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Kilian Kerner Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2016

Kilian Kerner ‘s official fashion show took place on January 20 at 7:30pm as part of Berlin Fashion Week. He has been attending the Berlin Fashion Week for years and always shone with striking, glamorous looks so far, as he also only uses high-quality fabrics.

As a wheelchair user on the catwalk – Tan Caglar at the Berlin Fashion Week 2016

Since the first model with Down syndrome showed up on the runway at New York Fashion Week in September, designers have become much more interested in models with physical disabilities. This year, 35-year-old Tan Caglar was also seen on the catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 in Berlin. Here you can find the links […]

Anja Gockel Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

As part of Berlin Fashion Week, Anja Gockel ‘s official fashion show will take place on January 20 at 12:00. Anja founded her first label in London. In her collections she pays a lot of attention to the fact that the self-confidence of the woman is radiated.

Anne Gorke Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

Anne Gorke’s official fashion show took place as part of Berlin Fashion Week on January 22 at 12:00. The dresses from Anne’s collection are kept simple and ecological. She also combines beauty in combination with nature and a natural and not too elaborate design. Read our interview with fashion designer Anne Gorke here!

Holy Ghost Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week 2018

The official fashion show of Holy Ghost took place during the Berlin Fashion Week on January 21 at 16:00. The fashion label Holy Ghost was founded by two designers. The two designers put special emphasis on elegance and chic everyday outfits. Their clothes are easy to wear because they mostly consist of simple casual looks. […]

Berlin Fashion Week: Designers & Shows Autumn/Winter 2016

Berlin – Impressive. Versatile. Fashionable. A fashion metropolis in Germany. In Berlin, Germans are more daring when it comes to fashion than in other cities. Especially during Fashion Week the streets are filled with fashion enthusiasts. Also this year, besides the shows of the designers fashion fairs and of course aftershow parties can be visited. […]

Ioana Ciolacu Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

Ioana Ciolacu ‘s official fashion show took place as part of Berlin Fashion Week on June 22nd at 5pm. The Romanian-born designer went to a Waldorf school and learned to love nature at an early age. Her collection is closely related to nature and also kept very elegant and simple.

Fashion Week dates – dates for London, New York, Berlin, Milan and Paris

Twice a year fashion weeks take place all over the world until London, Paris, New York, Milan, but also our capital Berlin regularly organize their Fashion Week! Designers, buyers, fashion bloggers and fashion victims come together to immerse themselves in the fashion circus for a week. Champagne and fashion shows for some, trade shows and […]

Cologne Fashion Days 2015

In December 2015 the Cologne Fashion Days will take place in Cologne for the second time. Last year the fashion fair celebrated its premiere in Cologne-Deutz, this year fashion fans are looking forward to the spectacular Mercedes-Benz Center in Braunsfeld. In the halls of the modern, Cologne location, fashion bloggers, fashion lovers and designers will […]

Fashion designer Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos from DIMITRI

DIMITRI – the label behind which fashion designer Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos hides. The half-Greek-born Italian recognized his passion for fashion already in his childhood. After completing his master’s degree in fashion design, Dimitrios worked for several well-known designers and eventually founded his own label. His fashion stands for precision, quality and personality. In the interview, the […]

The fashion bloggers from Ginger Meets Olivia

Christina, Nora and Julia – three likeable & smart girls with one big passion: fashion! The bloggers are not only connected by a close friendship, but also by their joint blog “Ginger meets Olivia”. Besides their studies and jobs, the girls from the Rhineland like to be inspired by fashion, people and the most diverse […]

Fashion Designer Anne Gorke – The Entrepreneur

Anne Gorke – that’s the designer of the eponymous “fair-trade” fashion label from Germany. Anne attaches great importance to elegance, functionality and sustainability in her collections. Her fashion is made from ecologically sound fabrics and exudes an elegant seriousness. Her vision: timeless fashion for confident and down-to-earth women, with a slight tendency towards cool extravagance. […]

I’VR Isabel Vollrath Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

The official fashion show of I’VR Isabel Vollrath took place during the Berlin Fashion Week on January 20th at 7:00 pm. For Isabel Vollrath the focus is especially on the recognition effect, but also on a contrasting and abstract cut.

Ewa Herzog Fashion Show – Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

On January 21, the official fashion show of Ewa Herzog, in the framework of the Berlin Fashion Week, took place at 16:00. Ewa Herzog’s collection reflects romance, the slightly girly, but also very feminine in her collection. She also uses more lace than in the previous collections.