Photography Basics: the Depth of Field

The term depth of field describes the extent of the sharp area in the photo. With a small depth of field, only the foreground is sharp, with an increasing depth of field, the photo becomes sharper and sharper until finally the whole background is sharp. The means by which the depth of field is controlled […]

Learning to take pictures: Avoiding beginner’s mistakes

Beginners always make a lot of mistakes and that applies to photography anyway, which is a good thing because everyone can learn a lot from mistakes. A typical beginner’s mistake, however, is to constantly rely on the automatic for the best setting. So the beginner doesn’t learn anything and his photos don’t get any better, […]

Natural beauty – images without Photoshop and Make-UP

Natural beauty comes from within, promised life-helpers. That’s true, because it’s hidden under clothes, makeup and retouching with photo shop in the dazzling world of fashion photography. Honest photographers and courageous nude models prove that reality with its asymmetrical, physical flaws also has its very own beauty, namely that of the lived self. Frank truth […]

Tips for the fashion blog: Take better pictures with your phone

Fashion bloggers usually have a good eye for fashion and outfits, but the quality of the photos could still be improved. You don’t necessarily need a new expensive camera, because even with a smartphone you can take great pictures with the right tips, which you can find out here. 4 Tips for perfect camera shots […]

5 simple tips for photographers: Camera, inspiration, studio & co.

Photography is an art for itself and even professionals can learn something new at every shooting. Books, workshops and the like are not only intended for beginners, but also provide interesting elements and tips for many advanced learners. Top 5 – Tips for every photographer Master your camera and the equipment from the FF, do […]

Beauty ideals: The perception of female beauty in different countries

At the beginning there was a simple question: How is the beauty of the female body perceived in different countries? In a worldwide experiment, graphic designers from 18 countries used Photoshop to create their personal beauty ideal. Some surprising results came out. Feminine beauty ideals in the media The perception of beauty and a perfect body […]

Young model Ivo Christ & Robin Platte conquer Munich

Learning photography for beginners – Our book recommendations

Photography – nowadays a very common hobby, be it holiday photography, nature photography, portrait photography or fashion photography, there are more and more amateur photographers who work their way up into the league of amateur or professional photographers. A hobby that becomes a profession , or besides the job for a creative balance provides. But […]

Photographer Vicky Baumann – THE photographer for weddings

Creativity, strong communication skills and passion – these are the three decisive qualities that fashion-conscious photographer Vicky Baumann combines in her profession. She did not follow the classic path of an apprenticeship, but has taught herself her knowledge to a large extent. The young photographer has specialized in “wedding photography”, since then she is a […]

Back to the roots: Johannes Bockemühl-Simon from JOBO in an interview about analog photography

Johannes Bockemühl-Simon in an interview- “No “Virtual Reality” – no “Augmented Reality” – but real photography”, this is how Johannes Bockemühl-Siomon describes analog photography. In our interview, the CEO of JOBO, who once developed NASA’s first lunar images for their authenticity, tells us what fascinates him so much about analog photography. Jobo’s products can be […]

Photography Basics: The Aperture

The aperture is a device built into the lens that controls the amount of light reaching the sensor. Large aperture numbers mean small amounts of light, and small aperture numbers mean that a lot of light falls on the sensor. The aperture has a significant influence on the creative tool of depth of field. The […]

Interview: Photographer Vicky Baumann

The photographer Vicky Baumann has not gone the classical way of an apprenticeship but has acquired her skills as a photographer herself. Her self-confidence and ambition and especially the passion have made her successful. Vicky Baumann is always setting herself new tasks and expanding her spectrum. She is very diverse in her work, yet her […]