Gold Link – Grammy, Top Hits and Most Successful Albums

The US-American rapper D’Anthony Carlos (25) has already celebrated a number of great successes. Among others a collaboration with the superstar Christina Aguilara. The song “Like I Do” is nominated for the Grammys 2019 in the category “BestRap/Sung Performance”. FIV has compiled its hits and most successful albums for you to keep you up to date.

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gold Link – Top Songs:

  • Crew
  • Rough Soul
  • Same Girl
  • Last Night

gold link – top albums

  • At What Cost
  • And After That, We Didn’t Talk – The Remixes
  • And After That, We Didn’t Talk
  • The God Complex

GoldLink’s most successful song in the USA was “Crew”. The song stayed in the charts for 21 weeks and made it to number 45. For 2019 Christina Aguilara and the song ” Like I Do” are nominated for the Grammys.

GoldLink – Rough Soul ft. April George

GoldLink – Got Friends (Official Video) ft. Miguel

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