows that my animals, my family and my friends are very important to me. And of course it was and is sometimes not so easy to get everything under one hat, but I’ll try my best. If you are looking for a way, you will find it.

Photo: Matthes Zimmermann

Most beautiful memories of GNTM

FIV: What do you still remember fondly from your GNTM time and are you still in contact with the other contestants?

Jacky: Phew, I can hardly decide. On the one hand, of course, the whole adventure, all the challenges, the different countries we were allowed to travel to, and on the other hand, the special moments and conversations with the people I met on the trip and took to my heart. I still have daily contact with two people today, namely my fellow candidate Vivian Cole and Verena (the coolest candidate support you can imagine). They were already the most important caregivers for me on the trip and I am so grateful to know them as friends at my side today.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

FIV: As a model you are very successful and you could already stand in front of the camera for some brands and designers. Is there a brand or a designer you would like to work for?

Jacky: Actually, I haven’t really created a bucket list for myself in that regard. I just let it come to me. I’ve learned that if you follow your own path authentically and with passion, you often come together with exactly the designers and brands that fit you perfectly. And so the joint work is extremely fun.
I’m happy that I could already work with such cool and special brands and of course I’m looking forward to further planned campaigns.

Model inspiration and role model

FIV: You are a role model for some aspiring models. Do you also have a role model, especially in the modeling business, who inspires you?

Jacky: One of my role models in the model business is Gal Gadot. I admire the way she has gone her way and her, in some situations, self-deprecating manner. There are some personalities I like to be inspired by and try to learn something new from them. In general, I think it is important that you do not try to become exactly like your role model, but that you remain yourself and go your own way. Nevertheless, I think it makes sense to have different role models in order to be inspired by them, to define your own goals more closely and to grow from them. I like to be inspired and then think about what I would like to integrate into my life.
I am grateful to have such a great community and happy to be a role model for many people. But I also wish that everyone realizes that he/she is unique and that you should not spend your life striving to be or become someone you are not.

Photo: Guido Raschke

The stressful everyday life as a model

FIV: The everyday life as a model, with many shootings and travels, can be very exhausting. How do you manage to create a balance to your stressful modeling life?

Jacky: The balance to my job is the time I spend with my animals, with sports and in nature. There I unwind and recharge my batteries. Although I have to say that my job as a model and content creator is exhausting, I also have a lot of fun and that’s why it’s more of a positive effort for me, which consumes much less energy. Nevertheless, the time with my animals, sports and time in nature is important for my inner balance.

Good nutrition against skin problems

FIV: As a model, nutrition naturally plays a big role. Healthy eating is extremely important to you and you also educate your followers on Instagram about the topic. Why did you start to change your diet and do you have some tips for our readers on how to eat healthier in everyday life?

Jacky: The reason for my change in diet was my skin blemishes as a teenager. It made me look deeply into the subject of nutrition. I have never really had a bad diet, but I optimized my diet enormously when I was 13. The positive effect: my skin appearance became much better and I became much more efficient. Problems with my figure were not a drive, I am very slim by nature. Today I can no longer imagine any other diet. I live vegetarian, do without all artificial additives, such as flavors and dyes and pay attention not to eat too many dairy products and not too much sugar, accordingly, there are hardly any classic sweets in my life. Basically, I can give the tip to inform yourself about hidden sugar, e.g. in soft drinks and ready-made products, and to use more fresh food. If you don’t have much time to cook fresh food during the week, you can prepare larger portions at the weekend and freeze some for the following week. Any change is of course difficult and tedious at first, but I can only say: It’s worth it! There is a lot of truth to the saying “You are what you eat.” is in my opinion a lot of truth to it.

Outlook into Jacky’s future

FIV: Finally a short look into the future, we are curious what you have planned in the near future: Do you have big plans like a new project or a movie or is there something special coming up? Give us a little teaser of what your fans and followers can look forward to in the near future!

Jacky: Some things are top secret, of course, but what I can say is that there are some cool campaigns in the pipeline. In addition, I would like – especially on social media – to take my community along with me even more in my everyday life and hopefully inspire them a bit more.

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