Photoshooting – tips for outfits, clothes, accessories for the perfect preparation

For a photo shoot a model has to prepare herself accordingly and follow some tips. The model business is a serious and not at all easy job, even though many critics have no idea of the tension and effort in the business. On top of that, models must be punctual and reliable, flexible and easy to handle. A high adaptability to the temporal alignment of appointments, as well as the locality of a shooting belong to the “basic tools” of every model.

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Checklist for Models – What is important for a Shooting

Before a shooting you should allow yourself enough rest and sleep. Even the most experienced makeup artist is at the end with his skills when fatigue and a drunken night stick in your face. Even if it’s a very simple and self-evident hint, you should take this tip seriously and put it on top of your agenda as a professional model. The second important point is punctuality. Even if some photographers like to wait and be late for an agreed date, you should radiate professionalism and arrive punctually at the agreed location.

Unpunctual or unreliable models will not be gladly booked, because time is money after all and a team waiting for you in idle mode causes costs. Your accessibility is an important expression of the seriousness with which you look at your job and work in the model business. On the day before the planned shooting, or also on the shooting day itself it can come to unforeseeable changes and thus to a communication to you.

As an experienced model, you always have your phone at hand and respond to a call, an SMS, or a message in real time. At a shooting you appear unvarnished and even if it seems unusual to you: with unwashed hair. The Makeup Artist can make up and style you better if you stick to these rules and save so much time in the preparation for a shooting. There is nothing against washing your hair the day before, but freshly washed hair is practically impossible to style without numerous styling products and chemical ingredients.

Various outfits and colors for varied photos

All other Must Haves depend on the agreements of your Shootings and should consist in each case of a varied wardrobe. This includes different lingerie in at best different colors, bra’s without straps and shoulderless tops, as well as pumps and other high shoes in different designs. The best thing to do is to rely on shoes and tops that you can combine individually and exchange with each other.

Accessories for your Model Casting

You are also welcome to bring accessories for your hair, such as hair bands and hair clips, as well as your own make-up to the shoot. The goal of a successful shooting, which will provide joy for you and the photographer alike, are great final results, which present you in many perspectives and capture your most beautiful, extraordinary and personal perspectives. Accordingly, it is important that you feel comfortable in the chosen outfits and can pose flexibly. To avoid misunderstandings during a shooting, you should clarify the style of the pictures in advance and discuss, for example, whether you should pose for fashion, for lingerie, for a partial act, or even for an act. Only what corresponds to you and can be combined with your attitude to photography is allowed and becomes part of a professional shooting.

Very important: as a model you must not only bring plenty of utensils with you, but also make sure you are in a good mood and have fun on the set. The best atmosphere and the desire to work are therefore two extremely important things that you should have in your luggage for every shooting and present on site. If you’re not feeling well, you better cancel an appointment and ask for a postponement. Nothing is more counterproductive to great photos than a model who feels unwell at the shooting or is even ill.

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Expert: Buy property or not? Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich

Many people play with the idea of buying a property in one of the popular cities. These cities include Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich. But to find the suitable real estate is not at all so easy and as a layman it is often difficult to evaluate whether it is worthwhile to invest in an apartment or a house as an investment. We did an interview with an expert for you.

Interview with real estate expert Jan Rickel from IHV – Die Immobilien Makler.

Capital investment – Is it worth it?

FIV: We met last month to discuss house sales in general and the future of living. Today we wanted to know more about the hotspots in Germany. We all know the news of rising real estate prices in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and especially Munich. Rents, but also land and purchase prices are exploding here. Many people are thinking about investing in real estate – sooner or later. But is real estate a worthwhile capital investment at all?

That depends. It depends on how long I want to hold this investment. In the long run at least a real estate is a very good investment. I’ll tell you a personal story: When I wanted to buy a 2-room apartment in Frankfurt more than 20 years ago, gab´s had a lot of discussions with my parents and friends. They thought I was crazy in view of the returns that could otherwise be earned on the market (time deposits, gold, stocks, etc.). With a rental yield of 5% at the time, one looked rather old at that time alongside the usual forms of capital investment.

FIV: And then why did you still get into real estate?

Because the value of this apartment has risen dramatically in the following years. And that was already apparent at that time! Actually, many people, including myself, initially believed that the price increase on the housing market was coming to an end so slowly but surely. But the opposite was true. Apart from the one or other dent or two, the value development of real estate has constantly risen. So I could sell this apartment today for a multiple of the original price. I paid the loan from then via the rent and at the same time my small equity capital invested at that time grew without my involvement. And this is far higher than with the vast majority of share packages or other conventional investments.

FIV: And that works everywhere?

That would be too good to be true! Here the location of the apartment or house is very important. If I had bought a big house somewhere in the countryside, far away from all the hustle and bustle, then things would probably have turned out quite differently. This does not mean that a house in the country is basically a bad investment. In the so-called “fat belt” of conurbations, for example, property prices have also developed rapidly. If the location of the purchased property is regarded as very desirable for living, then not much can go wrong in the long run and the one or other “dent” in the value development is to be absorbed. By the way: it is well known that share packages or funds also have one or the other bend in their performance. The decisive factor is the so-called investment horizon, i.e. the time I give my capital investment to develop its value. Fast money cannot be made in the real estate business. In the long term, however, it is a very solid and secure investment.

Is there an end in sight?

FIV: But isn’t the boom slowly coming to an end?

Of course, I can’t predict that for sure. As I said: even 20 years ago, many real estate experts believed that the price trend for purchase and rent had come to an end. That was not true, as we have seen to this day. How the prices for the purchase of real estate – and by the way also for the rent level – change depends above all on how much living space will be demanded in the future and what new living space can be created. In any case, I cannot see any saturation of the real estate market in the long run.
The question remains: how is the interest rate level developing? If it becomes more expensive to borrow money to buy real estate, then the real estate market cools down again. And then we are again at the “dents” mentioned above. The investor has to endure them.

FIV: Should I buy a property now, or should I wait until prices fall?

If I knew if and when prices would fall, I would probably advise you to wait and see. Especially if the price reduction for the property would not be eaten up by significantly higher interest rates in the financing. But since none of us has the proverbial glass ball, I advise: calculate exactly what I can afford and then look for and buy the matching object in a sought-after location.

Real estate market in the big cities

FIV: This brings us to the areas in Germany where real estate values have been rising for a long time. Let’s look at the four top regions: Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf. Let’s start with Berlin. How do you rate the real estate market in the capital?

It is unbelievable how Berlin has developed in recent years. Apartment houses were then sold for a button and a clicker because nobody wanted them and now domestic and foreign investors are ripping themselves off for real estate in our capital. Berlin is hip and also “the place to be”. For many young adults it is the coolest city in the world, even people from other European and non-European countries are drawn to Berlin.
Which district is currently “in” changes in Berlin almost as fast as in any other major German city. In the meantime, the boom has also affected the suburbs. Reinickendorf, for example, increased real estate prices by about a quarter last year. This is insane! Even previously unattractive districts such as Marzahn-Hellersorf or Spandau have seen significant increases in purchase and rental prices. This in turn means that municipalities in the immediate vicinity of Berlin have a much higher population growth rate than Berlin itself. Potsdam, Teltow, Bernau or Falkensee are on the rise. It remains to be seen whether prices there will develop so dramatically.

Increasing property prices – buy or wait?

FIV: How do you rate the rising prices in Berlin and the surrounding area? Should we buy a property or wait and see?

I believe it will be a long time before the market in Berlin and the surrounding area calms down. So now is certainly a good time to buy, because in the long run the prices there continue to rise and now the interest rate level is still low.

FIV: Let’s go south, to Munich. Munich is regarded as the hotspot for rising prices – regardless of whether it is a condominium or a detached house in the suburbs. The Handelsblatt reports a price development of +47 percent. What makes the Bavarian metropolis special and how is the market developing here?

As long as the growth of the corresponding economic sectors in Bavaria does not slow down, experts will be sought there and they in turn will be looking for housing. Especially when the specialists of the respective industries, and this is still the IT environment and other service companies in Munich, do not find jobs elsewhere. Experts estimate that by 2035 there will be about 350,000 new arrivals in the greater Munich area. Municipalities such as Dachau, Fürstenfeldbruck or even Landsberg am Lech are already attractive as places to live for people who commute daily to Munich.
The pressure on property prices and rents there is also being increased by the still high recreational value of the region. For many people, the proximity to the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea is much more attractive than – say – the North Sea or Holland. Ultimately this means that in the Munich area, salaries are usually higher than elsewhere in Germany. However, the prices for buying or renting apartments usually eat up this “surplus”. Especially for families this is a real problem…

Purchase real estate in Munich

FIV: Against this background, what do you think about buying real estate in Munich?

Anyone who gets one and can pay for it should buy safely from the perspectives. In relative terms, however, the performance and rental yield in other selected areas of Germany is by no means worse than in Munich. I’m thinking of Berlin, the Rhine-Main area or the Cologne-Düsseldorf axis.

FIV: You didn’t mention Hamburg now. Is there a reason for that? Away from publicity, do objects like the Hamburg Philharmonic generally enhance the city or just a part of it?

Sure. Hamburg has also experienced a steep development. A few years ago, the image of the city was still rather grubby, but a lot has happened there – especially with the Hafen-City and many other urban development projects. Hamburg as a whole is far removed from price developments such as Munich.
Of course, construction projects such as an Elbe Philharmonic Hall enhance a city as a whole. Not alone, though. Overall, cultural institutions, but also other large “lighthouse projects”, promote the image of a city. However, I would like to see the money more often in many smaller developments. In all major projects, for example, the individual quarters must not be forgotten. Of course, it’s nice to see this building from the Elbe. However, the renewal and maintenance of the parks, the upgrading of playgrounds, the subsidization of kindergartens in the individual districts will lead more to the whole city developing a positive pull They will become more attractive for the people who now live there and for newcomers. This means growth in the number of inhabitants, tax revenue, etc. That is why, to return to the question once again, I am rather sceptical about investing in a major project of this scale.

Hamburg from above – The Hanseatic City

Purchasing real estate in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg

FIV: Hamburg is not that far away from the sea. The North Sea and Baltic Sea are popular holiday regions. So if I buy a property in the north, would I rather buy it in the countryside than in a holiday home or in the city itself?

The same applies to Hamburg as to Berlin and Munich. Often even the prices per square metre and the expected rents are directly comparable. Using an apartment in the city as a holiday home can be problematic. Many cities have put a stop to the rental of holiday homes (Airbnb etc.). The risk of rent loss would be too high for me. The holiday home in the countryside only makes sense where there are really good occupancy rates – and best of all throughout the year. In the “Alte Land” or in “Vierlanden” – to name just a few areas in the direct vicinity of Hamburg, this is certainly not the case. Moreover, one should be a little better versed in the tourism rental business if one does not want to suffer a shipwreck with his investment in a holiday property by the sea. I therefore advise most people against doing something like this.

FIV: We still have the Cologne / Düsseldorf region. There are currently about two million people living there. Buy or better rent? What are your tips for Cologne and Düsseldorf?

Who can, should buy! Especially Düsseldorf and the surrounding area are not much behind the price development compared to Berlin and Hamburg. However, the following applies to both cities: take a close look at the district in which the property is located. In Cologne and Düsseldorf, it has not yet been noticeable that former “shadow districts” are becoming the absolute in-city districts overnight. In Düsseldorf, Oberkassel is still on the list as one of the “top addresses”, while Eller and Flingern are rather undervalued. In Cologne, the most sought-after districts have been called “Rodenkirchen” and “Bickendorf” for many years. “Chorweiler” or “Nippes” are rather something for connoisseurs of the scenes…

FIV: What is the difference between the attractiveness of the two cities?

I’m sure you don’t expect me to answer that seriously. There is still no binding answer to this fundamental question of Rhenish existence. Maybe this much: in both cities there is delicious beer and nice pubs.

Thank you so much for the interview.

Interview with real estate expert Jan Rickel from IHV – Die Immobilien Makler.

Macro lenses: magnification, focal length class, image quality for portrait & beauty photography

Photographing with a macro object is characterized by the magnification of the image. This indicates the size of the subject being photographed or recorded on the image sensor or film.

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Macro lenses: From microorganisms to dust particles

When it comes to a 1:1 ratio, the subject and its projection on your camera and its image plane are the same size. In other words, an object one centimetre in size remains on the recording medium as a motif one centimetre in size. If the ratio is between 1:2, then your motif is only half as large. Means one centimetre becomes 0.5 centimetres. Usually we speak of a macro lens when the magnification is 1:4 and larger. In order to achieve the highest reproduction scale with your macro object, you as a photographer must be able to approach the subject very closely. You must be able to get so close that your camera is barely able to focus on the object. This distance is referred to as the “close-up limit”.

Macro lenses are generally used by photographers who want to capture the tiniest details, tiny creatures or insects. It is less well known that a macro lens focuses on everything and is as sharp as only very few lenses in this price range can. Exceptions to this rule are photographs taken at great distances. If you want to focus on quality of sharpness and don’t want to dig too deep into your pocket, then a macro lens is the optimal purchase for you.

The different classes of macros

Macros are usually roughly divided into three focal length classes. The short macro lenses have a focal length of approx. 50 mm and are among the cheapest. As a cheap entry maybe quite nice but not really recommendable, with the exception of the newer ones with a focal length of about 60 mm. Designed for cameras with an APS-C sensor, they achieve approximately the same detail as with a 100 focal length in full format.

The middle class of macros are the focal lengths around 100 mm. These include the Tamron 90, Sigma 105, Tokina 100 and Canon 100, which are the most commonly used and purchased macros. 150 – 180 mm is the longest focal length class in macro photography and ensures an extremely comfortable shooting distance during the 1:1 image ratio. Especially if you photograph animals, they still have an acceptable escape distance. However, macro lenses in this class are the most expensive, heaviest and largest. In addition, they no longer have such a high luminous intensity.

Possibilities with the macro lens in the portrait and beauty area

Macro lenses are also ideal as beauty and portrait lenses. In addition to an affordable price, the focal length is about the same as a light telephoto lens, which is ideal for facial proportions. The lenses are comparatively handy and lightweight, and with a light intensity of 2.8 still sufficiently high. For you as a beauty photographer, image cuts are made possible that you would not be able to achieve with other lenses due to the close-up limit. Of course long focal length telephoto lenses are used in the professional segment, but the photographer often needs a lot of space backwards and taking pictures from above is very difficult.

In addition, telephoto lenses of the appropriate quality are among the most expensive purchases. However, you should not only think about the most extreme details such as a part of the lips or eye. Also the really format-filling illustration of a face, as well as partial cutting away of it often needs a macro. Not only in terms of versatility and price is a macro lens incredible, because also sharpness and quality are unbeatable. However, make sure that the extension of the depth of field at close range is extremely small. Do not select the f-number too small. Of course, you can also use your macro for product shots as a handy telephoto lens with excellent speed.

If you want to really let off steam in the world and want to capture the many small inconspicuous things impressively, you can’t avoid buying a macro lens. Small things and details become very big and beauty highlights are particularly sharply staged.

Macro Lens: What is it?

Macro Lens: Expensive or Cheap? The comparison

Macro & Micro: Cheap Lenses under Test

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Stock photos: cheap & royalty-free for editorial and commmercial use

If you need a certain photo, you can use stock photos for it. Stock photos are quasi photos on stock, which can be used if necessary. However, it should be noted whether the images are royalty-free or subject to licensing. The royalty-free photos are also referred to as royalty-free or RF. Images subject to license have the addition RM, rights managed or subject to license, which must be observed. These photos are usually subject to a fee and even royalty-free photos usually cost a certain amount. In order to find a really free photo, the searcher must look very carefully.

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But there is also the reference to commercial and editorial use, which also causes a lot of confusion among those who are only casually concerned with these issues. The price for rights-managed photos can also be based on circulation, while the price for royalty-free photos is more based on size. In addition, customers are often allowed to use these images as they wish, with a few minor restrictions. A disregard of the license rights can have legal consequences and lead to claims for damages.

Commercial use of stock photos

If you want to advertise with a certain stock photo in any form, you want to use this stock photo commercially and therefore have to pay for its use. If you are not completely sure whether your project is a commercial use, this definition may help you, although a legal guarantee on correctness cannot be given here. If a stock photo is used for advertising, an amount must be paid for it, which can be very different and is made by the owner of the photo rights. Advertising can be practically any form such as an advertisement, a flyer or poster and even email and banner advertising are part of it.

Even if the photo appears in a commercial, the license fee is due. This also applies if the photo is printed on a product that is then for sale such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, calendars, mousepads, posters, puzzles or whatever else is available. As soon as you want to earn some kind of money with this picture, the user has to pay the license fee. Under certain circumstances, an extended license may even become due in such a case.

The editorial use does not require a fee

If you need the photo in the context of an editorial activity, no license fee is due for it, since you are a user in the journalistic field. In English it is also called ‘editorial use’ and means that the photo is used for a newspaper, a magazine, in a school book or non-fiction book, for a blog or for news programmes. Of course, this does not apply to pictures that appear in an advertisement for the daily circulation, but only to the reporting part of the newspaper.

In addition to newspapers, this also applies to modern blogs, which also have editorial value. For example, if you need an imprint, you are automatically on the safe side. However, some websites have a certain grey area. The separation is so important because otherwise life becomes quite complicated. If the editorial use did not exist, all people photographed would have to give their personal consent to the photocopy, which would have strong consequences for the freedom of the press.

If you want to avoid trouble later on, you should pay very close attention to which images you use for which purpose. Moreover, license-free images are not to be equated with free images, but the user usually pays them a price corresponding to their size. Also the editorial use is not a carte blanche for the free use of photos, but refers actually only to media such as newspapers, magazines or blogs, which have an informative value.

Stealing photos is LEGAL? Fair Use Law in Action

Fair Use which allows people to use pictures for free under some conditions. Specifically, it provides exemptions for commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news, research, and scholarship. While it’s never black-and-white, courts make fair use judgment calls based on four criteria:


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The Reggae Festival of Germany – Summerjam

To make life positive, diverse and tolerant – that is the motto of the Summerjam. As one of the largest reggae festivals in Europe, it attracts huge crowds every year and always offers a unique experience. Once a year different people come together in Cologne to celebrate the festival at the Fühlinger See for more than 3 days and to celebrate love and tolerance.

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From Bob Marley to Seeed

The first Summerjam in 1985 was an unexpected success. The organizers were unsure if this would work out.  Originally it was only a day concert and because Reggae was not really known in Germany, the success could not be foreseen. But then it happened – 8000 people came to the Summerjam and it was clear there was a future for it. Meanwhile the Summerjam is the oldest festival in Germany and the oldest reggae festival in Europe. Inspired by reggae legend Bob Marley, the music trend from the 80s was brought to Germany by reggae legend Bob Marley and is still a phenomenon where Seeed and Gentlemen, when they were even more unknown, performed back then – today they are stars.

Highlights of the Summerjam Festival

Over the last few years countless acts have gathered on the Summerjam. From Seeed to Gentleman to Alligatoah, Sean Paul and Capleton, the Reggae Event of the Year also offers musical diversity. The motto changes every year – the spirit remains the same: Together for tolerance, diversity and a positive attitude to life. Every year a different summer adventure awaits you directly at the Fühlinger See – hot weather, cold drinks, loud music and cooling down right in front of you. What more could you want from a festival? It’s probably one of the few places even we at FIV can’t help you.

Summerjam – Tickets and Prices

With such a coveted festival, it is definitely worth taking early care of festival tickets. As with many of the big festivals, they are often sold out very quickly. At the moment there are the popular “Early Bird” tickets, which are offered at a reduced price. The 3-day hard- or e-ticket costs you 110,-€, on which another 8,-€ VVK fee is added. How long offer is available is uncertain. So if you know you definitely want to go to the Summerjam, even though the line-up is not out yet, you should make sure you do, because the offer is limited.

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Summer Jam 2018💚💛❤️ Eines der besten Festivals, die es gibt🎉 Dieses Jahr hat es besonders viel Spaß gemacht😃 Die Leute waren super✌🏼 das Wetter war die ganze Zeit top☀️ und es waren mega gute Akts dabei🎶 Es war jetzt das 5. Mal in folge, dass ich dabei war und ich freue mich jetzt schon wieder aufs nächste Jahr😍 #onelove • Meine geplanten Sport Aktivitäten habe ich leider nicht geschafft zu machen, aber Festivals sind Ausnahmezustände und nur einmal im Jahr😅 ab morgen wird dann wieder vernünftig gegessen und trainiert💪🏼 ich gehe jetzt erst mal etwas Schlaf nachholen😴 habt einen schönen Abend, ihr lieben💋 • #summerjam #everlastinglove #summerjam2018 #festival #summervibes #braids #happyme #festivaloutfit #peace #besttime #happygirl #happiness #summerjamfestival #sun #fun #girl #picoftheweekend #weekend #summer #cologne #love #outfit #goodvibes #goodtimes #fitfam #fitfamde #fitfamgermany #fitnessgirl #firgirl

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Camping on the site

In contrast to other festivals like Rock am Ring, or Hurricane, Summerjam offers free camping for every visitor who has bought a weekend ticket. For 2019 the camping areas will open on 04.July.2019 at 08:00am. Before Monday, 01.07. no camping is permitted in the Fühlinger See area.
The city of Cologne will take action against Wild Campers.

more camping info:

  • From Monday, 01.07.- 10.00 o’clock the camping areas C2, C3, C4 are open for VORAB-CAMPER
  • From Wednesday, 03.07.-10.00 all camping areas are open.
  • The fee per person/per night is €15,- ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday )
  • On all days camping wristbands or festival bands must be shown at the entrances to the campsite.
  • From Thursday, 04.07.2019, camping is free of charge.

Camping Areas

The camping areas are numbered for orientation. Please use only the signposted camping areas (C1-C6), which offer space for all. All paths must be kept clear! These are rescue entrances for ambulances, fire brigades, etc., in order to be able to save lives quickly if necessary – yours or that of your friends. Camping is strictly forbidden in the woods and on the parking lots! In all camping areas there is a camp service. Here you will find information, always cold drinks at fair prices and in the morning coffee and breakfast. In case of problems, emergencies and suggestions the staff of the camp service is at your disposal. The opening times are Thursday, 04.07. to Monday, 08.07.2019 (08.00 o’clock – 03.00 o’clock).

Caravan Camping

Since 2018 you can also rent a parking space for your caravan camping for an extra charge. Here once your possibilities listed:

  • P5: quiet + flushed toilets, allocation of parking space on site. The plots are 5x6m or 5x7m (65,-€ / pitch).
  • P8: next to the dancehall area incl. electricity 220 V max. 50 meters away, additional Dixi toilets. We provide plots in the classes Standard (2,5m x 6m), Luxury (5m x 6m) & Business (5m x 8m).

Note that every passenger also needs a festival ticket to gain access to the Caravan Areas. Arrival is possible from Wednesday 14:00.
No additional tents are allowed on the caravan parking spaces. Motorhomes, caravans and camping buses such as the VW T4 or similar are permitted. Converted cars or station wagons are not considered motorhomes and entry is not permitted with a valid caravan ticket.

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Free influencer calculator: What is your Instagram channel worth?

The most successful Instagram stars today earn many thousands of euros with their postings. Whether it’s a story or a single picture, with each individual posting earning Instagram Stars Read more