Top 10 of the most famous German Youtuber !!! – Who has the most fans?

Youtubers are a dime a dozen. Meanwhile, the most successful of them have turned their hobby into a profession and earn their money with the Youtube videos, and not a little. But who has the most fans and followers from Germany, and who is also popular on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Co. We have compiled a list of the top 10 German Youtubers for you and found out who has become the most popular with their videos.

#1 Freekickerz – Football and the world of sports

Every week there are compilations of good shots on goal, goalkeeper saves or the guys show their followers football tricks. After months of work, the channel is now by far the largest German YouTube channel and will remain so for the time being.

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Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

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#2 Gronkh – Video games and the world of nerds

The nerd, who held the number 1 spot of the German Youtuber for a long time, provides his fans weekly with lifestreams of all possible online games. From Minecraft to Cloud Clash or the House of Mummies, you can find everything your nerd heart desires.

#3 Bibi’s Beauty Palace – Beauty meets Comedy

The young woman is the most successful Youtuber in Germany and became known for her beauty tips. In the course of time, these “make-up videos” were joined by comedy videos, in which she shoots all kinds of sketches with her boyfriend Julienco, 3,034,000 subscribers. She now has her own brand, a song and has built up a small empire over time.

my ? on you

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#4 Short answer: In a Nutshell – difficult questions answered simply

Even if the channel rarely brings out videos, the simple and also complicated questions in English are well understandable and nicely answered. The newcomers have built up an amazingly high reach in a very short time.

#5 Julien Bam- Comedy, dance and song

With a mixture of high-quality dance and song parades as well as comedy and VLOG videos, the web video star, who comes from Singapore and grew up in Aachen, convinces his viewers.

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#6 Ape Crime Reloaded – 3 Guys with Humor

Together with Chengloew, the young cologners introduced the format “2G1B” (2 Guys 1 Bet), in which they get bets from viewers and have to guess whether they will make it. The loser faces a nasty punishment, which makes for some laughs.

#7 Dagi Bee – make-up tips and fun challenges

On her channel, the Düsseldorf native introduces you to make-up tips and interesting challenges. Oh on other social media channels, the young YouTuber is known. Also on Twitter she takes care of her “little bees” (community) with heaps of emoticons and confessions of love.


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#8 Simon Dessue – Comedy, Lifestyle and a bit of Crazy

His content is hilarious, his fans all in as you can see from his success. With almost three million subscribers, he has definitely danced, bathed and shouted his way onto the list.

#9 YTITTY- Comedy, Comedy, Comedy

YTITTY is dead. At the end of 2015, the three former colleagues Phil, TC and Oguz uploaded a video titled “#finally” and said goodbye to the viewers. However, with their subscribers, they will be able to stay on the list for some time.

Freaky! Meow Challenge by DiggesDing @peshdd

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#10 Shirin David – Beauty, Lifestyle & Comedy

The beautiful blonde is no longer as active on Youtube as she was a year ago, but she is now attracting attention as a jury member of DSDS and television appearances. Despite her relatively low number of followers, she is still one of the most famous Youtubers in Germany.


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