Runway Highlights from Versace – Rebellious High Fashion & Seductive Prêt-à-porter

Runway highlights from Versace – the Italian fashion empire is one of the largest and oldest luxury brands in the world. Its clothes, shoes and accessories have been popular for decades and the brand’s catwalks are awaited with great anticipation every year. Compared to the fashion shows of other luxury brands, this brand does not need exciting backdrops or extravagant catwalks to showcase its fashion. Instead, Donatella Versace lets her fashion speak for itself. With success, we think. So check out the best fashion shows Versaces.

Gianni Versace & his unconventional ‘neo-baroque

The luxury brand Versace was founded in 1978 by the Italian Gianni Versace. The first fashion show followed in the same year. The decisive factor here was the support of the German textile trader Albert Eickhoff, who had already discovered the talent of the then still unknown Versace before. So the fashion show did not take place in Milan, but in the German city of Lippstadt. While the first collection was characterized by romantic and delicate pastel shades, the second one met with mixed reactions due to its daring designs. Thus the men’s collection was described as vulgar as well as innovative and revolutionary. This gave Gianni Versace the title of ‘Master of Neo-Baroque’ to which he remained faithful until his death in 1997.

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Elegant women’s collections that write history

Exquisite. Feminine. Emancipated. There are many adjectives used to describe the fashion Donatella Versaces. Even though every women’s collection is unique and different every time, one thing is certain: Versace loves drama. And Versace loves to create new historical moments. From the emotional tribute to her brother Gianni Versaces, to the revival of iconic looks from the past, her fashion shows are always full of surprises.

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Summer colours, airy cuts and a star-studded finale

R’n’B icon Jennifer Lopez made one of the greatest fashion statements of our time during the Grammy Awards in 2000, when she appeared on the red carpet in an airy jungle dress made by Versaces. The many searches for photos of the dress quickly led to the birth of Google Images and revolutionized Red Carpet Fashion to this day. Fashion visionary Donatella Versace and J.Lo celebrated this milestone for the Spring Collection 2020. With the words “Okay, Google, now show me the real jungle dress” the designer introduced the unforgettable finale of the show and an outrageously good-looking Jennifer Lopez appeared on the catwalk. Check out the entire fashion show here.

Emotional fashion show in memory of Gianni Versace

To honour the memory and legacy of Gianni Versace, Donatella Versace has revived the most iconic prints of the fashion empire for the 2018 collection. Blouses, jackets, catsuits and leggings were printed with baroque flowers, friendly butterflies and extravagant metal grilles. The new interpretations were then reproduced in complete capsule collections and presented by none other than Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

Seductive prêt-à-porter full of extravagance and sensuality

“A little bit of imperfection is the new perfection” These words Donatella Versaces would hardly have expected. But this statement perfectly sums up the 2019 women’s collection. Armour on the catwalk revealed a lot of skin, while lace tights and schoolgirl tweed triggered fantasies in some viewers’ minds. In between wild colour and pattern combinations, classically elegant outfits in typical Versace style could be seen. But one thing was soon clear: Good is different.

Feminine silhouettes and masculine jackets meet

For the winter of 2020 Donatella Versace and her team focused on extravagant flower and animal prints, pink suits and leather jackets. This time the collection was more casual than before, but also played more with the idea of ‘hyper-femininity’ and ‘hyper-masculinity’. You can see how this game of stereotypes was made fashionable here in the video.

Emancipated menswear for the man of the modern age

Versace loves to play with stereotypes. Above all, the Fashion Empire loves to break them down and play with the idea of masculinity in a fashionable and stylistic way. This often leads to revolutionary collections, unconventional cuts and playful outfits. Here too, the favourite models of the brand Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber are always at the forefront.

Provocative styles with a wicked touch

Leather pants, harnesses and silk jackets – the 2019 Winter Collection was all about bondage and fetish. With androgynous suits and unusual accessories such as safety pins, the fashion empire had deliberately made sure that there were big eyes in the front row. Check out the extravagant fashion show in full length here.

Unconventional men’s fashion and a lot of style break

Donatella Versace loves it extravagant. Accessories from the women’s collection were reused as belt pouches and archetypal garments were given a feminine touch. So the designer focused on oversized work suits, coarse denim, T-shirts with ruffled hems and swanky dresses. “These are men who don’t care about the rules, and that’s what I love,” Donatella Versace said in her press release.

Youthful outfits and playful prints for the summer

The men’s summer collection 2020 is brimming with light-heartedness. The focus was on the change from boy to man. Versace focused on oversized suits, fringed biker jackets and trendy jersey trousers. “When a man becomes a man, the first thing he wants is a car,” Donatella Versace said before the show. This statement was also reflected in the playful prints of the tops. Check out the entire fashion show here.

Summer collection full of tropical feeling and naked skin

Donatella Versace found inspiration for the men’s collection 2015 in Cuba. Vibrant and above all lively was the fashion that the luxurious fashion empire presented here. It was almost royal like in ancient times, with jeans embroidered with gold leaves and golden cardigans. Leather with studs and cream-coloured crêpe de chine costumes offered a fashionable change here and there, and exciting accessories such as perfume bottles dangled from the necks of the outrageously good-looking models.

Behind the scenes of the fashion empire

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski & the Hadid sisters on the catwalk

What happens in the final minutes before the show? What is the current collection so inspired by? And how does it feel to walk for one of the biggest fashion labels in the world? The exciting insights backstage of a fashion show can be seen here.

15 things you did not know about the luxury brand

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