House / apartment for sale: No buyers? Valuation, broker, checklist – 15 mistakes

Home & Apartment Selling Mistakes – Need or want to sell your apartment or house? There are many reasons: Career change, new love, a new life. Sometimes a property also comes unexpectedly, for example when selling an inherited property. But what do you do if you live in Munich and inherit a property near Hamburg, […]

Selling real estate: Apartment & House – Tips for Valuation, Selling Process & Tax Arrangement

Selling real estate – Whether it’s a house, an apartment or even a multi-family dwelling, there are so many things to consider when selling real estate. Whether broker or off-market, private or commercial, alone or as part of a community of owners. As a seller, the topics of taxes, contracts, notary and real estate agent […]

Sell a condominium – Procedure, find a buyer & valuation

There are many ways to become the owner of a condo. When young people own condominiums, the reason is usually an inheritance. But there are also other possibilities, as some young people choose to pay a condo in installments rather than spend their money on the monthly rent. Both cases have different advantages and disadvantages. […]