Metaverse: What’s next? Visualization and Construction – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

metaverse, real estate & AI – Today our real estate expert introduces us to the concept of the metaverse, a virtual world that can facilitate collaboration and communication between project stakeholders. It is already possible to buy and own real estate in the metaverse, and it is expected that virtual real estate trading will continue […]

Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence): Today and the future – Interview with Lukinski

Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence) – How is a villa created and how would it be created if artificial intelligence were in play. This interview with Stephan Czaja of Lukinski provides an overview of the steps involved in designing and visualizing villas and their timeline. Architects typically create 3D visualizations to give their clients […]

Automation of Planning & Construction – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Automating design with AI – By leveraging generative design technology and other data sources, building plans can be created automatically, which can result in time and cost savings as well as increased design accuracy. However, it is important to emphasize that the use of AI-based solutions does not replace the role of the architect or […]

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Ajobyajo / Seoul Fashion Week - With its oversized silhouettes…

Greedilous: Geometric patterns with cosmopolitan flair – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

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