How much does a fashion show cost? Planning, organization and help for designers

Not everyone can afford a professional fashion agency! 50 guests, 100 guests or the very big shows with 500+ invitations to fashion editors, influencers and VIPs. 500 people are not 100 and accordingly higher wattage numbers need amplifiers, cables, etc. Not every fashion show takes place in a suitable location, often designers even look for the “new” and “extravagant”. Whether old warehouse in industrial style or Renaissance real estate with pompous reception halls and ballroom. It’s all open upstairs! Whether LCD video wall with animated scenes of the brand logo or video production with drone scenes. Everything you need in 2019. But let’s start with the absolute basics, for everyone who wants to plan their own fashion show!

This is part of every fashion show

Basics for each catwalk

A basic fashion show means we keep everything simple! Just like most shows at Fashion Weeks like in Berlin, Paris or Milan. The focus is clearly on the fashion pieces of the new collection! All you need is a nice location, models and make-up artists as well as dressing aids, without much Tam Tam. Well choreographed (please never forget the choreography), with perfect flow, music and moderation. No show with lights, no LCD screens in front of the catwalk, no goodie bags for everyone. The perfect show.

High Fashion: LCD Screens, Goodie Bags and Light Shows

High Class can include LCD screens with animation or even light show. Depending on the location or selection, it could be 100,000 Dollar, for example if 500 guests (or 1,000 guests as here at Victoria’s Secret) are to receive Goodie Bags or if chairs have to be exclusive instead of just wood / plastic.

Calculation: That’s how much a fashion show costs

We did the math for you! This is what you need for your first fashion show, including technical details such as sound system and light setting.

Equipment for catwalk, music and light

The equipment differs depending on the fashion show. But music from a DJ or notebook is obligatory for every show. Who does not only plan for 50 guests, he needs the right watt number to reach all guests. Tip: Think of moderation.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Sound system for DJ and moderation

The prices are valid for the daily rent (24 hours).

  • DJ desk, Notebook 71,40 Dollar
    Cable (power, audio)
  • Millenium SP31 (monitor distributor) 16,00 Dollar
    Power amplifier 750W – AA VX-1500 39,00 Dollar
  • Microphone – Shure 18,00 Dollar
  • XL Audio Boxes (depending on location, min. 4x) – Fullrange 38,50 Dollar
    XL Audio Boxes – Subwoofer (min. 2x) 63,00 Dollar
    Spacer rod (min. 3x) 15,00 Dollar
    Cable Defender 6,50 Dollar
  • HK projector (box tower) 299.00 Dollar
  • GEMA (Germany) 240,00 Dollar

Other like power cables and audio cables

  • Power cable OR Normal per meter 2.25 to 1,125.00 Dollar

sketch: Location, catwalk and construction

Platform elements for the catwalk

Catwalk – optional when ground is needed

  • Walkwalk elements per m² – Basic 27,00 to 8.100,00 Dollar
    100m x 3m
  • Print (back wall) / LCD wall with effect (colour play) 6.530,00 Dollar
  • Video / Sound Design 730,00 Dollar
    Side elements or stage curtain

Guests and seating at the fashion show

  • Seating for up to 500 guests 8.45 to 4,225.00 Dollar
  • Goodie Bags Front-Row (200) at 4,000.00 Dollar

Other like fog machine

  • Dollarlite ICE NB-150 Ground Fog Machine 89,00 Dollar
    Fog fluid 20,00 Dollar
    Ice 5,00 Dollar

Light installation and spotlights

If we have daylight, many points of the light structure are omitted. At evening events and light over the catwalk, the following costs come in approximately.

stage for models and singers

  • structure of supporting element (depending on location)
  • F33 cross beam per m 11.50 to 2,990.00 Dollar
    at 100m (40 H, 200 L, 20 Q)
  • F33 T35 Traverse Connector (20) 23.00 to 460.00 Dollar
    F33 T36 Traverse Connector (14) 23.00 to 322.00 Dollar
    F33 C32 Traverse (4) 26,00 to 104,00 Dollar
  • F33 Baseplate XL (10) 39,00 to 390,00 Dollar
    H30V Baseplate S (10) 19,00 for 190,00 Dollar
  • Bptec connecting clamp (140) 1.75 for 245.00 Dollar
  • Lightmaxx Platinum CLS 2 Tri LED 299.00 Dollar
    Showtec Phantom (min. 20) 39,00 for 780,00 Dollar
  • light mixing console 105,00 Dollar

Location – Mounting for lighting system

  • PAR 64 LED (min. 10) 21,00 to 210,00 Dollar
    Base plate (min. 10) 3.00 to 30.00 Dollar


  • adhesive tape
    Marking tape

Furniture and exclusive pieces

  • standing table (20) 22,00 to 440,00 Dollar
  • Personnel guidance system 29,00 to 290,00 Dollar

Event range – Input

  • Press wall (logos) 790,00 Dollar
    Beamer or video wall – ZM5000 Full HD 249.00 Dollar
    Notebook for beamer 50,00 Dollar
    Cable for beamer
  • Blocking systems (Entrance)
    Barrier tape
  • Folding tent (rain cover) Premium 4x8m (2x) 199,00 to 398,00 Dollar
  • standing table (8) 22,00 to 176,00 Dollar
  • socket outlet (outdoor) with 1.4m (8) 2.50 to 20.00 Dollar
  • Personnel guidance system 29,00 to 290,00 Dollar

event area – backstage

  • Mirror tables for MUA

Personnel for the show: choreographer, models and make-up

  • Choreographer / Organizer (1) 1.200,00 Dollar
  • Model Selection – Live Casting ?
  • Models (15) 500,00 for 7.500,00 Dollar
    Make-Up Artist (5) 300,00 for 1.500,00 Dollar
  • Tightening aids (8) 80,00 for 640,00 Dollar

Security, lighting technician and construction / dismantling

  • Gastronomy exclusive
  • Sound technician (1) – optional 300,00 Dollar
    Light concept – optional 300,00 Dollar
    Assembly / disassembly aids (1) 140.00 Dollar
    DJ (1) costs 1.340,00 Dollar
    Singer for 1.300,00 Dollar
  • Light designer – optional for light installation
    Assembly / disassembly aids (2) / Transporter 180.00 to 360.00 Dollar
  • Security (6) 120,00 for 720,00 Dollar
    Door (4) 150,00 to 600,00 Dollar
  • Assembly / disassembly (8) 40,00 to 320,00 Dollar
    Cleaning staff (3) 45.00 to 135.00 Dollar

PR / Influencer for public relations

  • Headliner VIP + Influencer for PR and invitations
  • Influencer Invitation
  • VIP – By PR Agency / Client

Invitations and seating

  • PR work / agency on site / press accreditation 4.000,00 Dollar
  • Invitations Print and Design 700.00 Dollar

Content Creation for fashion magazine and social media

  • Social Media Channel and Content 1.200,00 Dollar
  • Video production backstage + show + drone 2.350,00 Dollar