Marie from Snukieful – Instagram Star and Youtuber

Marie is 24 years old and an Instagram star. She is known as @Snukieful(Instagram) to her fans and inspires them daily with her posts about fashion, lifestyle and travel. Her follower numbers are increasing daily and with almost 200k now, she has made a name for herself in the scene. We invited her for an […]

Shop My Faves – New Pieces for the Summer Time

With us in Cologne is also a few weeks of summer also finally arrived. I love this time because the sun gives me a lot of energy and I feel much better than in winter. Also the styling and combine in the summer makes me much more fun than in the winter and I am […]

Germany’s most successful fashion blogger on Instagram

Instagram has now become a real business and a cashmint for influencers. From fashion to beauty, fitness and food blogger, there is everything on Instagram. But who is the most successful, who has the most fans and most followers? I have compiled a list of the most successful German Fashion Influencers for you! Caroline Daur – […]

Youtubers like Dagibee show off cool makeup and lifestyle tips on their channel

Dagibee is one of the most successful youtubers in the world. On her channel she already has over 3.5 million subscribers who love her. On October 6, 2012 she published her first video and from then on her career took off. Her channel is mainly about beauty and fashion but her comedy and challenge videos […]

Youtubers like Sarah’s Days offer viewers tips, inspiration and motivation on exercise and healthy eating

Sarah is a sporty and beautiful Youtuber from Australia. Over 380,000 people have subscribed to her. She mainly deals with the topics of fitness, nutrition and health. On her channel she shows her workouts, recipe ideas

Youtuber like Simon Desue make their viewers laugh with funny videos

Simon Desue is one of the most successful Youtubers from Germany. His channel is already followed by over 3 million people. He inspires them with funny comedy videos. Pranks, crazy experiments and parodies are an integral part of his account. The most famous sketches

Erik Scholz wins the Germany’s Next Influencer Award! Exclusive interview

Erik Scholz is Germany’s Next Influencer! He won the award from H&M and GRAZIA. Only recently, the award for influencers was launched. At just 18 years old, he already has his first award and over 33K on Instagram in his repertoire. In addition to his blogging career, he is diligently going to college. You can […]

Jannik: Photographer and Instagram Star in Men Blog

Jannik has been active on Instagram for 5 years and has been able to expand his reach a lot through the platform. For a long time he is no longer just a photographer but also one of the little Instagram stars. 111K, thousands of likes on each of his pictures and travels around the world. […]

Become a Blogger & Influencer: Your Wiki for Blogs, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Becoming a blogger & influencer is not easy! You need a lot of motivation, patience and a few tips and tricks for the first success in the blog, on Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat! The dream of many young people: The own blog, over 500K on Instagram and earn money with the hobby! Some live the […]

Influencer Events

The topic of influencers and bloggers is currently becoming increasingly important. Many brands and, above all, beauty companies are currently organizing events exclusively for influencers to introduce new products or to draw attention to the brand. But one question remains open. What do you do on such an event? There are so many possibilities and […]