Fair Trade Fashion & Labels! Myrka Studios combines sustainability + design

Hello my love! I have something very special for you today! As I already announced last week, my blog post today revolves around sustainable and fair fashion. I’ve been working on this topic because I find that in the fashion world it gets far too little attention even though it deserves much more. Very few people know what this is about and what great brands are in the area! The first question that most of you probably face is, what’s that? Sustainable fashion? ‘. To answer this question myself, I turned to a startup company in the industry and let me explain what the issue is. Lia Bernard and Lydia Hersberger, who are launching their first collection on the market with their sustainable label ‘Myrka Studios’, answered some questions on the subject.

Myrka Studios – How to combine sustainability and design

Although the start-up attaches great importance to sustainability, transparency and fairness, factor design is also very important here. The goal of producing wearable fashion without a guilty conscience is her dream. To make it all a bit clearer, I have summarized the explanations.

What is sustainable / fair fashion?

Sustainability means working with materials that do not harm the environment. Example: Organic cotton is cultivated more gently than conventional cotton. It uses no pesticides and protects the environment. This creates a cycle with which it is possible to save resources and avoid waste. In fair fashion, on the other hand, one can simply understand fashion that has been produced under fair conditions. This means that the entire supply chain is fair. So fairly paid and also under fair working conditions.

The image of the eco-book that evokes the idea of ​​sustainable fashion can not be found in the designs of the label. The two founders gave me an exclusive insight into their collection and I have to say that they really convinced me. I find both the men and the women fashion super beautiful and I’m looking forward to being able to wear something from the limited collection. These can now be ordered in groundfounding and delivered from August. The designs keep up with those of big brands like Zara or H & M. The nice thing about it, you do not have to have a guilty conscience because the brand ensures complete transparency.

Bomber jacket with a difference

This jacket, which strongly resembles a bomber jacket from the cut, is actually intended for men, but is also great for women! But I think the cut is so extraordinary that this part is eagerly waiting to be carried in my closet. Definitely one of my new favorites for spring.

Culottes pants – spring can come

This black culotte is perfect for the warm temperatures. Their beautiful cut and the details at the waistband are something very special. Since these are just getting more trendy, these pants are the it-piece that should not be missing in any wardrobe.

Handbag – leather and still fair. Is that possible?

This handbag has completely convinced me with its silver accents. A special detail is also the material. He feels and looks like leather, but is vegan. So no real leather from the animal, but quite fair from the leather alternative cork. That a leather alternative can feel so real and good, I would never have thought. And even so, this bag is one of my favorites for this season!

I hope you liked this article and I was able to introduce you to a new branch of the fashion world. I’m looking forward to next week and wish you a nice day!

Your Iva ❤