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ZOEVA: Zoe Boikou, Founding Story & Brand Success Cocktail

Make-up brushes? Most people immediately think of ZOEVA. From Ebay to one of the most successful brands in the beauty scene. In this article, you’ll learn all about founder Zoe Boikou’s cocktail of successes and how she managed to make the brand big – be curious! ZOEVA: All about the brand German brand ZOEVA is […]

FIV Issue #31: Metaverse Inside, VR Avatars, Real Estate & AI

The new FIV Issue #31 is here! On the cover: VR Influencers Yuna, Kyra and Sua. These up-and-coming models from the Metaverse are wowing social media with their exciting content. In the new issue, find out more about how they started their careers as virtual influencers and what their experiences have been so far. What […]

Real Estate & AI: Interview with Studio71

In real estate, AI imagery is on the rise. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, algorithms can analyze large amounts of data and interpret the properties of objects and spaces. This can create virtual tours and 3D models that give potential buyers and tenants a realistic idea of the property. In addition, AI images provide […]

Zoe Dvir: VR Avatar, Metaverse, Fashion Show and Future Outlook – Interview

Zoe Dvir – Today we have the honor of interviewing one of the world’s first digital avatars. Zoe is 24 years old and has already participated in some remarkable projects, including the world’s first virtual fashion show, 2021. As a digital avatar, Zoe has set new standards for technology and shown how it can be […]

Imma: Life as a VR Influencer, Japanese Culture and Community Care – Interview

imma – another well-known personality from the Metaverse. She is a virtual influencer who lives in Japan and has a growing fan base there. With her distinctive aesthetic and sense of virtual fashion, she has managed to stand out from other Influencer:ins and create her own identity. In this interview, we’ll get to know imma […]

Ella Stoller: Virtual Model, Future VR, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence – Interview

Ella Stoller – She likes to change her hair color, has a cute Pomeranian as a pet and works as a model in advertising. Among other things, in commercials for Buffalo London. She has also been in commercials for a food delivery brand, she explains real estate. As a digital avatar, Ella has the opportunity […]