Interview : Sylvie Meis x FIV Magazine

Sylvie Meis – one of the most popular TV faces in Germany. The 40 year old is not only the full-time mother of a 12 year old son, she also releases her own lingerie collection in addition to her TV appearances and casting shows. Exclusively we were allowed to ask Sylvie about her collection. She tells us about the summer trends 2019 and gives us positive energy with her charisma. The duly Dutch woman not only ghosts on TV with her smile, the FIV editorial staff is also a big Sylvie Meis fan!

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Exclusive interview with Sylvie Meis

Sylvie designs

FIV: Not only a juror at Supertalent and host of Sylvie’s Dessous Models – Now you can buy your own collection for underwear and swimwear. Has it been a whole new experience for you to sell your own fashion and to see it in other women?

Sylvie Meis: Yes, I am super proud to have been on the market with seasonal lingerie and swimwear collections for over a year now. It is a whole new challenge to experience the entire value creation process with all its phases and challenges, and that naturally makes you all the more proud of the result. The goal is to make the women outside happy with my fashion and to dress them, so for me it is always the best to see my fashion on women.

FIV: As a style model for many women, our readers want to know whether swimwear and underwear can be sexy and comfortable at the same time. What makes your collection special and for which target group is it meant?

Sylvie Meis: ABSOLUTE! Sexy and comfortable don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In my underwear and swimwear we always pay attention to comfortable, cuddly materials, a perfect fit and at the same time a feminine style. We always fit the products directly to ourselves and are in love with detail and change everything that pinches or pinches. I rely entirely on my own feeling and well-being.

FIV: A few days ago there was the Berlin Fashion Week. The topic of feminism was addressed by some designers. How do you feel about women power and does this theme also play a role in your collection?

Sylvie Meis: I wasn’t at BFW, but what I noticed, of course, was the presence of female entrepreneurship. Of course, I personally associate myself with this as well! But this is not reflected in my collection, but in my companies. But yes, my collection is made by women, for women. In my entire team, whether designs, sourcing or marketing, there is currently no man to be found.

FIV: Underwear is available in every colour and variation. How does a woman know it’s exactly the right model? And where do I find the Sylvie Meis collection, only online or everywhere to buy?

Sylvie Meis: Women in general should take a short moment to analyze their figure. Do I have long or short legs, a fuller or narrower waist, breasts that should be pushed, or rather discreetly flattered. That doesn’t take long and it helps you afterwards with every purchase of fashion. not only lingerie or swimwear. Short legs should choose a narrower waistband at the panties, a short upper body should not choose wide bralette tips, this shortens even more etc… Yes, there is laundry in every variation, in every colour and from many great brands. I’m trying to give the woman a good feeling with my brand. A suitable product (for each figure something thereby), with most beautiful point, highest quality and a super fit to a good price. You can get my collection online at as well as in selected Karstadt stores.

Woman’s Power Tips

FIV: You are known as a fighter woman. You have despite many highs and lows an incredible charisma and can infect everyone with your radiant smile. Where do you get the power from and what would be your 4 tips for our readers to stay strong and motivated.

Sylvie Meis: Thank you very much! Where do I get my strength and therefore my positive charisma from? Good question…. I believe in myself, don’t let setbacks (and there are some of them) put me off for long and go back to work strengthened. And I firmly believe in what I can do and in what I have learned through all the ups and downs in my life, all this has made me the woman I am today.

FIV: 2019 has just begun. What are your personal goals and what do you need to do more often this year?

Sylvie Meis: I wish for the year 2019 that it will be as exciting and colourful as 2018. The only things I would like to do more often are travelling.

FIV: Summer, Sun Sunshine – What Is Your Summer Must Have 2019. What Bikini Color Is The Right One And Will Swimsuits Back In?

Sylvie Meis: When weren’t swimsuits “in”? Again, choose the best one for your figure, skin tone and well-being. One of them looks great in black, the next one can wear white well. There are the ladies who like coral beautifully, but there are also those who should better use other tones. Here you have to be honest with yourself and adapt your colours and shapes to your typos.

FIV: Last but not least, our readers would like to know what you would give a young girl on her way through life. Career, relationship and health – how to find an interplay of all these important components.

Sylvie Meis: Find peace and balance in yourself. Be satisfied as you are or work on yourself if you are not. Health is sometimes difficult to influence. Live healthy and balanced. As far as I know, a relationship is better if you know what you want and are willing to make compromises here and there. Career is also a very difficult concept to define. Who can decide what a career is? Choose a profession that gives you pleasure, that doesn’t feel like work, I think then the so-called “career” comes by itself.