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Make money with real estate…? Become a Deal Trader & Tipster – For Beginners

Deal Trader & Tippgeber – You want to earn money with real estate, but you lack the necessary small change to finance it yourself? No problem – deal trading is the solution for you to earn some extra money with real estate knowledge and connections. Deal-Trading simply means a brokerage of real estate. The earning […]

Types of real estate: House, apartment & Co. – Everything you need to know

Property types – The first own property, but in which property type should I invest best? This question is often asked by young investors and this is exactly where we have the answers for you! Whether it’s a house, apartment building, condominium, special real estate or commercial real estate, we have put together a comparison […]

Tax consultant: What does a tax consultant do? Tasks, accounting, tax return, save taxes

Tax consultant tasks – Do I have to hire a tax consultant? What tasks does a tax consultant perform? How much does a tax consultant cost? Here you will find the answers to your questions and much more information about tax advisors in your area, finding a tax advisor, costs, tasks, financial accounting, annual financial […]

Hiring a tax advisor: 3 mistakes! Too much tax, too much advice and costs

Hiring a tax accountant / Mistake – You want to find a good tax accountant near you! Because, you want to avoid risks and dangers, after all, it will cost you cash if you hire the wrong firm for your accounting. Costs for additional processing, advice and service, and of course losses, for example, if […]

House / apartment for sale: No buyers? Valuation, broker, checklist – 15 mistakes

Home & Apartment Selling Mistakes – Need or want to sell your apartment or house? There are many reasons: Career change, new love, a new life. Sometimes a property also comes unexpectedly, for example when selling an inherited property. But what do you do if you live in Munich and inherit a property near Hamburg, […]

Pomeranian / Miniature Spitz: cost, care, hair, size, weight, advantages, disadvantages…. Family?! – the first months

You want to buy your first puppy? Maybe even a small Pomeranian for you or your family? Then you surely have many questions! Here you will find the answers, among others to questions like “how much does a Pomeranian cost?”, “what do you have to look out for in a Dwarf Pomeranian?”, “how much does […]

Buy or build a house? Experiences of builders and experts

Buy or build a house?! – We have a lot to tell you about real estate and your first apartment or house. Today we ask the big question: buy or build? With experiences from builders and experts. We have watched a lot of experience videos and compiled the best ones here in the list for […]

Buying and renting real estate video tips: Profit, calculation and rental contracts

Buying and renting real estate – It’s hard to get started, but with the right recommendations and tips, it’s easy. So that you too can make a smooth start in the world of real estate, we provide you with tips and tricks. From how to prepare to buy your first home, to finding the right […]

Investment Diamond: Carat & Certificate

Diamonds offer protection against inflation, bank failures, stock market crashes and currency reforms. Diamonds are considered the most precious stones in the world. Their processing in precision around diamond cut and light refraction occupies mankind since their first discoveries. But although scientifically and historically a lot of information about diamonds has been brought to light, […]

Investment Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium – Current Price

Gold, silver, platinum & palladium and the current price – here you will find everything about precious metals as an investment. Especially gold is considered the investment form during and outside of crises. The price rises and rises and rises. Gold & Co. are measured per troy ounce, which is approximately 31.1 grams. On the […]

Asset managers: Does private asset management make sense?

Wealth management – Wealth managers help their clients navigate the complex and increasingly digital financial world. Through discussion and trust, the client’s financial situation is analysed in detail, so trust is central to the work we do together. Your personal current circumstances and long-term goals are taken into account during the planning process. In the […]

Capital investment designer fashion: shoes, jackets and expensive bags

Designer fashion as an investment? Shoes, jackets and expensive bags, high fashion is not only conquering the metropolises of this world, more and more investors are also betting on designer pieces. Haute couture is at the top in New York, Dubai but also in Beijing. The leading luxury brands are earning billions. We take a […]

Investment bonds: government bonds, rating and yields

What is a government bond? How safe are government bonds? Government bonds are used to finance government spending, so you lend money to the government when you buy bonds. Individual government bonds are rated by rating agencies. These use certain, generally valid letter codes. As the best grade, the agencies assign a “AAA” (the so-called […]

Investment car: classic cars, sports cars and value appreciation

Cars as an investment – sports cars of the 60s, BMWs from the 70s, American Pony Cars, Mercedes 300 SL and Roadster but also the good old VW “Bulli” as a cult object.Are cars as an investment a lucrative alternative to normal investments? That is the big question. Buying cars without loss of value as […]

Capital investment building society contracts: House purchase, construction and conversion

What is a building society contract? How does a bauspar contract work? When does it make sense to save under a building society contract? Hundreds of thousands of savers dream of owning their own home, their first property, for the return on their investment or for their own retirement provision. Building savings has many triggers, […]

Investment share: buy, sell, ETF and direct bank

Shares are the investment object in many countries, such as the USA. Whereas in countries like Germany, people tend to fall back on traditional savings books and savings deposits. Shares are generally considered risky and speculative. But there are also differences in trading with securities. For example, active investors with individual securities and cautious investors […]