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Store Opening of Calzedonia x GNTM in Cologne with Rebecca Mir, Xenia and Kadidja

Calzedonia, Rebecca Mir, Xenia and Kadidja were all here in the Cologne Calzedonia store yesterday! On Friday, May 24, 2024, a spectacular event took place on Schildergasse. The occasion was the launch of the new “Germany’s Next Topmodel” campaign, at which GNTM contestants Xenia and Kadidja presented the Italian label’s latest beachwear styles together with […]

“Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” on Hulu: Teaser, Series & Story of KARL

“Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” on Hulu: The teaser is here! Look forward to an exciting journey into the world of fashion with “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld”. Hulu has just released the teaser for the new series, which promises us deep insights into the life and work of fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld. The teaser gives a first taste […]

Karld Lagefeld apartment in Paris sold: The 10 million dollar apartment

Karl Lagerfeld’s apartment has now fetched 10 million US dollars at a Sotheby’s auction. Hard to believe! The auction in Paris started with 5.3 million US dollars. The apartment, the auction, you can find it all here! Karl Who? the cult of Karl Lagerfeld’s living space Anyone who hears “Karl” and immediately thinks of black […]

Karl Lagerfeld: Who was KARL? Designer, Chanel, Interview

If you’re interested in fashion, you’ve probably heard of Karl Lagerfeld. He was a German designer known for his profound influence on the international fashion world. Born in Hamburg on September 10, 1933, he was drawn to Paris, the heart of fashion, at an early age. Karl Lagerfeld died in Paris. Virgine Viard succeeds him […]

Roberto Cavalli dead at 83! His last shows, interviews + documentary

Roberto Cavalli, an icon of the fashion world, has died at the age of 83. I just collected his last shows, interviews + documentary for you. Get to know one of the most amazing designers we had. His life’s work, characterized by unmistakable designs and groundbreaking ideas, will live on in the fashion industry and […]

Supermodel from the slums: Milicia’s journey from slum to fashion icon – Story!

I have to share the story of Maleesha Kharwa with you! The BBC mini-documentary is only 4 minutes long, so I’ve written out the story a little more for you! Germany’s Next Topmodel with Heidi Klum is on right now. Few models are discovered in TV shows, but quite by chance, as rough diamonds on […]