Top Videos from Louis Vuitton – Fabulous Fashion Shows & Futuristic Collections

Top Louis Vuitton videos – Experimental. Progressive. Sophisticated. That’s how you could describe the catwalks of the French fashion label. Whether statement accessories or expressive dresses – the fashion label never disappoints. Even when it comes to the location of their fashion shows, the Louis Vuitton team spares no effort and no distance. For their regular fashion shows Louis Vuitton Cruise and Louis Vuitton Resort tropical backdrops in Asia or South America are chosen. Check out the best catwalks of the luxury brand here. There’s also an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the end.

Louis Vuitton – A French fashion empire in a class of its own

The initial suitcase company has revolutionized the fashion industry over the past 160 years. From bags to accessories to clothing – there is nothing Louis Vuitton can’t do. The collections are always detail-oriented and include necklaces and hats as well as extravagant shoes and coats. Innovative and progressive are especially the travel bags: The designer Louis Vuitton loved to travel. This is also reflected in the designs – from extravagantly playful to simple and practical, everything is there. Besides the bags Louis Vuitton is also known for his shoes and belts. These are just as exclusive and diverse as the bags.

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Classically elegant fashion for the modern woman

The Louis Vuitton team loves femininity. And that is also reflected in the collections. Whether it’s rhinestones, sequins or sparkling silks – Louis Vuittons outfits are always royal, gorgeous and glittering with accessories. Check out the runway highlights here.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Ready-to-wear collection that combines past, future & present

Fashion as a mirror of the present: that was the motto of this fashion show. With 200 choristers in the background, the models thus strutted down the catwalk in contrasting outfits. Dazzling bolleros were combined with casual trousers and futuristic tops were set against sports shorts. Even the looks of the chorus singers can be seen here: They were dressed by none other than the famous costume designer Milena Canonero herself.

Fashion show in Paris: Futuristic fashion inspired by the 80s

For the fashion show in Paris, designer Louis Vuitton’s Ghesquière felt inspired by 1980s fashion. He paired these influences with his enthusiasm for the virtual world. A fashion show of the highest order was born. See what unique creations came out of this clash of the ages here in the video.

Down-to-earth prêt-à-porter with a touch of classic elegance

Spaceship feeling gave at the fashion show 2018 in Paris. Heavy metal chains hung from the models’ necks, gloves were slipped on and bags with patterns from the computer world made frequent appearances. Overall, this collection was more down-to-earth than previous ones: There were plenty of draped shouldernecks and the designer didn’t shy away from leggings this time either.

Exciting men’s collections & fabulous locations

Louis Vuitton has not only established itself in the world of women’s fashion, but also in the world of jackets and suits. Twice a year, Hollywood’s who’s who gather on the front row of fashion shows to marvel at the latest menswear collections. Check out the top videos here.

Romantic & emancipated fashion for men

For the 2018 collection, creative director Virgil Abloh let himself be enchanted by the ‘Wizard of Oz’. The setting was breathtaking and fairytale-like at the same time. Although Abloh was bold with colour here, there were many outfits, especially at the start, that kept a low profile with their traditional cuts and muted colours, leaving plenty of room for creativity. Floral patterns and statement colours of the entire colour spectrum were seen rather later. We are thrilled by the fairytale fashion show all the time.

Revolutionary suits and statement accessories

“Something you haven’t seen from me before: the suit,” Virgil Abloh said before the fashion show in Paris, venturing into uncharted waters for him. The backdrop was surreal with blue skies and fluffy clouds. The silhouettes of the suits were rather slim and traditional. White shirts and bright ties in particular were often seen. The classic men’s suit was redefined six times by Abloh. Watch the video here how.

Youthful & luxurious: street wear redefined

The men’s summer collection was floral. The inspiration here was wildflowers and the individuals who take care of them in the luxury goods houses of this world. This is reflected in a unique fashion line – including romantic floral embroidery, tulle coats and sweaters.

Louis Vuitton worldwide: fashion shows that know no borders

Louis Vuitton is one of the global players in the fashion industry. After Europe, the fashion conquest of Asia and South America followed. Tropical and progressive, it was almost like being on vacation. The Louis Vuitton invitees always found themselves in exciting settings with breathtaking gowns on the catwalk and a charming creative director as host.

Kyoto: Bold collection with Japanese influences

For the fashion show ‘Louis Vuitton Cruise’ the designers and models travelled to Kyoto, Japan. In front of a breathtaking backdrop, they presented the latest collection, which was created in collaboration with Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto. Watch the full video here.

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