A perfect watch for every occasion: trends for men and women  

They adorn the wrists of heads of state and lend a glamorous touch to any outfit, however simple it may be: chic watches have long been regarded as status symbols and are particularly striking because of their high recognition value. Here you can find out everything about great watches and which models are currently particularly trendy.

A suitable watch for every occasion

Since the conquest of the cell phone, watches have been much more than mere timepieces. They are true pieces of jewelry – elaborate in workmanship and design. Just like clothes and shoes, a watch must be adapted to the occasion. In everyday life, sporty wristwatches look particularly good, but even simple models with a simple dial and a color-coordinated leather strap are an excellent match for a casual outfit. The luxury watch is brought out for a chic evening look. It captivates with a complex design and sparkling gemstones. Ladies watches are particularly filigree and look like a precious bracelet. Gentlemen prefer solid models with an oversized dial and a corrugated bezel. With a few matching tricks, a watch suitable for everyday use can be transformed into a model that is perfect for stylish candlelight dinners. Some brands offer interchangeable straps that can change a watch from the ground up. So a cool model with a Milanaise bracelet becomes a stylish watch with crocodile-look leather accents. If you are looking for a beautiful timepiece, Diemer offers a wide selection of high quality watches for every taste.

From Gradient Dial to Nato bracelet: the latest watch trends at a glance

We know them all, the heavy, shiny luxury watches made of gold or platinum. However, the evergreens of the watch world now have to take a back seat: At present, rather playful models are very much in vogue. They match many different looks and look very stylish both in everyday life and on festive occasions. Dials present themselves with a color gradient that is more or less pronounced depending on the model. Gradient Dial – this is the name of this trend, which makes even the simplest model a real eye-catcher. However, if you prefer a more sober look, choose a minimalist model with a black dial and black strap. Accents look like silver indices. The minimalist design does not necessarily refer to the color scheme.

Gradient Dial: Playful dials with color gradient are in vogue

More and more manufacturers are bringing flat watches onto the market that stand out for their unusual shape. Another feature that hardly any label wants to do without is the NATO bracelet. The upbeat watch strap is made of nylon and was developed by the British military in 1973. The Nato bracelet had its shining appearance in 2015 on the wrist of Daniel Craig in the James Bond strip “Spectre”. Since then, the cult nylon bracelet has adorned every watch – from a sporty Casio to a sinfully expensive Patek Philippe.

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Which watch models are popular?

You still can’t go wrong with a chronograph. The practical watches have several additional functions and also look great. Real eye-catchers are also skeletonized watches in which parts of the mechanical movement are exposed. If you have a penchant for retro models, the time has come for you, because the cool watches from the seventies and eighties are currently celebrating a comeback.

  • Chronographs
  • Skeletonized watches
  • Retro models of the seventies and eighties

Which watch suits me?

A watch can do much more than just display the time. It rounds off a look and adds great accents to a fancy outfit. It also says something about the personality of the wearer. Sporty people can be recognized not only by their fitness, but also by their watch: sporty chronographs and upbeat wristwatches in bright colors are faithful companions on cycling or hiking tours. Those who prefer elegance choose an extravagant Dresswatch. However, there are also crossover models that express their versatility through the targeted use of certain materials. Since precious metals are primarily used for Dresswatches, a sporty gold watch captivates with its unusual mix of modern design and high-quality material. It is important that the watch fits your wrist perfectly and fits your individual style.