Fashion designer Cornelie von Weiss-Homedress

Cornelie founded her own fashion label “Weiss-Homedress” in Düsseldorf out of her own interest. Her vision: To cut a great figure in chic clothes at night and in the morning. She creates elegant night fashion to feel good. I talked to Cornelie about her start in the fashion business, her collection and the Düsseldorf style.


White Homedress: Chic in bed

FIV: Cornelie, you give women the right chic for home, feel-good moments! What is your fashion philosophy?

Behind every model is the idea to develop the perfect “nightgown”. The reduction to the essentials is in the foreground. The right choice of fabrics and workmanship is close to my heart. The love and passion for quality and perfection should be felt on the skin when wearing my “Sleep and Lounge Wear” collection. Every customer should have the feeling to be the most beautiful at home!

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

My motto: a happy day… a happy night….



FIV: How would you describe your collections?

My collection is a puristic, feminine, modern “Sleep -and Lounge Wear” collection. The main focus is on luxurious soft flowing qualities, combined with puristic modern lines and high quality workmanship. Made in Europe. Everything can be combined individually to feel comfortable at home or when travelling.

FIV: How did you get the idea to found such a label?

As a freelance designer, I often had to work late into the night just before a deadline. After such a night, the parcel service rang quite early the next morning and I was still in my pajamas, which were not always very chic. At some point I thought, I have to develop a nightwear where the difference between day and night is no longer directly noticeable, so that the postman can think “Oh now she has made herself chic in the early morning”.



FIV: Did you have a classical education or how did you get into fashion design?

I have completed a tailor’s apprenticeship in Stuttgart at a traditional house “Bleyle” and then I went to Düsseldorf to the fashion school “Schloss Eller”. Everything learned from scratch. Things that I need now, because I do everything myself from the first cut, first sample and production support.

A tailoring apprenticeship in industry and an education in fashion school was a good combination to really make it in the world of fashion. The industry shows you the side of the hard everyday life and the fashion school gives you the space to dream. In retrospect, the perfect combination.



Cornelie about the fashion city Düsseldorf

FIV: Your label comes from Düsseldorf, how do you see the typical Düsseldorf style? What makes Düsseldorf special?

My label comes from Düsseldorf, but I wouldn’t call it typical Düsseldorf style.

For me, two directions are typical of Düsseldorf:

  1. Blink Blink style – always too much of everything. Too much jewellery, too much glitter and shine, too high heels, always the latest trends from the glossy magazines – and the all-important “it bag” mustn’t be missing. The perfect make-up, unfortunately also there a touch too much.
  2. The conservative cultivated, timeless style, which basically does not change much over the years. Details are changed according to fashion, but the focus is on fit and high quality.

FIV: To what extent is Düsseldorf a fashion city?

Düsseldorf is a fashion city, if only because of its past. CPD and Igedo – these were the biggest trade fairs in Europe. The Kö was known beyond the borders of the country as THE “fashion mile”. The city of fashion and flair. This is a strong heritage that has become more and more important again in recent years. More interesting, international companies are coming to Düsseldorf again, making the city an interesting shopping – fashion city again. The shopping possibilities have become bigger again. One should also not forget that there are, besides the Fashion House, so many fashion agencies where fashion is really ordered. In the industry, Düsseldorf is, even without the big fairs, a city of fashion.

FIV: Is it difficult to establish yourself as a designer in Düsseldorf?

As I design a niche product, I don’t find it difficult as I sell my collection all over Germany. My problem is that there are not so many lingerie shops in Düsseldorf anymore.

FIV: Where do you personally go shopping in Düsseldorf?

As a Swabian, I like to go to “Breuninger”, of course. In the city centre I find “Identita Italiana” super interesting and diverse. When I have time, I like to go to Flingern or Bilk for a stroll. You discover things in the small shops that deviate from the general mainstream. I love discovering new brands.

FIV: What are your plans for the future?

The international market is my next goal, to delight the women abroad with puristic beautiful “Sleep – and Lounge Wear”. A happy day… a happy night… , all over the world.

FIV: Cornelie, thank you so much for the interview!


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