Harder Than Ever – Lil Baby and his success

Lil Baby aka Dominique Jones is a US-American rapper who made it into the album charts with his song “Too Hard”. His breakthrough came in May 2018 with his debut album “Harder Than Ever”. FIV has compiled his hits and some important facts about his ascent for you.

lil Baby – Top Songs

  • Yes infeeded
  • Close Friends
  • Freestyle
  • My Dawng

Lil Baby – Top Alben

  • Harder Than Ever
  • Too Hard
  • Harder Than Ever
  • Drip Harder

Lil Baby’s most successful song in Switzerland was “Yes Indeed”. The song stayed in the charts for 1 week and reached number 94. Yes Indeed” was also the most successful song of Lil Baby in the USA. Here he reached the highest position 6 and was 25 weeks in the charts. “Drip Too Hard” was Lil Baby’s biggest charter success in the UK and reached 28th place (8 weeks).

Lil Baby – Close Friends

Interview mit Lil Baby