The Craziest Food Challenges – Viral Food

We love to eat. Whether meat, vegetarian, warm or cold – there are almost endless possibilities to prepare food. Also on Youtube and co. you can find new, crazy ideas every few weeks. A few years ago it was the bubbletea, then came the frozen yogurt, and now? We’ve searched the far reaches of Youtube for the craziest and most popular food trends. From food pops to bubbe waffles and noodles with seafood and dragonfruit. We also picked out the most unusual videos. Chips with Coke Dip? Matschatorte and Nutella bread mixed with cheese? You’ll find the craziest viral trends of the year below – Funny, crazy and just totally hit!

The upcoming food trends 2019

Pink Food Only – Food Challenge

Eat Green – Eat green for 24 hours

From Matscha tea to Matscha cake

Cheetos x milk – crazy sharp combination

The craziest food combinations trends of the year

Food Trend or just Crazy?

The Emoji Game – Guess the food with the Emojis

Guess the Pringles flavour – Which chips are it?