Find and book cheap flights: Flight portals in comparison, the ranking!

Today we take a look at flight booking portals for you! Last month we already wrote about one of the new cheap flights. Today we take a look at the competition. Who has good prices, good connections and good providers in their portfolio? Here is our check for a next trip!You want to fly on vacation or plan your next city trip? In search of the best flight portals, you stumble across hundreds of different offers on Google & Co. Also our editorial team. When we came back from our editorial meeting today and remembered that we still book our flights to Berlin, was once again the usual search for a flight portal. Of course, we also check the cheapest flights and the best deals on the Internet. Today we wanted to make ourselves a small list of the best portals. Also for you!

Cheap flights: What is important in the flight portal search?

The most important reason to use one of the search engines is quite clear: to find the cheapest price for your own flight. Various airlines compete in the market. Germany is as a travel destination big as no other, billions are turned over every year in the industry. Whether it is just for vacation or for your own business trip. Also for frequent flyers, especially is the price! Flight searches should help you quickly and easily find the best price for your desired flight. Flexible and always available. Therefore it is important that already the search mask in a flight portal functions simply. Of course, not only on the classic notebook but also on the mobile phone, tablet and iPhone. Because often enough you have to check flights spontaneously.

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Many airlines, best price: flight providers in comparison. In addition to the design and the simple search mask, the selection of different flight providers also plays a major role for the portal. The greater the selection of available flight providers, the greater the chance of finding a cheap flight for yourself. It is not only about fast domestic flights, also long distances to Europe and the whole world belong to it. These portals maintain a wide range of providers and opportunities for you to fly all over the world. Have fun and if you have any additions, feel free to email us! Our recommendation for cheap flights in search portals:

Find cheap flights on

National or international. On there is always a good alternative for every type of flight. In addition to high-priced providers, there are also super cheap providers like Ryanair. You can find all offers and flights on

The evergreen among the cheap flight portals Flü

Flü, the popular flight portal with advertising face Reiner Calmund. The portal offers all services, plus bookings for hotels, package tours and more. Here you will find more than just cheap flight offers!

Cheap flights and alternatives at is new and really nicely presented. With a test mark of “good”, the portal goes into battle and flights and flight customers. Here you can find our experience report. stands for its name

The portal stands for its name. On you will find like the others a clean, simple overview, even on the go with your mobile phone. All airlines are listed!

Flug24 offers cheap flights nationwide and internationally

Flug24 offers like many portals all services around travel, hotel and flight booking.


L’tur is Europe’s number 1 for last minute offers

Who does not know l’tur? l’tur is Europe’s number 1 for last minute offers and therefore also in our ranking of flight providers!


Billigflug has also always great offers and trips

Cheap flight. Ok. Here we stop now with portals that carry the name “cheap” in the name. Therefore, our last recommendation for portals:

TUI is one of the absolute classics for travel

Last but not least, a classic in the German travel market, Tui. With dream holidays, package tours and flights, Tui offers everything for the holidaymaker’s heart!