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Make money with real estate…? Become a Deal Trader & Tipster – For Beginners

Deal Trader & Tippgeber – You want to earn money with real estate, but you lack the necessary small change to finance it yourself? No problem – deal trading is the solution for you to earn some extra money with real estate knowledge and connections. Deal-Trading simply means a brokerage of real estate. The earning […]

Barbados: Caribbean dream and celebrity hotspot (Rihanna, Cara Delevinge & Justin Bieber)

Barbados – Paradisiacal dream beaches, coral reefs and Caribbean joie de vivre, in the island paradise of Barbados not only the stars and starlets find the ultimate relaxation. Whether Cara Delevinge, Justin Bieber or the absolute queen of the island – Rihanna, all meet in the Caribbean. Besides places like Bora Bora, Lake Como, Malibu […]

Become a model: What to do! Application, reputable agencies & tips – Interview

Become a model – 2 years the world took a break, now it continues! The first Fashion Weeks take place again, in Milan, Paris and London. The new season of Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum is on TV, more diverse than ever before. But how does one actually become a model? We talked to […]

New York Vacation: Nightlife, Central Park & Celebrities in the Big Apple

New York vacation: The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple or also the largest city in the USA is a dream destination for many people and triggers a real mental cinema: Yellow cabs, impressive skyscrapers and the green Central Park in the middle of the big city. Next to metropolises like Los Angeles and […]

Celebrity Hotspots XXL: Luxury Holidays of the Stars (Mykonos, Bora Bora & Ibiza)

Celebrity hotspots: Where do superstars like Justin Bieber, the Hadid sisters or model mom Heidi Klum vacation? From pompous villas on Lake Como, to stilt houses on Bora Bora, to noble vacation residences on Mykonos. No dollar is too precious for the rich and beautiful to take a break from their stressful daily lives as […]

Los Angeles vacation: sea, city life and celebrities as far as the eye can see

Los Angeles: The City of Angels is primarily known for stars and starlets and the international film industry. But there is much more to discover in Los Angeles. Beautiful beaches, exciting hikes and crazy street artists are waiting for you! Next to metropolises like New York and Miami, Los Angeles is one of the most […]