Fan: Good climate for your home! Cheap or expensive? The comparison

Fan – Hot summer nights are actually always a reason for joy. Hot summer days, pure sunshine on the glass front, stagnant air, there is always a good reason for fans! Meanwhile, fans can even do much more than “just” bring fresh air and something cool into the room: Some of the devices have an antibacterial effect, through UV light and others manage to work silently, through completely new drive technologies.

Where is the fan best placed?

The most important question but first of all: There is a clear recommendation, here for example from toom Baumarkt, you have high ceilings“you can use fans in winter to save heating costs: As warm air rises, it collects on the ceiling – where it is not needed. If you point a floor fan towards the ceiling, the cold floor air flows upwards and displaces the warm air. This way, the room temperature is mixed.” Check out more tips and fans here.

Where you place your fan on a hot day depends on what kind of fan you have. Tower fans take up the least amount of space and can be placed next to your couch or desk to cool you down. As the name suggests, tower fans look like small towers, similar to the speakers of modern sound systems. Visually, you’re doing everything right when you integrate a tower fan into your room.

The classic for every home brings cool air from the floor back up:

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Fans: Cheap or expensive?

That’s why there are fans in all price segments, from cheap to expensive. But which fan really suits you? Today, we present you all the types you need to know on your next visit to the DIY store. Tower fan, table fan, ceiling, stand, column and axial – what’s the difference? Which keeps the room cool and is quiet at the same time?

A good climate for your home

While the southern countries prepare for the hot summer days with good accessories, we mostly hang behind and try to cool down in our baths and showers – Fail!

Fans are perfect for warm days but also to keep the rooms air-conditioned, partly even germ-free by UV light. One has low acquisition costs and maintenance costs in contrast to air conditioners and saves electricity! Of course, as with other devices, there are some criteria that should be considered:

  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • How many rooms are to be cooled?
  • Do I need additional services?
  • What volume is okay?

Do fans cool the air?

In fact, a fan does not cool! Although fans can not lower the room temperature in temperature, but they still provide a pleasant refreshment in their own home.

The right fan: cool, energy-saving, stylish!?

In order to be satisfied with your fan, you should think about your specific requirements and expectations at the beginning. Fans come in many different models and there is a suitable model for every need.

Apartment vs office

First of all, it depends on what your living situation is like. Do you have large rooms? Do you have enough space for a standing fan or do you even have the possibility to install a ceiling fan? The right space situation determines that you can distribute the air ideally in your room.

Whether you want to buy a fan for your office to give you and your colleagues a breath of fresh air or whether you want to have a good air circulation for your home makes a big difference in the requirements. For your office you definitely need a lot of power to supply even larger rooms. A usually not oversized apartment does not need such a strong fan, it is more important that it does not take up too much space.

If you want to equip a larger office room with a fan, you need a little more power in the motor. After all, we are not just talking about a room with 15 square meters or 20 square meters, but often rooms of up to 100 or 200 square meters. The simple, classic stand fan no longer has the optimum power to supply the entire room with fresh and cool air. It is even more special for beauty companies or medical practices, which, for example, make sure that the air is ideally as antibacterial as possible.

  • Office – A lot of power is needed
  • Apartment – Space saving is the order of the day

Luxury vs Frugal

Fans are available both in inexpensive versions and in the extravagant luxury version. Especially for students, people living alone and generally the smaller purse, the price plays a decisive role. The fan should primarily bring the air to circulate, not consume too much power and be as cheap as possible in the purchase. However, if you really want to afford something, there are of course also really fancy fans, which fit perfectly into a luxuriously furnished apartment.

  • Luxury – That little bit extra and style
  • Economical – Good and cheap does it too

What must a good fan be able to do?

  1. Cooling – Cooling wind for warm days
  2. Quiet – Preferably noiseless
  3. Economical – Not a power waster

Want to save more yourself? Read more about saving electricity in the household here.

Tower, table, ceiling – what suits me?

If one can test, then the breakfast television! Therefore, here directly my favorite to all basics at fans for your apartment!

3D Fan?! Oscillation

3D Oscillation?! An admittedly difficult word but with real power and that at only 35 watts with brushless motor for best air circulation in warm weather.

What happens when you sleep with the fan on?

Advantages and disadvantages

The most popular models are clearly the table fan, stand fans, tower fan and of course the absolute classic that you know from every Hollywood movie, the ceiling fan.

Table fan


  • Reasonable price, simple assembly
  • Small, compact design


  • Only limited power and range
  • Little flexibility in setting up

Pedestal fan


  • Long range and high air flow
  • Installation site very flexible, as long as electricity is nearby
  • Height is individually adjustable


  • Not a nice design, big block
  • Mostly relatively loud

Tower fan


  • Generates airflow over the entire height of the fan
  • More modern appearance, for example in comparison with the previously described stand fan
  • They are also quieter than pedestal fans
  • Is quickly and easily hidden and space saving


  • Height is not adjustable
  • Lower air flow rate than stand fan

Ceiling fan


  • High mixing of the air in the room
  • Can be integrated into the interior design (expensive)
  • Ceiling fans are very quiet by design


  • Ceiling fan is permanently visible and from everywhere
  • Comparatively high costs for assembly and installation
  • Fixed installation, no movement in the room possible
  • High ceiling is a prerequisite for installation

What can a 500 Euro fan do?

Many swear by Dyson fans in particular. They stand for design but also for high-quality workmanship. How does Dyson work? Read more about the Dyson motor and the technology behind it here. And what can a 500 Euro fan do?

My favorite: Either … or!

My conclusion, either or! For every room and for every situation there is the right fan, in advance you should decide to buy a cheap or a high-quality product.

Cheap models are always enough

If you buy a cheap product, you don’t need any bells and whistles. All the fan has to be able to do is stir up air and thus easily cool it down and distribute it in the room.

  • Saves money
  • Sometimes consumes more power than A++ devices

If high quality, then do not save

If you want a high-quality product, you should not save a few euros, because after all, we are talking about a durable product that will be in your home, apartment or office for a long time. Fans bring a lot of advantages with them, in the luxury segment they are often silent, they even have color games, with remote control and app. So the simple fan quickly becomes a real highlight on warm summer evenings.

  • Long product life
  • Frequent use
  • Often power saving