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Real Estate Shares: Risk? Winners in the crisis (overview)

Real Estate Stocks – Real estate, where we all live and work, plays a crucial role in every aspect of the economy, society and environment. Businesses and society are highly dependent on the availability of offices, shops, factories, housing, logistics facilities and many other forms of real estate. But what happens when a crisis comes, […]

Stocks, funds, gold or real estate?! Financial trends in the Corona crisis – Analysis

Every crisis has its very own winners. In our big investment guide, we have talked about the various forms of safe investments. These include the very safe models, e.g. savings accounts, time deposits or overnight money as well as speculative investment objects and shares. By the serious Corona Pandemie the courses of the large stock […]

Investment share: buy, sell, ETF and direct bank

Shares are the investment object in many countries, such as the USA. Whereas in countries like Germany, people tend to fall back on traditional savings books and savings deposits. Shares are generally considered risky and speculative. But there are also differences in trading with securities. For example, active investors with individual securities and cautious investors […]