Influencer Event: #1 Sport Influencer Award for Pamela Reif by Angelique Kerber

On 24.05.2017 the Influencer Event 2017 took place in Munich! High above the roofs of the city, the crème de la crème of social media personalities met for a day dedicated to sport and the goal of motivating Germany to exercise more. Under the motto “Generali bewegt Deutschland”, the insurance company, with the help of tennis world champion Angelique Kerber, raised awareness for more exercise through the support of highly motivated influencers.

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The location took your breath away as you entered the building. When the private elevator arrived on the 11th floor of the building, a glimpse awaited us, as if from a picture book. On the right the Olympic Stadium in all its glory, on the left the roofs of Munich and the Alps in the background. Exactly the right thing for such an event, because this was mainly about one thing. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Gradually, the exclusively invited influencers arrived at the Roof Top and you could watch how the mobile phones were immediately pulled out and stories, pictures or selfies were made. Also the modern designed interior, the seats on the terrace and the press wall offered great locations for the perfect mail.

Influencer – Pamela Reif, Angelo Carlucci & Co.

Gradually all influencers arrived and last but not least the most famous face of the German Instagram scene. Pamela Reif, who has made a name for herself through sports and fitness on Instagram and has now reached a follower number of over 3 million fans on Instagram. The only 1.65m tall beauty, who among other things cooperates with Puma or Hunkemöller and brought her own nutrition and fitness book onto the market, knows how to market it herself. In real life she is as sympathetic as she comes across on her Instagram account. A lively and highly motivated sportswoman who could not have conveyed the message of the day better.

Pamela Reif in interview for FIV Magazine

Shortly before the presentation of the Influencer Award to Pamela Reif by tennis world champion Angelique Kerber, our moderator conducted this interview with the blogger Star!

Of course there were also other influencers from the sports sector present. For example, Tami from @tamitilgner or Elena from @trainhard_eatwell, who are paying with rising followers from 100,000 fans on, are inspiring more and more people. In order to reach and motivate people in Germany who are not normally interested in sports, well-known influencers from the fields of fashion and lifestyle were also represented. Among others Angelo Carlucci from @angelo.carlucci. The actor, model and influencer, who became famous through his role in the TV soap ‘Berlin Day and Night’, currently inspires over 300,ooo people with his daily posts about lifestyle. But also Ebru from @nazjujuju or Irina from @fashionambit who inspire and motivate thousands of people with their outfits on Instagram, are calling for more exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

Even if all influencers have different interests and different fans, it is all the more motivating to see that everyone is working towards the same goal and supporting a campaign together.

Angelique Kerber and #generalibewegtdeutschland

At the latest when the star guest and face of the Angelique Kerber campaign entered the room, everyone was motivated and pulled out their mobile phones to share this experience with their fans. The absolute star of the tennis scene and the reigning world champion gave a motivating speech and once again made the message of the campaign clear. To motivate Germany to more sport, a healthier lifestyle and a healthy diet. Every little thing counts and even the simple things help to lead a healthier life. Whether to go to work not by car but by bicycle or to eat more fruit. The young sportswoman, who after her victories at the Australian Open and the US Open in 2016 was the first German after 1997 to make it back to No. 1 in the world rankings, conveyed the message to the influencers and their fans with a lot of passion and also took part in the programme with a lot of motivation.

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After a small brunch in round of the influencers and Angeliques welcoming speech, the influencers had the opportunity to spend time privately and personally with the world champion. After visiting the press wall, where star photographer Oliver Rudolph was available to shoot the perfect picture for any influencer, the guests were able to get some insider tips from the US Open winner. A built up net allowed the influencers to practice a tennis serve once with Angelique Kerber. Beside some failed attempts and also a lot of hits, some influencers had discovered their hidden talent. For example, Melisa from @mlsacbc, who usually keeps her fans up to date with the latest fashion trends, explained that she played tennis as a child and is now motivated to start again.

First German Sport Influencer Award!

But the highlight of the day was a surprise that nobody would have expected. The first Sport Influencer Award was presented in Germany! There were a total of three awards. The Rising Star Award, which should go to the influencer who is new to the scene but already makes a big contribution in the field of sports. The lucky winner of this award was the new face in the Instagram scene Fabian Arnold from @fabianxarnold. Even though the athlete still has a relatively clear number of followers of almost 35,000 fans, this number increases daily and very quickly, which is why he more than deserved this award! The Star Award, which goes to the person who represented the biggest fanbase in sports, went to Pamela Reif from @pamela_rf, who motivates thousands of people to do sports every day with her unbeatable number of followers of 3 million fans. And last but not least, the Star of the Day Award, which goes to the person who manages to motivate the most fans in the Challenge. The so-called challenge consisted of calling on fans to support each other. Every influencer has got his own hashtag for this, which the followers should put under a sportive picture of themselves. The influencer, who manages to motivate most of his fans to participate, should win this award. Melisa from @mlsacbc managed to motivate 154,000 fans and therefore deserved to win this award.

After all the hustle and bustle there was still enough time to talk to all the other guests in peace, enjoy the music of DJ Trooper Da Don and eat delicious healthy smoothies and snacks. They laughed a lot, exchanged mobile phone numbers and of course snapped and took pictures for Instagram. The relaxed atmosphere and the private atmosphere made the day a successful event.

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