GNTM: All winners – The most successful candidates

All year long, we’re looking forward to the fact that it starts again. The new GNTM season from Heidi Klum. Meanwhile there were already 13 seasons of the popular casting show on pros seven. If you follow GNTM regularly, you’ll usually have your favorite during the season and be disappointed if you have to leave […]

An Idol for All – Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie Giesinger is the winner of the ninth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. After her victory at GNTM, the 22-year-old expanded her Instagram account and now counts with 3.3 million fans on Insta as a role model around the topics: Models, Fashion and Lifestyle. But for the pretty brunette everything is not always as easy as […]

Celebrity Big Brother Germany 2018: Ex Curvy Supermodel Chethrin Schulze

On 17.08.2018 the new season Promi Big Brother starts on Sat1! With already exciting residents and candidates like Sophia Vegas (30) but also DSDS singer Alphonso Williams (56), both famous for glitter, bling bling and’over the top’. Besides Youtuberin Katja Krasavice (21) and Selfmade millionaire Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) there is now a very special […]

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ex Curvy Supermodel & Trash Starlet Chethrin Schulze

On 17.08.2018 the new season of Promi Big Brother starts on Sat1! With already exciting residents and candidates such as Sophia Vegas (30) but also DSDS singer Alphonso Williams (56), both famous for glitter, bling bling and ‘over the top’. Youtuber Katja Krasavice (21) and self-made millionaire Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) are now joined by […]

Curvy Supermodel by Angelina Kirsch: Jury, Candidates and Final 2018

On July 26, 2018 the 3rd season Curvy Supermodel started on RTL 2. For 7 weeks the show runs on TV on Thursdays at 8.15 pm. In the 7 episodes the girls have to master different tasks, develop themselves constantly and in the end convince the jury of their talent – this season will be […]

Toni wins GNTM 2018! The grand finale backstage – Germany’s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum

Germany’s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum: The grand finale in one of the most popular casting shows in Germany. The winner (Toni Dreher-Adenuga) is fixed, but around it there was a spectacle that was worth seeing. Stars & starlets, the models of the season and of course not to forget Heidi & her boys. All […]

Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum 2018: candidates, finale & the chance to win

Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum has already started the 13th season of the casting show this year. Like every year, thousands of beautiful and talented girls applied to Heidi Klum to fulfill their dream of modeling. But what is new this year, who are the candidates and who has a chance to win? […]

Weddings, sports bras, sustainability and new designs | FIV Fashion Week

Guess what’s new on FIV Magazine: the FIV Fashion Week is there! We bring the hottest, the newest, the most wanted news on all things fashion to you – read all about what’s going on in the fashion industry and which topics the most important fashion magazines in the USA are writing about in a […]

Germanys Next Topmodel season 13: All episodes, jury, contestants & Co!

Germanys next Topmodel starts on 08.02.2018 in the 13th season. But this season not only has a lot to offer, among the new Kanidatinnen, the jury and the beautiful location are always surprises to expect! We at FIV Magazine, are invited to the preview of the first episode on 06.02.2018 in Berlin and have the […]

Germanys Next Topmodel 2018 – What to expect in the 1st GNTM episode! Preview x Berlin

Germany’s Next Topmodel 2018 starts into the 13th season. The first episode comes on 08.02.2018 at 20:15 on Pro Sieben. But what can you expect in the first episode? We at FIV Magazine were allowed two days before the first episode is shown on TV, on the preview premiere in Berlin. I have the most […]

Model and Stern columnist Marie von den Benken on her vegan diet, future plans and beauty tips!

Model, author, designer, influencer – Marie von den Benken! We talked to her about her vegan diet, the Berlin Fashion Week and her absolute fashion no-go. Marie von den Benken Blog Marie von den Benken Column / Star Marie Von Den Benken Instagram Marie, n’couple geniuses Facebook Marie’s passion – writing or modelling? Marie, you […]

Germany’s Next Topmodel Special – The most striking candidates of the last seasons!

Germany’s Next Topmodel – Soon it’s that time again: The start of GNTM 2018 is within reach! But when does the new season with the new candidates start? The new episodes will start at the beginning of February and there will certainly be a lot of contestants who will be stuck in our heads. High […]

Interview with player and model Ann-Kathrin Götze: Fashion, Football & Profession

The pretty model has already participated in beauty contests at a young age and shortly thereafter started with her passion for modeling. Ann-Kathrin also has experience in music and in 2012 she appeared in Heidi Klum’s format “Germanys next Topmodel”. We talked to her about her job as a model, football and her past. Instagram: […]

Everyone loves superstar heartthrob Mike Singer

Mike Singer is one of the social media stars! Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or, Mike takes the hearts of all the girls by storm. With his first tour he was on the road all over Germany. Does he have a girlfriend? What does Mike do in his private life? We have all the answers […]

Youtuber A-Z: Pranks, Beauty Tutorials and Games

Youtube is the most successful ‘Broadcast Yourself’ platform in the world. On the video platform there are videos on various topics around the globe. Pranks, news, life hacks, comedy, sports and much more. One thing is guaranteed on Youtube everyone finds the right entertainment program. With the huge range of videos, however, you quickly lose […]

Top 100 Youtuber in Germany: You have to know these Youtube stars!

Whether teacher, student, firefighter, lawyer or salesman, on Youtube everyone can be who they want and present themselves how they want. That is exactly what attracts millions of viewers and Youtubers to the video platform every day. In the last few years