Leasehold: Tips for capital investors – advantages and disadvantages

Leasehold – When dealing with the subject of leasehold for the first time, many questions arise. What is a ground lease and does it make sense? Also one wants to know whether one can deduct the costs of the ground lease, the ground rent from the tax? All your questions will be answered here. Learn in this article the advantages and disadvantages on the subject of ground lease for personal use and capital investment.

Leasehold: What is it actually?

Leasehold, also called hereditary building right, means that the right of ownership and the right of use are permanently separated. When you build on a leasehold land, you do not buy the land, you lease it from the owner for a certain, contractually agreed time. Thus, there are two parties, the ground lease grantor (1st person) and the ground lease taker (2nd person).

The grantor of the ground lease grants the holder of the ground lease a plot of land for development. The former receives a ground rent in return.

Here is the ground lease summarized in brief:

  • Ownership and usage rights permanently separated
  • 2 parties: ground lease giver and ground lease taker
  • Leasehold lender cedes a plot of land for development
  • Leasehold owner receives ground rent for it

Advantages and disadvantages of ground lease: costs and purchase price

Here we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of leasehold.

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Advantages of ground lease

A leaseholder only builds or buys the property on the leasehold land. This lowers the purchase price, because you don’t have to pay anything for the land.

  • Leasehold reduces purchase price

Disadvantage of ground lease

As a leaseholder, you always have to pay a ground rent, which results in additional costs. In addition, the mortgage lending value of the property at the bank decreases, because due to the fehelenden land value and the ground rent, the hereditary building lease has a negative effect on the determination of the mortgage lending value.

  • Permanent payment of the ground rent
  • Mortgage lending value of the property decreases at the bank

Tips for capital investors: Tax deductions

As an investor, you cannot pass on the ground rent to the tenant, which increases the monthly charges. On the other hand, the costs are tax-deductible. Since the financing of ground leases is complex, we have briefly summarized here what you should pay attention to when buying:

  • Residual term at least 30 years
  • Purchase price plus imaginary land share min. 30% cheaper than in the market

The next step: social binding and post-binding

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