Tik Tok

TikTok makes good mood, no question. Today, TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world. Whether it’s lipsync, dance or fun videos, TikTok lets you add music from popular songs or movie scenes to your homemade cell phone videos and edit them with filters. Among other things you can find Beauty, fashion and other great different tips.

Vanessalealia in interview: About GNTM, Social Media & Fashion

Vanessalealia in interview – Vanessa has been a successful model and content creator since her participation in“Germany’s next Topmodel” this year. On her social media channels you can find model as well as beauty and fashion content. Hauls, inspirations, product tests and fun are on her agenda. The 20-year-old stands out especially with her turquoise […]

Thekrizzl in interview: Hearing Aid Acoustics & Dancing on Social Media

Interview with Thekrizzl – Krizzl loves one thing above all: dancing! She is a content creator on TikTok and Instagram and shares dance content there. Especially her own choreographies, dance challenges, dance collaborations, such as with Ivana Santacruz or Ave, and tutorials can be found on Krizzl’s social media channels. But that’s not all. She […]

Emirabdc in interview: Beauty & Skin Care – Everything for beautiful & healthy skin

Interview with Emirabdc – On Emira’s social media channels you can find everything about beauty and skin care. She regularly provides her community on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube with tips for healthy and beautiful skin, as well as make up tips, exposes myths and tests different products. Blemished skin quickly leads to frustration and low […]

Millanefriesen in interview: About travel & own collection with About You

Millanefriesen interview – The small town girl started with social media for fun. Meanwhile, 5.8 million followers follow her life. She is known for her outfit inspirations, which she publishes in the form of reels and TikToks. She doesn’t know a bad mood! She exudes positivity and wants to inspire her community to believe in […]

Donnaromina in interview: About fashion & her own brand “high by honey

Donnaromina interview – Romina is a content creator on Instagram and shares her passion for fashion with her community. Outfits, inspirations, hauls and a lot of fun can be found on her social media channels. Her passion has become her vocation, so not too long ago she founded her own fashion brand “high by honey”. […]

Thisislauramarie in interview: About acting content, fashion and playing the piano

Thisislauramarie in interview – Laura is a content creator and graduated from high school this year. She enchants her 1.5 million followers on Instagram and TikTok with fashion, acting and much more. In terms of acting, Laura has already gained some experience. She plays in Muscials and has participated among others in the Joyn production […]

Anna_hafner_ in interview: About social media, festivals & surfing

Anna_hafner_ in interview – Anna gained her fame through “Ninja Warrior” when she participated in the YouTube Battle. On her social media channels Instagram and TikTok she takes you into her life. There you can find everything about lifestyle, sports and festivals. Anna not only likes to party at festivals, but she also DJs there […]

Sophiachiara__ in interview: The dream of surfing & a house with a small ranch

Sophiachiara__ interview – Sophia is a content creator on Instagram and TikTok and shares travel and sports content on these platforms. Currently, Sophia is traveling a lot and taking her community to incredible dream beaches. And what’s a must when it comes to dream beaches? That’s right, surfing! Surfing is her current passion right now, […]

TikTok: crazy dances, comedy

TikTok is the social network for uploading short cell phone videos. In 2014 the app called Musical.ly was founded. But the founders decided to rename the app. Since the app was named TikTok, the popularity of the app has grown extremely. The videos have been extended by 60 seconds and you can find not only a mix of dance videos but also many cool DIYs. The famous twin sisters Lisa and Lena have become famous in a short time thanks to the video platform.

  • Users can follow certain challenges, hashtags and sounds. Some hashtags have already been called several billion times.
  • Unlike other social media apps, TikTok does not require you to follow people or hashtags. The most popular videos can be found one after the other on your ForYou page.

diversified and promising

Since the app is called Tik Tok, the range of topics has become even wider. At Tik Tok you can not only enjoy videos, but also shoot them yourself. There are also special effects and filters with which you can edit your videos. If you have a special talent or want to become a star, Tik Tok is the best platform for that. In a very short time this app has become one of the most popular apps, such as Instagram, Youtube or WhatsApp. With most apps, you can admire stars, with this one, you can become one yourself.

  • In addition, a so-called duet feature can be used with TikTok. With this feature you can shoot a video with your favorite star.