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The career of Sylvie Meis started at the age of 18 as a model. Since then, Sylvie hasn’t been idling for jobs. Her moderation career began after a casting for the Dutch music channel TMF. After this casting, she moderated the show Fox Kids and finally made her breakthrough. Since then she has also presented the TMF Award annually. In 2006 Sylvie’s own jewellery collection “Pure by Sylvie” was launched on the German market. Sylvie has always been creative and has come up with her own projects. In 2010 Sylvie took part in the dance show Let’s Dance and reached the second place. From 2011 to 2017 she hosted Let’s Dance together with Daniel Hartwich. From 2008 to 2011 Sylvie Meis sat on the jury of the casting show “Das Supertalent”. Sylvie is now 40 years old, yet she is very much in demand for various jobs. Sylvie has also had its own collection at Hunkemöller since 2012. In this collection she presents bikinis and lingerie. It was probably this job that inspired her to develop her own company. Since 01 October 2017 you can buy Sylvie’s own lingerie collection on Amazon. The moderator did not lie on her lazy skin during the creation of this collection, quite the opposite: she participated in every single step and made decisions. Her collection consists of basic underwear on the one hand and sexy lingerie and bodysuits on the other. The sizes vary from part to part and the prices range from 5 to 90 euros. And that’s not the end of it.

Starting tomorrow, our Sylvie will present her latest designs. Charming shades of sorbet – the new collection from Sylvie Designs, Sylvie Meis’ own lingerie and swimwear label, is not only a highlight in terms of colour, but also impresses with the variety of styles that has the right piece for every woman and every figure. Whether discreet rosé, seductive pink or delicate apricot, the new attractive models in sensual sorbet colours will make all hearts beat faster.

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Every woman can and should feel self-confident and sexy. The enthusiasm for lingerie and swimwear is characterised by the great variety and the lovingly coordinated details and feminine designs. The high-quality material and the focus on a perfect fit make lingerie, bikinis and swimsuits a second skin.
The brand and the product enable women to act with more self-confidence in their everyday lives.