Summer is over – a farewell party that bids farewell to the summer in a fitting manner

Endless Summer – I wish. Even the best summer runs out of breath at some point. But cheer up: next summer is sure to come. And until it does, we’ll just say goodbye to the last one in due form. Summer is over – let’s celebrate a farewell party that will remain in our memories until next summer.
I have put together a few ideas for you to make your party unforgettable.

Miss your party motto #1

No summer is like the other. Everyone has something very special. It is not for nothing that every Summer Ending Party has earned a motto. Here are three suggestions:

You had a good time in Hawaii? Then how about a squeaky-clean Hawaii party? Bring the casual island charm with grass skirts, flower necklaces and Hawaiian shirts straight to Germany. Meanwhile, treat your palate to pineapple snacks and coconut cocktails. If only Woodstock could take place 50 years later. It can. Bring the festival of festivals into the here and now. Loose bell-bottoms, rough cowboy boots and lots of flower power put a Woodstock 2.0 on its feet. And don’t forget the details. XXL peace sign, wreaths of flowers in your hair and round sunglasses awaken the hippie in you. Let’s travel back a little further into the past – end of the line: the Golden Twenties. Shimmering sequined dresses, lush feather boas and pearls en masse – Gatsby chic is the trend. But glamour is not only about the choice of clothes. The decoration can also shine. Golden balloons, silver confetti and precious crystal glasses – the great Gatsby would be proud of you.

Make it official. Invitations to the party! #2

Imagine: The biggest summer-ending party ever goes on and nobody goes. What could have gone wrong? It’s simple. Nobody knew about the spectacle. After all, organization is only half the battle. The other half of the rent is communication.

But it doesn’t have to be the newspaper ad or the e-mail newsletter. Why not say it the classical way – with invitation cards? Who wouldn’t be happy about a smart message with pretty motifs? Your guests will be even more pleased about messages with personality. For such occasions there are a lot of card manufacturers on the Internet, such as There you can design your invitation cards individually and adapt them to the motto of the party. Casual for your Hawaii party, glamorous in Gatsby style or brightly coloured in hippie look – put your occasion on paper. Apart from the individual design, such suppliers distinguish themselves above all by their service. With wonder cards, for example, it is very convenient and easy to handle. Simply select the motif, order and a few days later the cards, including envelopes, are in your letterbox. Even after the Summer Ending Party the invitations have not yet done their job. Thanks to the high quality you can keep them as a souvenir at home. Whether on the pinboard, on the fridge or in the photo album – every look feels a little bit like summer and reminds the guests of the great party.

Care for spontaneous snapshots #3

Back to the roots: The smartphone generation yearns for nostalgia. And what better way to indulge in nostalgia than with spontaneous snapshots with the disposable camera? Whether next to the salad buffet, at the reception or at the table – let the cameras loose on your guests. You can get the cameras relatively cheap at almost all drugstore chains. And after the work is done, you can be surprised: I wonder what snapshots were taken during the spontaneous action.
Just a tip: Use disposable cameras and no Polaroid cameras. The Polaroid pictures are often taken by the party guests.

How about Party Goody Bags? #4

In keeping with the theme of Summer Ending, it would be nice to put together a Goody Bag that every visitor gets at the door. Besides things that are funny, it should contain items that make the party even more fun. Although the summer is officially over after the party, a small summer emergency package brings back the beautiful summer moments – at least in our memory. And that belongs in it: sun cream (even in our thoughts the sun can get quite hot) Flutes, party hats, etc.

Light #5

Summer is slowly coming to an end and with it the endless bright days. Night is coming earlier than you like. All the more important is atmospheric lighting. With a fire basket, torches or a fire bowl you will not leave your guests sitting in the dark. And more than hat: Besides the pleasant light, the stylish light sources also radiate a cosy warmth – almost feels like sunbeams.nice alternatives to the open fire are colourful Lampions, glass and wooden lanterns or fairy lights. A pool or garden pond is perfectly shown to advantage with small floating lights. Colourful spotlights or bend lights also bathe the Summer Ending Party in a beautiful light.