Fashion Week Diary! Berlin Backstage

Berlin Fashion Week 2017 Backstage! Join us live at the big designer shows from the runway in Berlin Mitte. Follow us on Instagram and Snapchat for all the updates! We are looking forward to many, new interviews with influencers in the Bloggers Lounge and off the runway with the designers. Monday we start with the Fashion Week Diary!

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Day 1 – Trip to Berlin Fashion Week

Hello dear ones, my name is Iva and I flew to Berlin for you with Soraya for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017. Everything started this morning at 11 o’clock in Cologne. Already at the suitcase check-in it turned out that we had 7 kg excess luggage, which was not to be expected otherwise at the event. After we had rearranged our suitcases and everything was safely stowed in the plane, we were already in the air. One hour later we landed safely and on time in Berlin! Directly at the suitcase check-in we met the first familiar face. Sandra Lambeck, the actress and blogger known from series like ‘Berlin Tag & Nacht’ and ‘Köln 50667’ was actually sitting on the same plane as us.

Outside, icy minus temperatures awaited us, which we had not expected. However, we were able to warm up in our accommodation after long train rides, frequent transfers and what felt like miles of runs with very heavy suitcases. So fast it was already 6pm and we could only eat and fall exhausted on the sofa. Of course we took the time to keep you up to date and cut a video of our arrival for you! We hope you have a lot of fun with it and you continue to follow our exciting week with us!

Day 2 First shows and experiences

Day 1 for us at Fashion Week and it started right at 10am with Dorothee Schuhmacher’s first show. It was at Kaufhaus Jandorf, one of the main venues of Fashion Week this year. At the show, the new trends for this season were on display. From teddy fabrics to mustard yellow colors the designer presented selected pieces of her collection. After about 20 minutes the hustle and bustle was already over and the collected guests left the building. In the middle of the crowd we met Cathy Hummels, wife of famous soccer star Mats Hummels and fashion icon. Directly afterwards we went to the MeCollectors Room to see the show of the designer Brachmann. This was not set up like a normal show. The models stood rigidly on pedestals and changed places every few minutes so everyone could admire all the outfits. It was only a small handful of selected models, including Youtube star Sami Slimani.

The next show was already on the agenda. This time Lena Hoschek, also in the department store Jandorf. This was something completely different compared to the rest ! It started with the audience, already in the lounge before the show you met fancy dressed ladies and gentlemen. Especially the style of the 60s was widespread. From colorful petticoat to the classic Berlin urban street style was all represented. Upon entering the show room, each guest found a goodie bag on their seat with selected items on the theme of Disney and especially Mickey Mouse. From a paperback book to a DVD and a self-produced match tea, everything was there. The show was also about Disney, bright colors and especially the theme of the 60s.

Especially in this show was a very large celebrity emergence to recognize. From Rolf Scheider to Johanna Klum and many bloggers, such as Caroline Einhoff and Farina Opoku was much represented. Also the one or other ex-GNTM candidate was to be met. After the fantastic show we had the privilege to have an interview with Lena Hoschek. The very likeable and humorous woman made us laugh quite often and answered all our questions with enthusiasm. After so much and a long day we were both very tired and decided to take a little break in our accommodation before we went to the aftershow party of Lena Hoschek.

We are looking forward to visit the Fashion Week for you tomorrow and to tell you about it in detail.

See you tomorrow, your Iva and Soraya!

Day 3+4: Illness and the Come Back !

Unfortunately I have to tell you that I had to spend the entire Wednesday with bed rest, because the cold temperatures have hit my tonsils and I was thus plagued by fever and chills could not go to the shows. But Soraya summarized the day for you : Yesterday there were 2 shows. First the one of Rebekka Ruétz and then the one of Maisonnoée. It was again very exciting, but I missed Iva at my side. I had a lot of fun with Rolf Scheider and of course I vlogged the whole day for you. If you are interested in the details of day 3 of the Fashion Week, just have a look here :

Star guests like Rebecca Mir, Massimo Sinató and Rolf Scheider with Ewa Herzog

Day 4 and I’m feeling better, thankfully. The fever is gone, but the pain in the tonsils continues. Despite all that I could not miss the 2 upcoming shows for you to visit. The first show, by Ewa Herzog was mainly about ‘femininity’. Skirts, dresses, flowing fabrics and soft colours were the main part of the design. Now and then there was a piece with elaborate embroidered elements. I personally liked the show very much, a highlight was also Rebecca Mir, who as a well-known top model and presenter presented three outfits – including the fancy closing piece – of the show.

Star guests such as Massimo Sinató and Rolf Scheider were also present. At the second show, you could already tell from the audience that it was going to be something completely different. Many young and unusually dressed people were suddenly in the lounge of the department store Jandorf. When the show started I realized why. Young fashion that was unusual but still sporty and wearable. The designers of the label Steinrohner managed to achieve a big effect by small accents. The show lasted only about 15 minutes, but was very expressive. After these two shows our program for today was already done and we could spend the rest of the day catching up on work that had been left behind.

See you tomorrow, your Iva and Soray

Day 5 – Berlin Fashion Week: The last show

So fast the Fashion Week is already over again. The last day is dawned and there is still a slightly sickly atmosphere in the team. Therefore, we used the free morning with packing suitcases, because tomorrow it goes back to Cologne! In the afternoon we visited the department store Jandorf in Berlin Mitte for the last time for the show of the label Odeur. The Swedish young designers started their portfolio with high quality leather goods and showed today on the Berlin runway a very fancy but still clean collection. The theme ‘black’ ran through all pieces combined with strikingly long bands on sleeves or jackets, which seem to be a trademark of the label. The audience was also very young at this event. Many bloggers were to be met at, who all followed the show with enthusiasm. After the event, the department store Jandorf closed the doors and thus ended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017.

Conclusion: Fashion, Celebrities, Bloggers and Trends in Berlin

I, who visited the Fashion Week as a newcomer, can definitely say that this week is no walk in the park, especially not in spring! The day starts early and ends late, if you go through your planned program you are on your feet for about 12-17 hours a day, it goes from one show to the next, in between the location changes, you have gaps in which there are no shows and you have to keep yourself busy in freezing Berlin, and in the evening it goes straight to the aftershow parties of the designers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible experience to experience all the hustle and bustle, but stress is pre-programmed in any case.

The shows themselves are an experience every time. Each designer plans differently, designs the catwalk and the course of the show individually and of course the collections are not comparable with each other. Funny is also the hustle and bustle around it. We arrived at almost every show in front of the department store and there are photographers, paparazzis or employees of magazines waiting in front of the doors. Quickly you are asked if a few pictures would be ok and you feel like a star for a little moment. After entering the building, the tickets have to be picked up first. In advance the name is put on the lists by e-mail contact. Once you have your tickets you can go to the lounge. There you will find a Jules Mumm bar, where you can get delicious sparkling wine creations for free, a Maybelline booth, where you can get your hair and make-up done by selected make-up artists and a corner of Quickcap, whose employees distribute the company’s products. There’s also plenty of seating, an interview room and a bar with small bites to eat. Before the shows, all the guests gather here and enjoy the benefits provided by the main sponsors of Fashion Week here. On an announcement the guests are then asked to go to the show area.

Here is the runway and all the seats. Mostly the first row, the so-called ‘front row’ is reserved for the crème de la crème, because all those who sit there will be seen on the pictures of the show. Every now and then a normal mortal is lucky enough to be able to sit in this row, for example if there is a free choice of seats, luck or if there is simply a seat free. Often this is the only place to find the ‘goodie bags’ that the designers stock with selected gifts for their guests. The Fashion Week staff, however, help all those who have ‘free beats’, i.e. no fixed assigned seat, to get a seat as well. Usually in rows 2-5, once the show starts the staff ask guests to take their seats and clear the catwalk for the models. The shows all vary in length. From 10-35 minutes, we’ve had it all. After the show, many conversations are held or photos are taken, before everyone goes back to the lounge and the hustle and bustle is already over again.

For me it was an incredible experience to be able to participate in this event. Of course it would have been even better if it wasn’t for the viruses, but still I had my fun and I am very grateful for this chance! I hope you enjoyed my blog about this year’s Fashion Week ! If you want to see more pictures or want to know more about me just have a look here: