Adelina: Model in interview- On the big catwalks Berlin, Paris & Co. + tips for beginners

A dream of many girls is to model. To be allowed to model in fashion capitals like Shanghai, Beijing, Berlin or Paris is “the ultimate goal”. However, the path to this goal is a long and arduous one, which not every model manages. It is all the more amazing when a model makes it.

I got to talk to Adelina, a model from Cologne at a shoot and ask her questions about her start in the fashion industry, her highlights of her current career and her plans for the future. She takes you on a journey from Asia to Europe and shares the most exciting and funniest stories with us!

She also gives us her ultimate tips for young models and important values for young girls and boys. It’s all about Self-Love & Self-Confidence!

Getting started in modeling – applications & castings

Many girls dream of becoming models, but not everyone knows how to get a foothold in the industry. Before you go on the road and run from casting to casting, you have to apply and hope that you find the right agency that sees in you the potential to train the young girls and then to market.

Adelina applied at the age of 17 to many agencies in Germany and sent her pictures online on the off chance. Of course, the requirements for being a model are more than just luck, in addition to the right height and appropriate dimensions, you must also have charisma or what most call that certain something.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

She received her first acceptance from CM Models, who trained Adelina for over 2 years with shoots and assignments like at Fashion Week in Berlin.

Then she was ready to extend her jobs offers to across the wide ocean.

School and modelling – is that possible?

A question that interests not only the models, but especially concerned parents. A modelling career starts pretty young, so it clashes with your school career. I asked Adelina how it is possible to reconcile both, a good school education and modeling. The answer of the graduated high school student was quite clear: It is really doable! Of course, she had to take a leave of absence for some shoots, but still she didn’t neglect school. She graduated from high school and mainly had experiences within Germany during her school time.

After finishing school she started her stays abroad. Her first trip went straight to Asia, Shanghai, where she landed several shoots and jobs. The last trip was to the fashion capital Paris, where she even made it on the cover of a fashion magazine. More about that later!

My personal highlight – Shanghai, Paris & Berlin

Within 2 years, Adelina has not only been able to pick up a lot of modeling knowledge, but has also been able to see large parts of the world. Some of her coolest assignments include the Fashion Weeks in Shanghai and Berlin, as well as her current shoot for the cover of a French fashion magazine!

For herself it was a real culture shock at first, the first time in Asia and all alone! But the experience was indescribable and Adelina also did very well. In Asia the focus is very much on “diversity”, there the European standards like height and measurements are not the most important thing. They don’t ask for the typical beautiful. It’s much more about special characteristics. So it happened that 1.65 m models were with her at castings. Something that would be unimaginable in Europe.

Nevertheless, Paris was just as much a highlight for the young model. It is the dream of all models to shoot in the fashion capital, not to mention the cover of a Parisian fashion magazine. She still finds it hard to put all the experiences and emotions into words. Directly in the first week she got the job. An overwhelming and at the same time exciting feeling. A big difference to Shanghai, but also there she had the complete support from the agency. Many models are very scared at the beginning and worry that they will be alone or have to work under strict observation. The agency in Paris offered a bit of home with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Paris Cover – Emotions

“How does it feel to see yourself on the cover of a prestigious magazine?” was my personal highlight of the interview. Finding yourself in the corner newsstand at 19 is not only an accomplishment for your modeling career, but also a completely new feeling. Before, you walk in fashion shows and fashion weeks, but the audience is limited to fashionistas, designers and photographers. Now you’re on the shelves of dozens of newsstands and supermarkets, which means you’re seen everywhere. Whether it’s from teens interested in the week’s beauty tips or the businessman who wanted to give his car a quick fill-up. The reach is different.

When she found out her photos were used, she didn’t know she made the cover. With astonishment and a big grin she took 6-7 pieces for her family, friends and agencies. At first the kiosk woman was confused, but when she recognized Adelina she was happy and congratulated her.

Fashion Week – Berlin, Shanghai & Beijing

The first show was in cooperation with CM Models in Berlin. Others followed in Shanghai, Beijing, Peking. They were two completely different worlds in terms of fashion, feeling and styling. But in both neither excitement nor adrenaline was missing! It is an indescribable feeling to walk in front of the audience, the adrenaline rises, you have to be able to hide it well that now so many and especially so important people are watching you.

That’s also the reason why Adelina prefers catwalks for shoots. At the shoot it is of course always a new experience and exciting, but the atmosphere is more relaxed, mistakes are allowed and it’s not bad if the photographer gives tips for better poses. In the fashion shows on the catwalk, everything has to go perfectly and on the first try.

Plans for the future – modelling & studies

Adelina is still in her year of break, after graduating from high school the year was dedicated to modeling and traveling, yet she wants to enroll in college for the upcoming winter semester. Her plan is not directly related to modeling. She wants to study International Management, but doesn’t want to give up modeling. During the semester break, which is 1-2 months, she wants to model abroad. In the meantime, her assignments are limited to shoots and jobs in Germany. But she is sure that it is possible to combine both. Unlike in school, there is no compulsory attendance and at the time it also fit wonderfully.

She still has time until university starts and she uses it as much as possible for shoots and jobs.

3 tips for beginners

When you start so young, it’s hard to know everything right away. It’s normal that in hindsight you would do things differently. It was important for me to know from Adelina what she would recommend to her younger self with her current experience. She gave me three ultimate tips that would not only help her former self, but young girls and guys now who want to become models.

  1. Work on self-confidence
  2. Don’t put up with everything
  3. Not pretending to please others

“I would tell myself that you have to have a lot of self-confidence from within yourself for the profession. No one should always conform to everything society tells you to do. It’s important to do your thing because only then do you feel more liberated and comfortable. If you try to please everyone else, you won’t be happy. I don’t fit into the typical mold of society either, but being true to myself fulfills me. I would give that to others along the way!”

The perfect look – Be yourself

Fittingly, I had to go into her particular look. Shaved hair on a woman is not only a brave and cool look, but it also attracts a lot of attention, right? I got a cool story directly from China. There, European looks are of course always a phenomenon and it is normal that bright blue-eyed people are always photographed, because this is very different from the norm and is a beauty ideal in the Asian region. Adding short hair was the ultimate trigger for a group of Asians to photograph Adelina on the street.

But even in Germany she gets a lot of looks with her smart look. At the beginning she noticed that very strongly, today she fades it out. For many people the look is hard to classify, that’s how she explains the stares. Nonetheless, she gets a lot of positive feedback, especially on online platforms like Instagram. She is often asked how it came to shaving off her hair and many want to follow her in this step, but have reservations or too little courage. Adelina not only serves as an inspiration, but encourages others to do what their feelings tell them to do.

Her decision to get her hair done also came from her heart and impatience to grow it out again!