Fitness & Sport – Exclusive Interview with Justine Gallice, Influencer und Trainer sporty

A true FitGirl, Justine Gallice shares her passion for sports and weight training every day on her social networks. She is one of the top 5 most inspiring fitness personalities thanks to her community of over 400k people! With his partner Thibault Geffray, they created their own fitness programs available online: My Fiit Challenge. FIV Magazine is pleased to present its exclusive interview with Justine Gallice, sports coach and influencer.

Justine Gallice: Sports Coach & Influencer

FIV: Hi Justine! How are you doing? How are you? You and your husband Thibault Geffray are among the best fitness coaches and influencers by bringing together the most active fitness community on social networks. How did you get the desire and idea to embark on this adventure?

Justine: Hello to the whole team and to the FIV readers:-). When I met Thibault, we were already doing this on our own. We both had our social networks with already beautiful communities. Thibault is 9 years older than me and has been a coach for more than 15 years, he naturally turned to the Internet several years ago to try to transmit free training sessions to as many people as possible as well as his method to enjoy eating better while eating more. I started around the age of 19-20 with a personal account that started to be exclusively fitness as I discovered the discipline. From a small private personal account I became an influencer over time by sharing my journey, passing on what I was learning and sharing my advice with humour and kindness. When Thibault and I met, we naturally wanted to create a common program in parallel with our social networks: myfiitchallenge.

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FIV: What does the typical day of a sports and influencing coach look like?

Justine: I have been trying to impose rules to regulate my days for the past 1 year to avoid overwork and to better organize myself. I sleep in a 7:30 cycle. I have lunch in the morning, I organize on my phone my list of things to do during the day between work, appointments and personal life + household chores. I now work from Monday to Saturday, leaving me on Sundays to see our families. I am on the computer from 9am to 11am and then I really like to go to work out at the end of the morning at home (we have a private gym at home) or in the fitness room from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Then depending on the tasks of the day, in the afternoon I do an average of 1 hour of video shooting, 5 hours of editing and 1 hour on future projects. In fact, I have more “typical weeks” than typical days. I train 3 to 4 times a week or even 5 maximum and not necessarily one-hour sessions each time.

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Healthy and gourmet recipes for athletes

FIV: On your Youtube channel, you also offer healthy and gourmet recipes. Which one do you prefer for an intensive sports day and why?

Justine: I recently shared 4 recipes for a sporty and healthy day on my youtube channel. This video includes 1 breakfast, a lunch and a snack as well as an evening meal. In this video I share 4 recipes of madness that I love! They are ideal because they are balanced in macro and super greedy. My favorite recipe outside my chain is still the peanut butter chicken from my partner’s recipe book. This one is the BEST OF THE BEST.

Ninja Warrior: Preparations, experiences and advice – Justine Gallice

FIV: You and your partner both participated in the Ninja Warrior show. How did you prepare for this? Do you have any advice for those who want to participate in great sporting challenges like you?

Justine: I admit I couldn’t have trained specifically for Ninja warior, it would have taken me more than a year of real specific work on the upper body and work on climbing efforts.But I was castrated a few months before the shooting. I went there for the real sporting performance. Thibault was not scheduled for the casting. It was by accompanying me to Paris during the audition that he finally found himself on board with me. He was stronger and much more versatile because he had practiced a lot of disciplines since childhood outside of strength training. He lost weight to be lighter on the obstacles and it worked, he went in the end. He saved the honor of the Haha couple.

FIV: As a sportswoman and influencer, you often have the opportunity to work with sports companies. What is essential for you when you agree to cooperate with a brand?

Justine: I am now lucky enough to be able to select my partnerships, which was not the case at the beginning. I now pay great attention to dubious and low quality dropchipping sites with which I never want to work again. I only select product placements that are related to fitness or that have a direct link to what I do on a daily basis. I hate miracle products and fake electro-stimulation that don’t work. Remuneration is also important but is not the main factor if the products are not in line with my speech or values. I like brands that I know I will really wear or consume their products on my own, it’s more natural and honest.

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Advices & Exercises for a flat stomach – Justine Gallice

FIV: One of the concerns of many young women today is to have a flat stomach. What exercises or advice do you give to keep your stomach flat?

Justine: Already you have to know that we don’t have a flat stomach all day, ladies. In hormonal period, if you do not drink enough and after your meals your stomach will swell and this will be normal. I personally don’t have a flat stomach all day and all week. Knowing this already, we free ourselves from guilt and put it into perspective. As for the stomach, to make it flatter, it is first of all necessary to lose abdominal fat and therefore to refine over the whole body. Don’t think about making your fat disappear by doing abs. I recommend for a time saving many Hiit sessions (intensive cardio burns fat) which are short sessions of 15 to 30 minutes that can be done 3 to 5 times a week. You can also run. Strength training will also help you by increasing your metabolism (the number of calories you burn naturally per day without doing anything) which will allow you to burn even more without falling into a big food deficit.

Diet will be essential, eat fibre, drink plenty of water to avoid water retention and the swollen stomach effect. Maintain a healthy lifestyle such as getting enough sleep. It is often thought that this has no impact. I have learned over time that this is what makes all the difference.

What is essential when starting a sports program?

FIV: What is essential when starting a sports program?

Justine: For me the most important thing is to really want to make a change. Make a real conscience pack with yourself and don’t think that signing up for the gym will do the job for you. Many people want results but do not want to change anything. Second thing do not want ultra fast results without effort. We already have results in a few weeks of course on the energy, vitality and also the quality of our skin we feel in our body. The physical results depend on your starting point, your regularity and your diet. Which brings me to point 3, you will have to learn to organize your daily life around this lifestyle.  Plan a minimum of 3 sessions per week (and not try to do 7/7 over 2/3 weeks). You have to aim for long-term work and take pleasure in doing it because that’s the real revelation: giving pleasure in the sport you love and eating good things that do you good.

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J ai attendu toute ma vie en me disant « qui va me donner ma chance ?? » . PERSONNE. Et en ce moment je suis fatiguée, toujours blessée, je stagne aussi comme tout le monde . Le rythme que je m’impose fait que je dors peu je bosse bcp sur l’ordi et j ai du mal à complètement guérir , alors je craque … MAIS justement chaque jour JE crée ma chance. Et je ne peux pas me plaindre car mon Thibault est dans un état pire que le mien. Et je ne veux pas lâcher maintenant !! Pas en si bon chemin . Et ce que je me dis en ce moment c est que : rien n’arrive par hasard et que c’est ça qui fait la différence.Que tout cela servira à quelque chose. Ces périodes sont des défis .. Merci en tout cas à tout ceux qui en se moment sont bienveillants et présents en commentaires. Vous êtes souvent derrière vos écrans un énorme soutien pour moi ??#Teamgallice ?Hâte d’être dimanche pour vous annoncer ma surprise !

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What not to do in the gym

FIV: What are the biggest mistakes people make in the gym?

Justine: The biggest mistake is the comparison. We often compare our level 1 to someone else’s level 10. We compare its weights, the speed of its evolution, the number of times we train, the meals. Each person is different, starting point different, genetic, age, sports or non-sporting background, illness, planning, work, etc. The best thing is not to be looking for the always more but the always better. Do not try to accumulate, too much is the enemy of good and good recovery. I see many people accumulating weight training, Hiit, group classes with pride except that it is neither productive nor intensive. Prefer a week with a realistic and sustainable organization over a year and not over a few weeks. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have your results in 10 days. Don’t be discouraged if the neighbour is progressing faster than you. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, especially don’t think that sport is everything. It is a whole that makes everything work. Get help if you are lost, sports or food coaching, especially if you are a beginner: -)

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Il n’y a pas de honte à vouloir être sa meilleur version. A améliorer sa santé ou sa forme physique ! Cela ne veut absolument pas dire avec un corps parfait stéréotypé ou être narcissique ! Ça veut dire se sentir mieux, sortir de sa zone de confort et arrêter de blâmer les autres pour son mal-être. ⠀ J’ai longtemps été cette fille moyenne mais pas extraordinaire ! Ni trop mince ni en surpoids ! J’étais pas sportive au lycée ! J’ai beaucoup douté et un jour je me suis dis et pourquoi pas moi ? Moi aussi je veux me sentir mieux (dans ma tête et physiquement). Et j’ai trouvé une belle leçon de vie à travers le sport ! Et pourtant je suis loin des standards du « fitgame» croyez-moi ? !! Cela ne m’a pas empêchée d’évoluer à mon rythme et vous le pouvez aussi. ⠀ Le sport ça fait grandir à l’intérieur en même temps que l’on change à l’extérieur et c’est ça le plus important. Car vous pouvez perdre tout le poids que vous voulez en un minimum de temps, avoir les abdos les plus sec de l’univers.. si vous ne faites pas ce chemin intérieur vous resterez malheureux. ⠀ Beaucoup de chose en un poste les gars déso ? Des fois j’ai envie de vous partager mes idées pour vous transmettre ce qui m’a vraiment aidé moi-même. ??❤️

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