Buy your own apartment – procedure, costs, advantages & disadvantages

As soon as you move into your first own apartment, most people say: rent, rent, rent. Every month you go to work many hours to spend most of your time on the next rent, which is due at the beginning of the month. No wonder that many young people become friends with the idea of buying a condominium as soon as possible.

Buy a condo – What to consider?

The purchase of a real estate brings many advantages, but also disadvantages with itself. When the word property comes up, most people first think of the classic single-family home. But condominiums can also be an interesting alternative. If you are thinking about whether it might be useful for you to buy a condo, then you should definitely stick to this article until the end. We not only tell you the advantages and disadvantages of buying a condominium, but also explain the necessary requirements and the procedure.


Before one deals with the prerequisites and the procedure, one usually asks oneself: What are the advantages of buying a property for me? The answer to this question depends on various factors.  If you have previously lived in a rented apartment, then the following advantages arise for you:

1. Money in everyday life & security in old age

If you have saved enough money to buy an apartment, you are exempt from monthly rent payments. That means for you a lot more money a month that you can spend on other things. Whether it’s one or two holidays, restaurant visits or special events, life can be made more varied without rent payments.

If you pay off your condominium in installments, you look forward to the possibility of saving your hard-earned salary and spending it on something else at some point. Usually it is a dream of a lifetime, which should be fulfilled, like a high-quality expensive car, or a holiday home.

It is not uncommon for older people to find themselves in a situation where, after working hard all their lives and finally having time to travel, they do not get enough pension to fulfil their dreams. If they live in a condominium, they are exempt from the rent and can invest their pension in beautiful things.

  • no monthly rental payments
  • More money for beautiful things in life
  • Saving for life’s dream
  • Ageing protection – spending your pension on other things

2. No fear of problems

If you are a tenant of an apartment, you always have to expect that your landlord will register your apartment as personal use. No matter how the situation arises, the notification is often a shock for the current tenants. No wonder, because this notification means stress. As quickly as possible a new rented apartment must be found, which is not only affordable, but also where the location and other criteria are right.

But if you’re the owner, you don’t have to worry about such things. Nobody can kick you out because you alone decide how long you want to stay in your apartment. Even if you decide that you want to emigrate, you can do so, rent your condo and earn money at the same time.

  • No fear of being thrown out by landlords
  • Earn money by renting is possible

3. Freedom of decision

When it comes to the design of a rental apartment, there are often regulations that are determined by the landlord from the outset. Although it is permitted to paint the walls or change the floor coverings, nothing in the building fabric may be changed. So if you want to remove a wall or have something rebuilt, this is not possible without further ado.

However, if it is your property, there are no limits to your creativity. You can design your home the way you like it and feel good about it.

  • Creativity without limits
  • high feel-good factor


Despite the many advantages, it is also important to consider the negative side of buying a condo. Here we have two disadvantages for you, which you should not ignore for your decision.

1. Administrative expenses

An apartment means care. No matter if you move into your apartment yourself or if you decide to rent it out. From now on there is no longer a landlord who is responsible for the maintenance of the apartment. That means you have to take care of everything yourself. If you are a landlord yourself, you must always be approachable for your tenant. For the maintenance of your apartment there are compulsory costs, which you have to pay.

  • Apartment requires maintenance
  • Landlord must be available for tenants

2. Neighbors

A big disadvantage when buying a condo are the neighbors. Of course you can be lucky to have the ideal neighbours who will never disturb you and who will always make you happy to meet you next time. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. If you are unlucky, after buying the apartment, neighbours move in with whom you do not get along well. Unfortunately, there is often no right of co-determination here.

  • No guarantee for pleasant neighbours

Search condominium: Private or real estate?

If you decide to search for a condominium, you must ask yourself important questions beforehand. One of these important questions is whether you want to find your condo privately or hire a real estate agent. Many people reject the idea of hiring a broker immediately because it is assumed that hiring a broker is automatically associated with high costs. In some cases, however, this is a misconception. If you would like to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a broker, we have an interesting article for you.

Costs of purchase

But how do the costs of a condominium actually make up? What are the components of the price you pay for a condominium? There are various factors that influence the purchase price of a home. One of the most important factors is the city. Is it a popular city where many people want to live, or is it an unknown smaller city? The more popular the city, the higher the property price. The location within the city also plays a role. Living right in the city centre close to sights, shops and in the midst of the hustle and bustle tends to be more expensive than an apartment on the outskirts.

Another important factor is the condition of the apartment. When was the last time the apartment renovated, what value-enhancing elements are installed? If there is any damage in the apartment, this will also affect the price. For this reason, it always makes sense to take a close look at the interior of an apartment.

Especially if you decide to live in an apartment on the outskirts of a big city, it is all the more important to have good transport connections. If this is the case and one can be in the city centre with a car within a short time, this also increases the value.  Not everyone who decides to buy a condo also automatically has a car. Not to mention the fact that many people also rely on public transport when their car is broken. A good transport connection also ensures that the value of your property increases.

On the real estate market there are always local prices, at which a real estate price orients itself. Depending on how much similar properties are worth in your area, this will also affect the price. So if you’re looking to buy a condo but don’t have too much money, it might be worth looking in a region that isn’t quite as popular.

As you can see, there are many different factors that affect the price of a property. If you have limited financial resources, you can go through the points and consider which points in the list are not so important to you. If you can compromise with yourself, this could have a positive effect on the property price.

  • City
  • Good transport connections
  • Extended infrastructure
  • Regional property market
  • Condition of the apartment

The financing of a condominium

What are the actual financial models? This question is particularly important for those who want to buy a condo but have not saved enough to pay for it immediately. We have found different financing models for you, so that you can consider whether one of the possibilities is suitable for you.

The most popular cities in Germany

Job or study

Apartments are wanted everywhere. The most popular condominiums are in the major cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. No wonder, because most people would like to live in one of the big cities. Here we have a ranking for you, which describes the 10 most popular cities. The northern German port city of Hamburg is repeatedly regarded as the most popular city in Germany. No wonder that the demand for housing is not necessarily low. Rental properties as well as condominiums are in high demand here. In Hamburg there is not only the beautiful Alster, but also the Speicherstadt and the HafenCity. But why is that so? Why does everyone want to live in the big cities?

Usually it is one of three reasons why you decide to move to one of these cities. One of these reasons is the job or the study. It can happen very quickly. Suddenly a job that is better paid is offered in another city and you are faced with the question: Should I move and leave my hometown? For most, the answer is clear, because a better salary can make a huge difference in life. Suddenly you have money for something you never dreamed of. The money for a second family vacation in the year, for a new car, or also for a monthly attendance in the Kosmetikstudio.

After graduating from high school, almost all graduates feel the same: out of their familiar environment and into a new adventure. Even if for many it is often only a stay abroad that is chosen, others decide to study in a completely different city. What is the best way to become self-employed? Exactly by freeing yourself from your parents and learning to stand on your own two feet. Often it is not only the isolation from one’s parents that makes one move to another city to study, but sometimes the desired course of studies is only offered in another city, so that one is forced to move.


Another reason that is often responsible for a move is love. Many know it, the partner is forced to move to another city because there is a job offer waiting for him. But what is the horror of most partnerships? A long-distance relationship. Very quickly the decision is made and one decides to accompany the partner. The search for a rental apartment or condominium begins and presents most couples with a difficult task. The new life in one of the most popular cities in Germany begins.

New life

Many have had the situation before. Nothing in life goes the way you imagined it would. The job burdens you more and more, old friends turned out to be false friends and in love you are always unlucky. Many then come to the point where they say: A new beginning must come here. Everything that connects one with the old life is replaced, the apartment is terminated, the job is terminated and the contact to old friends and acquaintances is completely broken off. Also for a new beginning one of the most popular cities of Germany is chosen gladly. No matter whether Hamburg or Munich the search for a rented apartment, a condominium or a house is particularly difficult in these cities. It is therefore not uncommon for many people to decide to hire a real estate agent. You will also find out in this article which advantages result from this.

Ranking of the most popular cities:

  1. Hamburg
  2. Dresden
  3. Munich
  4. Lübeck
  5. Freiburg
  6. Berlin
  7. Potsdam
  8. Trier
  9. Weimar
  10. Düsseldorf

Tips: Step by step to the condo

You have weighed the pros and cons sufficiently? Your decision has been made and you want to take the plunge and buy a condo? Then you will now learn the exact procedure so that you can prepare yourself sufficiently.

Since spending a sum on a condominium is not just a matter of time, but an important decision for life, it is important that you prepare sufficiently. You should therefore first become aware of how much money you have available and develop a suitable financing plan. It is advisable to contact a professional, because he can inform you about possible risks.

  • Draw up financing plan

If the result of this consultation is good enough, you can start looking for a suitable property. Now you can make up your mind: Would you prefer to search privately for a property, or would you rather hire a real estate agent?

  • hire a real estate agent
  • Find and check real estate
  • land register entry, payment & object transfer

Art of the apartment – The differences

New building or old building?

If you are looking for an apartment, you should also consider whether it makes more sense to look for an old building or a new one. Do you know the differences between an old and a new building? It is correct that all buildings whose building permit was issued after 30.06.1953 are new buildings. However, there are many other differences. The special features of old buildings are the high rooms, the imposing facades, large windows and wing doors. New buildings, on the other hand, are characterised by a modern design. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages for you, so that you can quickly decide what is more suitable for you.

New construction – Advantages

If you decide to build a new house, you will benefit from the fact that you will have to pay low ancillary living costs because the thermal insulation is greatly improved. In general, it can be said that the latest technologies are usually used for a new building. If you decide to have a property rebuilt, you have the possibility to incorporate your own wishes into the design.

old building – advantages

You will notice one of the biggest advantages of an old building as soon as you enter such a building. An old building with a beautiful facade can enchant. You enter such an apartment and the ceiling is very high in contrast to new buildings. A high ceiling combined with an imposing chandelier can look like a small castle. Even if you are not interested in making your old building apartment imposing, there are many other possibilities to use an old building apartment. Since the ceiling is so high, most rooms are particularly suitable for special bunk beds.

Does a property make sense as a capital investment?

Property as a capital investment – Many people come to the point at some point in their lives where they wonder whether it might make sense to invest in a property. As a layman it is sometimes quite difficult to find your way around the topics of real estate. We have interviewed an expert for you to answer all your open questions.

Interview with real estate expert Jan Rickel from IHV – Die Immobilien Makler.

Is real estate a sensible capital investment?

Nobody will be surprised that I, as a broker, answer this question with a clear “yes”. But it depends on the reason! When buying real estate as a capital investment – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a house, a plot of land or an apartment – everyone likes to talk about “concrete gold”. There is a reason for this: real estate has indeed grown steadily in value over the past years and decades. Generally speaking, anyway. As with gold, you also have to endure times with worse performance or even a downward trend in real estate.

FIV: Then I’d rather invest in gold right away. After all, do I never have to “renovate” gold or worry about tenant issues?

At first glance, that is correct. But at a second glance it quickly becomes clear: if you do your real estate right, you can achieve gains in value in periods and heights that gold investors only dream of. I’m talking about the “leverage effect” of buying real estate. In short: The capital used for the purchase experiences already after ten years with sales of the real estate a value increase in the tidy two to three-digit range. No gold in the world can do that!

No gold in the world can do that!

However, with gold it doesn’t matter where it is located – the main thing is a secure safe at a bank. With a real estate it is not indifferent. In addition to the state of construction, the location plays a decisive role in value development.

invest money in Frankfurt & Rhine-Main area

FIV: What does that look like in the Rhine-Main area? Which regions are in demand?

The Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Mainz area is known to be at the top of the scale when it comes to demand for real estate. You only have to drive on the relevant motorways once in the morning and after work to know that many people work and live here. The urban agglomeration is interesting for many people to shorten the distances to work.

But of course there are also differences in the intensity of demand and thus in the development of prices. It is really expensive wherever people have good connections to buses, trains and roads. The Rhine rail to Bingen, for example, is therefore very good, or the surrounding area from Frankfurt to Butzbach, Hanau etc..

Real estate as a capital investment fits perfectly into these locations of the Rhine-Main area!

However, the locations in the Middle Rhine Valley or in the rear Main-Taunus district are a little less good. There, real estate is sold rather than bought. Basically, the purchase prices decrease with the distance to the large centers. This is interesting for investors because although the purchase prices for real estate in the periphery are often lower, the rental income to be achieved is not. This has a noticeably positive effect on the yield of the property.

Brexit and real estate prices?

Question: Do you think that Brexit plays a role in real estate prices in the Rhine-Main area?

Yes! I’m sure of it!! Since the decision to resign was made, many companies have relocated their headquarters to continental Europe. Frankfurt is one of the first addresses in the world for banking and financial services, so that some companies from this sector have already come to Frankfurt. Others will follow. Compared to the rents and purchase prices in London and the surrounding area, our prices seem rather moderate to the bankers.

Which areas in the Rhine-Main area benefit from the influx of exiled Brexit victims, however, cannot be said so clearly. For example, even greater pressure on the housing market was predicted for the inner city of Frankfurt than it already is. However, this has not happened so far. Many prospective customers are now looking for a house or apartment in the surrounding area. The Rhine-Main conurbation is much more manageable in its dimensions than Greater London. The journey by train or car to work in Frankfurt is obviously acceptable for many prospective buyers. Real estate buyers in more distant areas can also profit from this development. The corresponding properties and locations only have to be professionally marketed to the target group of interested parties. The Rhine-Main area is becoming more and more expensive, so that locations that were considered moderate yesterday are interesting today as capital investments. This includes Rheinhessen, for example.

3 tips for investing in real estate

Question: What three tips would you give our readers if they wanted to buy a property as an investment?

  • Tip 1: Have the courage to get money from the bank for buying a property as an investment.
  • Tip 2: For the beginning tut´s also ne chic 2-Zimmer-Wohnung in desired situation, in order to enter into the plant business with real estates.
  • Tip 3: When buying, also listen to your “gut feeling” and not only to the advertising slogans of the realtor.

Question: How high are the real estate prices in Frankfurt and the surrounding area? Which parts of the city are currently particularly in demand among buyers and investors?

The prices for real estates are usually indicated gladly per square meter. In Frankfurt they are between € 3,500 and around € 8,000 for existing properties and between € 5,000 and over € 11,000 for new buildings. Now I have also looked at apartments and houses together. You can get a good first overview from the page

square meter price between 3,500 and 8,000 Euro in inventory

square meter price between 5.000 and 11.000 Euro for new building

How high the price is then really, decides not only on the age of the property. The state of refurbishment, equipment, location in relation to public facilities and local suppliers also play a decisive role. As mentioned above, the accessibility of public transport and good roads is also very important with regard to the purchase price.

Which districts – not only in Frankfurt – are particularly in demand depends on many local conditions. In addition, the ranking of “in districts” is very variable. Who would have thought in Frankfurt that the Ostend would one day become a really sought-after district? Before the decision to rebuild the ECB (European Central Bank) there, the Ostend was almost like the city’s dump. This has now changed and an end to the positive development for Ostend is not in sight.

Sure. Bockenheim, Westend and Sachsenhausen are still the first choice for Frankfurt. The Gallus district has also done the right thing.

Wherever, for example, old industrial plants are turned into versatile quarter complexes with cultural and shopping facilities, where industrial wastelands are built over with well thought-out new buildings, a district becomes a preferred place to live and thus also a lucrative investment location for real estate buyers.

New building in good location – what do you say?

Question: If I now invest in a new building in a very good location, am I on the safe side?

There gibt´s from me a clear “Jain”! A yes because with a properly executed new building there is first of all peace and quiet before renovation work. Perhaps also because for the tenant, whom I want to win as an investor, a new building usually seems more attractive than moving into an existing property.

The NO, for example, applies to the fact that the investment in new buildings is usually significantly higher than in existing properties. Then the rent to be achieved must be so much higher that my yield from the rental income is so high with existing properties. The real estate as capital investment is not only interesting because of the regular rental income. Ultimately, the return is achieved when I sell the property again sometime. In good locations, the value of the object will then continue to rise. However, anyone who has already made a very high price entry when buying a new building must experience a stable and very steep performance in order to make the investment work.

The purchase of an existing property – naturally also in a correspondingly good location – can function much better and safer as an investment. You have to calculate all this with your banker, but also with a qualified broker.

Should you sell your property now?

Question: Conversely, do sellers benefit from the current trend?

But absolutely! Because everything I said from the perspective of the buyer also applies to the seller. Above all, of course, with regard to the selling price to be achieved. But watch out! There are initial signs that the upward price spiral is slowing down. Some are already warning of a real estate bubble. Because in the past years with the favorable interest rates and the strong interest in real estates it showed up also that for houses and dwellings partly genuine fantasy prices are called. Many a salesman thinks he can now do the business of his life.

But after all: especially if you want to sell your property quickly or even have to – for example in the event of death, insolvency or something like that, the seller today still achieves significantly higher prices than a few years ago.

However, I would really warn against assuming that the upward trend in prices will continue in the distant future. And even if real estate prices continue to rise, interest rates will eventually become more expensive again. Then many will shy away from buying a property and the market will cool down.

Price development for real estate and square meters

Question: What are the prices like in the so-called bacon belt of Frankfurt? How have demand and real estate prices developed?

The so-called “Speckgürtel” now stretches from Frankfurt far west towards the Rhine, north to the Giessen area. In the east geht´s to about Gelnhausen in the Main-Kinzig district and in the south far down the Bergstrasse.

The closer area around Frankfurt is still everything in the front Taunus from Hofheim to Bad Homburg. But Friedberg can also be counted among them. I recommend that you just take the S-Bahn ticket with the terminal stops. This gives a reasonably suitable radius for the narrower bacon belt around Frankfurt. Since the demand here is correspondingly high and the connections to the center are good, the real estate prices in the surrounding area unfortunately often play in the same league as in the city center.

Last question on that: If you have the money, you should buy in 2019 or not?

Even if you don’t have the money, you can still think about buying! Nobody expects the purchase price to be paid completely out of equity and if possible in cash. In most cases, a little money of one’s own in relation to the total price is sufficient as equity capital. In addition, the banks currently still offer attractive interest rates! That’s the beauty of capital accumulation with real estate: you don’t have to bring a fortune with you, you can earn it with real estate!

Thank you very much for the interview!

Interview with real estate expert Jan Rickel from IHV – Die Immobilien Makler.

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Saving electricity when cooking and baking: refrigerator to pressure cooker – Kitchen tips

Cooking and baking, everybody loves it! But in the end it also consumes electricity. The more expensive the electricity price becomes, the more worthwhile it is to pay attention to energy efficiency when cooking and baking. Because even small things can achieve extremely high savings over the days, weeks, months and years. Today we looked at all the small household tips to save electricity efficiently. Saving electricity means saving money and ultimately having more on your bank account for your new handbag, your new pair of shoes or your holiday!

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3 Favourite tips from the editorial staff on saving electricity

Before we get into the big world of cooking and baking, here are our three favourite tips that can be easily integrated into everyday life as small life hacks.

Watch out for the filling quantity in the kettle

Each standardized kettle almost a quantity of 1.5 to 2 liters. They always fill their kettle completely. But the rule is that you prepare the water for a cup of tea. Of course it is often stressful in everyday life and you don’t necessarily think about the filling quantity of your own kettle. The heating of a quantity of water, e.g. 1.4 litres in relation to the filling quantity of a cup of 0.2 litres, takes a little more than seven times as long. The actual purpose of having boiling water for making tea for a small cup of 0.2 l was 7 times as much energy as we would have needed. Of course this doesn’t sound so much for a cup of tea, but if you extrapolate the cups to the year, you can already save a few euros. Another small step to be able to treat yourself to a nice holiday at the end of the year. Families who need the kettle more often or even offices where the kettle is constantly in use can save a lot of money by saving electricity through the filling quantity of the kettle.

Therefore, before filling the kettle, always be sure to think about the amount of water you really need. This not only saves you money but also time! Not only does it take 7 times as much energy to completely fill a kettle, it also takes 7 times as long. If you follow these energy-saving tips so consistently, you will not only have more money for your holiday at the end of the year, but also more time! Little tips make so much difference, if we all join in, we’ll make a difference!

Toaster instead of oven

One of my favorite tips for saving electricity, right to the beginning! Use the toaster instead of the oven, think about small alternative ideas. Let’s start with a simple one at Sperren, the bread roll for breakfast in the single household. No matter whether one roll or two rolls, many use the oven. You can warm up rolls from the baker, e.g. from the day before, perfectly with the toaster, so that it is like fresh from the oven! With the bread roll attachment, which is already integrated in most toasters and can be raised by simply pressing a button, you can not only make breakfast rolls but much more! Many, when we are in the single household, still have a piece of pizza left from the day before. Instead of eating it cold or throwing it in the oven, use the roll top. So the pizza is heated from below like in a stone oven, so that the pizza has almost the same flavour as from the oven. You also save on preheating the oven, our next tip for saving electricity!

Microwave for small dishes

My favorite tip number one is as simple as ingenious, microwave instead of oven and stove! Instead of turning on the oven or stove, you should always warm up small dishes in the microwave. This not only saves energy when cooking, but also when washing up!

Bake without preheating – cook with residual heat

Every pizza pack says, “Preheat the oven. Do you really have to? Preheating the oven has no real advantages. The only thing it brings with it is a higher electricity bill. Because if you put your oven 10 or 15 minutes in front of your neck, you could have already put all your energy into your pizza. As simple as that may sound, preheating the oven means that a lot of energy is lost.

This guy is as simple as he is short and practical. No matter what you want to prepare in the oven, put the dish in the oven as soon as it starts, the energy is transferred directly and you save time, electricity and money!

Electric or gas operation?

With the stove, gas operation is cheaper than electric operation. This is due to the favourable gas price. The stove is quite different, here the electric stove is much cheaper than a gas operated one still open. But there are also big differences in electrical appliances.

As you already know, if you have an integrated circulating air function, you will save up to 30% energy compared to the classic top / bottom heat oven.

After baking, we now come to cooking, our biggest everyday problem when it comes to wasting energy. From the open lid to the 5 litre pot for a single portion of spaghetti Bolognese.

Save energy when cooking:

Use smallest possible pot

The first and easiest tip when cooking is to use the smallest possible pot. Especially with pasta water, many like to use a large pot, the pasta then floats right at the bottom and above it are 30 cm of water. This 30 cm of water is a complete waste, it would be enough if the noodles were covered with 2.3 cm of water. Anything extra in the pot wastes energy. Not only when cooking, but also when sauteing meat, for example, in a pot. The larger the pot, the more area there is on which the energy can be distributed. If the surface area is then only 20% covered with meat, the heat is lost to 80% of the surface area.

Our first tip about cooking is therefore to always grab the smallest possible pot in your kitchen!

Place pot on matching plate

Of course, most of the energy is only lost when it does not even reach the pot or the pan. This is because the pot is too small for the respective hob or because the pot slips on the hob. The energy then flies freely into space, it is neither given to our food nor to our pot. Calculated on the days, weeks, months and years, a very large energy factor, which simply and proverbially disappears in the air.

  • Make sure that the pot is well positioned so that no energy is lost
  • Make sure the pot is equal to or slightly larger than the hotplate

Switch off hotplate before

If your lunch menu takes 20 minutes to cook, you don’t have to leave the hob running for another 20 minutes. Because there is often so much residual heat and energy in the hotplate that you can easily switch it off a few minutes beforehand. The hotplate then transmits so much energy to the pot and pan that it can be loosely fried and cooked for a few more minutes. And again you save a lot of time at the same time! If you want to clean up quickly afterwards, you can do so much faster at the cooker and hotplates, because they shorten faster. Another advantage when it comes to saving electricity.

Cooking with lid

In everyday life, things often have to go quickly, including cooking, of course. While you’re putting on the pasta water, you don’t always think about using a lid. A lot of the heat energy is lost upwards if no lid is used. Heat always has the natural property of migrating in a colder environment. Due to the migration of heat, it doesn’t take any longer for a dish to boil, the current must be turned upwards accordingly. As with many energy saving tips, it is not only practical to save one or the other euro, you also save a lot of time over the long term.

glass lids save lifting during cooking

Like the open refrigerator door or the pot that is too small for the cooking surface, removing the lid during cooking is also a constant loss of energy. If you are about to buy a new lid for your pot and pan, you should make sure that it is a glass ceiling. On the one hand you save energy again and on the other hand, I can tell you from personal experience, cooking is easier! Even if your hands are dirty at times, e.g. when kneading dough or making the crispy breading around the fish, with a quick glance you immediately have pots and pans in view. I don’t have to lift the lid all the time and can also check a single pot every few seconds without having to open and close the lid all the time. A great invention and my absolute tip for cooking!

Tip! Pressure cooker save 50% energy

Have you ever heard of a pressure cooker? In a pressure cooker, the top and bottom of the pot are closed so tightly that excess pressure is created. This overpressure ensures that dishes cook even faster. So you can directly get a little more time and of course energy in the household.

Of course we have also tested here diligently at home and this is our test winner among the pressure cookers of the price-performance ratio.

WMF Perfect pressure cooker, 4.5 l – test winner

Incredible 245 customer reviews speak for themselves. The WMF (our test winner) Prefect is the absolute bestseller when it comes to fast food. Because with this pressure cooker you can not only reduce the cooking time, but also save a lot of money and energy. With the WMF Perfect, you can conjure up a thousand tasty recipes in the twinkling of an eye, for vegans, vegatarians but also for meat lovers. With stews, tasty roasts or steamed vegetables, as tasty as from the Asians around the corner. No matter whether Asian recipes or the good, old and traditional German cuisine, with the WMF every menu will simply succeed.

  • Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 stars at 245 ratings (Amazon)
  • Contents: 1x pressure cooker without basket insert (4.5 litre volume and diameter 22 cm; and height 13.5 cm) with lid and sealing ring
  • Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10, polished – dishwasher-safe
    Important: sealing ring and removable lid handle not dishwasher safe.
  • suitable for all types of stoves – also for induction
  • The manufacturer’s warranty: 3 years
  • Only 79,99 Euro
  • To the offer

Which is the best pressure cooker? Read here our big Test: Pressure cooker.

Select energy saving refrigerator

The old fridge is still doing it! Many think so, but forget how much money can be saved by an energy-saving refrigerator Refrigerators are one of the most energy-intensive appliances when it comes to private households. Because they run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Many kilowatt-hours, especially with older devices, go up in smoke. That’s why one of our most valuable tips on saving electricity and money is to always opt for an energy-efficient refrigerator. In the electronics market around the corner but also at online retailers like Amazon there are many good offers.

Right, your fridge needs disposal, too. Practically, you can return your old fridge directly to many electronics stores. In a constant you also have always a recycling yard nearby, which recycles the old material. Send a fridge when you are no longer of the latest generation, then the comparison and of course the change is worthwhile.

Quick close refrigerator door

While we are on the subject of the refrigerator – it is not only the energy efficiency of the refrigerator that is decisive for electricity consumption, the closing of the refrigerator door also makes a big difference when it comes to the annual billing of electricity. It happens to me every evening when I leave some fruit for muesli cutting and the door open, because I think I have to put something in and something out anyway. Wrong! The longer I leave the door open, the more power I lose. Some products are warmed up, depending on how long I leave the fridge open, this can make its on a pudding a little less appetizing. As a rule, however, the refrigerator door does not remain open for three or four minutes, but only for 30 or 40 seconds. A lot of energy is still lost, which must first be rebuilt.

A small step with a lot of effect!

defrost refrigerator and freezer

The thicker the ice layer, the more difficult it is for the cooling unit to draw energy from the inside of the refrigerator. This effect makes the refrigerator and freezer really cold.

Anyone who still has an older model at home or who opens and closes the door more often so that condensation can form, will sooner or later have to struggle with four ice creams in the refrigerator or freezer. The ice forms at the back of the refrigerator, where the heat is extracted in the refrigerator. A thick layer of ice gradually settles on the cooling unit. In the freezer the ice collects everywhere, left, right, up, down and of course also on the back wall. The more that has formed that you become more difficult for the cooling unit. Besides, you’ve got a lot less room!

The regular defrosting of the fridge is therefore always an intelligent idea, you save electricity and have more space in the fridge! It comes even better, because it also helps with nutrition. By defrosting the fridge, you will have to think a few days in advance about what food you still have to consume. Because defrosting the refrigerator takes time, so much time that frozen products, for example, Uptown. That’s why you have to empty the fridge, the freezer too. This makes it clear which food you have hoarded, but also which food has never been touched and what you can perhaps do without the next time you shop. Defrosting the fridge and freezer is therefore not only a practical tip for saving money, you are also more aware of your diet.

Half pressure water tap

When washing vegetables or dishes, you are quickly exposed to the danger of letting the tap run at full pressure for the entire time. This consumes a lot of energy, not only through the pump, which has to push the water upwards, but also through the provision of new water for the network, which means that the ecological CO2 footprint increases not only in the company’s own house, but also in the entire supply chain around the water balance. If you turn on the tap at half the pressure, you will save a lot of water, valuable resources and of course electricity.

Although the appearance of the faucet is only a relatively small step, it accompanies us through the entire everyday life. From brushing your teeth in the bathroom in the morning to washing dishes at breakfast. The day hasn’t even started yet. Later at work, it continues. The single fork is washed with the large water jet, as are the hands on the toilet. The water is always at full pressure and the pumps run with it. This costs a lot of energy, and in the end all co-owners pay for it through rent! The economy at the tap pays off in the end, however, also at the own purse. Not only electricity consumption is lower, but also water consumption and thus the final settlement of ancillary costs at the end of the year. Cash money that I can invest much better in a vacation!

Ventilation after cooking small lamp city flash lighting

At the end of our tips for saving electricity we want to come back to the cosiness of the kitchen! Imagine we are in a small restaurant in Bella Italia, with candles all around us. A few small light bulbs light up the room. Why not give up a little light when you’re cooking? It does not always have to be the full lighting, sometimes it is worthwhile to install economical LED lamps above the hob. Such LED lamps can also be activated by remote controls. So that, for example, you can activate the light immediately when you enter the kitchen. As a rule, cooking requires only a view of the hob and worktop anyway. The rest of the room plays no role at the moment of cooking, while one cuts, snips, flames and blanches, usually. That’s why it’s worth thinking about installing economical LED lamps above your own kitchenette. This way you can not only create a cozy cooking ambience but also save money!


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To model! Q & A about becoming a model: you have to know that!

Becoming a Model – We are always back at the Fashion Week, meet models and influencers and also get some questions in the editorial. We wanted to collect some for you now and answer here. For models who are looking for a model agency, a great opportunity to answer the most important questions in advance.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

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Key questions

  • Annual costs for a modeling agency?
  • Can I become a model with 164cm?
  • Am I old enough to model at the age of 14?
  • Is Instagram worthwhile as an older model?
  • How much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?
  • How many followers do you need to be an influencer?
  • Is it easier than a male or female blogger?
  • At what age is it best to start with Instagram?
  • Next: Scouting via Instagram hashtags, it’s worth it?

Annual costs for a modeling agency?

Question: I was posted on Instagram last week by a modeling agency that wants to take me to the agency. Now she has sent me a contract and it states that every year I have to pay 500 € membership. Now I wanted to ask you once, do you think that this is a serious offer? I really do not know about that and would like to model and make jobs as a model.

Hello! Reputable and big modeling agencies do not want to have any money from you. Good agencies want to earn money with you! They invest in you, your career and in your modeling portfolio with photographers’ test shootings from their network. First, you should always check the seriousness of the model agency, z.b. on the website. Here you can see which models the agency represents or how professional they are. But you can also look in the blog which customers the model agency serves or which jobs it has currently made. As a result, you can at least look at a few criteria that show whether the agency works well. Of course you can also see a lot from Instagram, you can buy likes, but you can see if many people are interacting with the pictures or videos.

I would always invite a reputable agency for an interview, so she can see you live and take your measurements, of course, so that she can get to know you personally. So before you commit to an agency, be sure to look it up so you know what you’re getting into. I hope we have been able to help you a bit and wish you a lot of success on your way to becoming a model!

Can I become a model with 164cm?

Question: Hello dear FIV team. You hear everywhere that you have to be pretty tall as a model, unfortunately I’m only 165cm tall, can I become a model or am I too small? Other models like Kate Moss have made it though they do not have the ideal size and minimum size! I would very much appreciate an honest answer from you!

Basically, there is a minimum size of 174 or 175 cm for women, in America about 9’8 ” for the international model market. Of course, depending on the city, the measurements are a bit stricter and more accurate. In Paris, London, New York or Milan, you need loosely 177 or 178 cm, in America 9’9.5 ” and that with a dress size of 34 to a maximum of 36. Your hip should not be greater than 90 cm and ideally he 88 cm. With these measurements, you have the biggest chance of earning your money as a model so that you can live off the job and not just do it part-time.

Of course, as a smaller model, chances are, have a look here in this post, we talked about people agencies and your chances to earn money in this agency area.

Am I old enough to model at the age of 14?

Hello my name is Jennifer and I’m from Toronto. I always wanted to be a model. Now I wanted to ask you once before I apply, is it worth to go to an agency at the age of 14?

Good evening! In principle, it pays off in any case if you already start modeling at an agency at the age of 14. Why is easy, in addition to the school and the many homework that you have or the exams, there is little time left. But you can invest this time to prepare yourself as a model. Because before you can work well as a model, you need of course photo shoots with photographers. Of course, you will start working with smaller photographers or photographers who are still at the beginning of their careers. But if you are in an established modeling agency status, you can of course build up much faster. It is not necessarily about earning a lot of money right at the beginning, but first gaining experience.

As I said, it does not depend on the money! As a student, you have relatively little time and therefore can not do many jobs. Because many jobs require you to travel. Of course, travel is always associated with additional time. So a one-day shooting with trip, can take three days directly. If you miss school for 3 days several times a month, you will not be able to keep up with the material. That’s why at the age of 14, you should definitely focus on school! But you can already take the first step into an agency, just apply and send some pictures of yourself. It’s easy.

Explained here briefly, I present in daylight in front of a white wall or against a flat background, so that nothing distracts from you. Take a black jeans and a white shirt or a top. If you want to model as a woman, you should also wear high heels. Then you ask a friend or your parents to quickly take two or three photos with their cell phones. Look at the camera head-on and make a portrait. For the second photo, your friend or your parents goes back a bit and takes a full body photo of you. These two pictures you send to model agencies with a short text that you would like to advertise. In addition you still send:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your full name
  • Your current place of residence
  • In the attachment of the e-mail you put your photos

Of course you can also be scouted on Instagram today! Here’s a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram in America from Los Angeles to New York: Instagram hashtags for models.

Next: Is Instagram worthwhile as an older model?

Question: Good evening, I just came to your website through a search engine and discovered your questions and answers and wanted to ask something myself. I have been working as a model for many years and not full-time but sometimes for small photo shoots. I’m not a classic model now but also as Curvy, I’m 35 years old, you can still do well by the side for small fashion labels for work! In any case, I notice that more and more talk about Instagram and how many followers one has, now I wanted to ask once is it worth having an Instagram channel for me? Do I get any more customers or how does it work? I also have no idea about the whole thing and would be very happy about some tips because I already have quite a lot of photos and also like to take pictures and in any case could imagine that I win a few fans on Instagram but just do not know how and if that is worthwhile for me at the time, I do not do it full-time but would still like to do something. I would be very happy if you answer me!

Good morning and thank you for your question! Instagram and social media is really important for models today, especially when it comes to young models. If you still have 10,000 fans, for example, see a photo of the shoot or even a later, finished photo of the campaign, then it is of course a huge advantage for the fashion brand. What is an advantage for the fashion brand, may then be an advantage for you! But let’s just take your question apart, in principle yes, Instagram is also worth 35 years. Why? The users on Instagram are getting older, while in the past, especially the younger people were traveling here, from 14 to 18 years, today are many with 30, 35 here. They also like to get inspiration for their everyday life or want to follow their stars, no matter if they are musicians, actors or even models. But building another successful Instagram channel is another job.

How can you build yourself a successful Instagram channel? Above all, it is important that you post regularly. As a model you already have the advantages that you regularly get new footage. Of course, you also know photographers with whom you can take new photos. You also have an eye for aesthetics because you have to deal with it independently. That’s three real benefits that you can use as a model to build on Instagram reach. Of course, what always works is sex appeal. Whether as a man or as a woman, who shows a little skin, usually wins faster fans. This can be z.b. in the picture selection. In addition, you should post regularly, at least once a day in your timeline and of course a few stories. What did you do this morning, where was your lunch today, what was your shoot and where are you going out tonight? Because these are questions and answers that fans are interested in. If you deliver content regularly, you will get used to retrieving content from you. As well as a good series on Netflix.

The last tip I can give you spontaneously is patience! Just as you build your career step by step as a model, you build up your Instagram channel step by step, improving yourself every day. If you stick with it long enough, be diligent, show commitment, you’ll bring it to reach.

I hope our tips could help a bit and that you will soon start with Instagram! Good luck and if you have any questions, write us!

How much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?

In short, how much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?

Of course the exact answer is extremely difficult to give! For some, of course, the “VIP status” is added, z.b. if he or she is better known through other jobs as well as music or drama. In principle, however, the value of the range can be roughly determined, since the calculation of advertising costs is usually calculated in relation to the persons reached. So if you reach 100,000 people through an ad in a fashion magazine and that costs $ 5,000, the equivalent on Instagram is easy to calculate or compare, if you reach just 100,000 people. Important: The value is not equal, because print media (for example) offer more space and with a whole A4 page, many people will read the information (advertising) as well. On Instagram, many products are only “casually” placed and are of little value.

With this range of data and other variables, as well as the rate of interaction, that is, the amount of likes and comments that are given on an average image, the price, or the money, that you earn as a blogger is calculated.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

In short, how many followers do you need to be an influencer?

The exact number varies depending on the area or topic that you are dedicated to as a blogger. If you cover a very specific topic, eg. Clothes for little Pomeranians (sweet dogs), then already enough 2,000 people. If you’re on a popular topic, as well as fashion in general, eg. Sunglasses or stylish clothes, then you need more. To be interesting and get clothes for free, you need at least 5,000 fans. If you really want to earn money with your Instagram channel, then you need 20,000 to 50,000 fans. It is really profitable only from 100,000 followers.

Is it easier as a male or female blogger?

In short, is it easier as a male or female blogger?

As you’ve probably already seen, there are extremely many female bloggers on Instagram. Finding male bloggers is not that easy. As in the modeling world, more and more young girls are interested in this profession. Many boys often come here by chance or through their girlfriend. So, if you start as a male blogger, you can quickly build a big community if you’re diligent.

At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

In a nutshell: At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

Ideally, of course, you start as early as possible. Of course, you should always look to see if you are the “right guy” and become a blogger. Because ultimately you give a lot of private price. However, if you start at the age of 13 or 14, you build up your reach relatively early, which you can use extremely well over the remaining months and years. Those who work hard on blogging build their own community. If you have your own community on Instagram or in other social networks, you are valuable as an influencer.



Make Money on Instagram: This is the worth of your account!

Are you a blogger and have you built yourself a strong reach? If you want to use your community now to earn some advertising on Instagram to make your channel even better, there is now a super handy tool that lets you now calculate your own Instagram value online for free. Thanks to the social analytics software, everyone can now analyze their Instagram profile data. The evaluation here in our price calculator is kept small, so especially young bloggers have a quick overview. With a screenshot you can easily insert the statistics in your offer. With the price forecast you can either justify your own price or the other way around, as an agency or company to influencers. Calculate your Instagram value for free now!

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The Instagram value calculator: So much you can at least demand!

Depending on the level of awareness and, of course, the more cross-network activities you do, the more you value. Basically, however, customers always book reach or target groups. This is defined and comparable by the TKP (Thousand Contact Price) in the advertising industry. An advertising agency will always look at how much you “cost” compared to another advertising campaign. A small example:

  • Advertising ad in the fashion magazine reaches 100,000 people for 10,000 euros. If you want to reach 1,000 people, they cost 100 euros.
  • You reach 100,000 people and write in the offer 1,000 euros. Thus, the agency reaches 1,000 people for only 10 euros.
    This gives you chances to be booked for the job.


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Top 10: The most expensive handbags in the world from Chanel, Fendi to Hermes

Handbags are the absolute dream of every woman. Whether big, small, with or without handle – numerous models make the female heart beat faster. In the following ranking we have listed for you the best, most luxurious and expensive handbags in the world. If you want to know more about fashion trends and labels, then check out the best shoe labels, most expensive jeans labels and the most popular handbags in the world.

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1. Chanel – The classic for the woman of the world

One of the most expensive handbags in the world was made by the classic fashion label Chanel.

2. Fendi handbag for incredible $ 28,000

For $ 28,000 you can buy this Fendi bag.

3. Hermes launches with bags at $ 120,000 to $ 210 million

4. Hilde Palladino for pure luxury on the wrist!

5. Lana Marks bags and clutches for $ 100,000

6. Louis Vuitton $2,000 – $25.9 billion

7. Marc Jacobs $50,000

8. Mouawad $3.8 million

For incredible $ 3.8 million you can buy the diamond-studded bags from Mouawad.

9. Prada

Ein von Prada (@prada) gepostetes Video am

10. Judith Leiber $90,000 – $1 Mio

The handbags designed by Judith Leiber cost between 90,000 and 1 million US dollars in extravagant designs.

Ein von Mark (@saksandbags) gepostetes Foto am

Here are a few tips on how to keep your handbag tidy!

Luxury on Instagram! What is currently going on at IG?


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Luxury | Travel | Wealth

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Luxury Fashion Travel Art Food

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Pilar Tarrau

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Lualdo Nettuno

More about @mastrogeppettovintage

Sabrina Ferrara

More about @chihuahuaboutique

Anna Sanecka-Klimczak??

More about @annasanecka


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Instagram Money Calculator – Check Your Sponsored Posting Worth Free!

Your are a blogger and you have you built a strong reach by yourself? If you want to use your community to earn some money on Instagram, to make your channel even better, there is a super new  tool Read more

Luxury Ranking – Watches, Dream Travel & Fashion Trends

Luxury? As an editor, I meet influencers, models and sometimes stars in the men’s blog to talk to you about trends and fashion. As a man, you’re always a bit of a nerd. Today I wanted to find out what ‘Germany’ is looking for when it comes to luxury. Everyone wants to escape from everyday life. Preferably on white Caribbean beaches, with a luxurious yacht or only once with the private jet to New York – why not !? At work or at home, sitting comfortably on the sofa, we then look on Youtube and Google, what the luxury world would have to offer for us. But, what is Germany looking for? Our luxury ranking! And if you want to know more about luxury, have a look here.

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Top search terms in connection with luxury

Luxury watches for men and women as a status symbol

Luxury watches for men and women are the absolute top keyword when it comes to luxury. Manufacturers and manufactories are available all over the world. Watches made in Switzerland, for example, are especially prized. Whether rarities or new production – luxury watches rarely lose value and are therefore for many people as an investment an interesting speculative object.

Luxury & luxury items inspire super rich and ‘normal’

In terms of luxury there are no compromises. If you are looking for luxury, you will always expect excellent preparation, regardless of whether it’s the staff, the planning or the event / product / etc. per se. If you are looking for luxury, you are ready to invest many for these things. Luxury is prestige and therefore always a benevolent sign, luxury should do good! Luxury should and distract from everyday life and let the soul “dangle”. Anyone who can afford it can always expect the best of the best. Therefore, many trust good recommendations when it comes to luxury things. Because who likes to buy the cat in a poke? Nobody. That’s why it’s so important for luxury brands to maintain their own reputation and always offer more than the other brands do.

Luxury brands in Italy, USA & Co.

The world of brands is so diverse that hardly anyone knows everyone. It’s a little different in the luxury industry. There are only a few who understand how to turn exclusive ideas into a brand. In addition to the many well-known luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada or Dior, there are also many brands that are known only to absolute connoisseurs.

Luxury real estate and luxury homes of the super rich

Living like the super rich? Many have this dream. Anyone who has ever seen the luxury villa of a VIP knows how impressive real estate can be. Special experiences in multi-storey houses (without separations) show how exclusive houses can be built. Luxurious properties can be found especially in the big cities and in exclusive, remote locations. Here, VIPs and celebrities find time to recover from exhausting jobs and meetings. There are VIPs on beaches worldwide. For example, quiet islands in the Bahamas are particularly popular. White beaches, chic villas and no paparazzi.

The luxury motorhome or caravan for individual travel

Travel once? Many super-rich people have the “simple” dream of traveling in a camper. It may well be luxurious! Anyone who has worked for decades for success and has already seen all parts of the world wants to spend his time simply and relaxed. And how is this better than relaxing on a Bavarian mountain lake or extremely secluded on the Mediterranean? Many enjoy the absolute freedom that a caravan offers. Fast and easy, you can start anytime. Carry without hotel booking, flight reservation, taxis and luggage. Motorhomes offer all that! And if you like it, you can of course buy upgrades. How about, for example, with a built, small parking garage in the rear of the motorhome? With a simple push of a button, the parking deck drives out and you can start your holiday in the Smart. Boxspring beds, gilded showers, for caravans and motorhomes there are actually no limits in the luxury segment.

Luxury holiday home, luxury holiday, luxury travel and hotels

Sylt, Usedom or the Bahamas, there are many destinations, if it allows the holiday fund. Particularly popular in Germany are the easily accessible holiday destinations. Over the weekend it goes to the North or Baltic Sea. Short journey, direct holiday feeling. Especially in summer we appreciate the nearby holiday destinations. However, if you have a little more time, you will be happy to board the plane or your own private jet and travel even more exclusive destinations. Whether city trip or a relaxing week with holiday house with Jacuzzi and leisure program. There are only a few travel tips and most of them are just clumsy offers.

Luxury beds for relaxed sleep & regeneration

Sleep? Absolute luxury! Top models, actors and business people trust that getting enough sleep, as well as sport, increases the overall performance in the job and everyday life. In every German shopping mile and in every corner, where business people and wealthy people are at home, one shop joins the next. Furniture, interior design and exclusive accesssoires are presented in large stores with lots of glass and pageantry.

Luxury furniture for luxury homes: Exclusive workmanship and precision in craftsmanship

As interesting as luxury beds are furniture in general. Particularly Italian furniture designers are considered worldwide, not only since the modern age, as absolute trendsetters and guarantors for high-quality processing of designs and materials. Even with wood, extremely large differences are made, depending on how exclusive a piece of furniture is. One uses cherrywood for an elite look, the other one for sturdy oak. Depending on the requirements of your own interior design, for example as a single household or as a family, the demands increase. Luxury furniture is in great demand because it is not only made with absolute precision. The names of the manufactories and designers also stand for reputation and experience. That is why such exclusive pieces do not exist in every furniture store in Berlin or Hamburg. Only the best stores can afford to represent these brands.

Luxury Yacht: The Must Have for International Yetsetters

Super rich have an absolute favorite: yachts. The absolute super yachts are parked in the world’s most expensive marinas. Believe it or not, the least of their years really does. Only those who love to sail occasionally will get their own yacht. So it is a mixture of status symbol and the dream of many boys, a boat by the sea. That is why many wealthy people fulfill the dream of owning their own yacht. It does not always have to be the most exclusive motorboat, many sails like and tune their boats and equipment accordingly. For weekend fishing with friends or for exclusive parties in Monaco. Yachts are part of the Yetset life and no matter if you are a manager, boss or super-rich, many love being on the water – free of questions, phone calls and important decisions. At sea or even on the ocean, you are often completely free for a few hours with your own thoughts.

Luxury bags: Chloé, Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld

Chloé, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld … JOOP! The luxury brands are omnipresent in all shopping malls and inner cities. Many make the leap to the international brand or have been involved in fashion history since the very beginning. Especially for ladies bags and handbags are an absolute fashion must have. It does not matter if fashion trends take place in spring, summer, autumn or winter, luxury bags are always popular with women. But men are also increasingly using the branded product. The high quality workmanship, the good name, are all beating arguments for an exclusive luxury bag.

Luxury chalet: live like the king in France

May it be a little bit more? If you do not want to spend your vacation in a hotel or in a luxury mobile home, you can book a quiet chalet in France or Spain. Especially these two areas are especially popular with travelers from all over Europe. Here you will not only find beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and gentle valleys. The peace and relaxation attracts many – wellness! In your own chalet or holiday home, there is no distraction, unless you want it yourself. As a single, couple or with the family you can relax here outstanding. Secluded and far from the cities, between nature and locals.

Luxury cars: More equipment, more comfort, more horsepower

In particular, men attract luxury cars and special equipment almost automatically. On countless luxury fairs and also on normal automobile fairs the new masterpieces of the renowned automaker are presented. Who likes the extraordinary, will not limit his fleet to one car, but buy several. While many rely on PS, many value the brand and that certain something. For this reason, even the least buy their luxury car off the shelf. Tuning, extravagant painting, these are features that you, especially as a man, for his most expensive piece likes!

These were the absolute and most important searches of the Germans! However, only the tip of the iceberg! If you want to know everything about the secret desires of the ‘normal’ and ‘super-rich’, you’ll find everything here from A-Z.

Luxury watches for the super-rich – this is how masterpieces are made

Luxury with A: car brands and bracelets

We start directly with one of the absolute favorite topics of the Germans: cars. Especially often we are looking for “luxury car brands”, but also for interesting things like “luxury Aldi” or “luxury alpine hut”.

  • Luxury Apartment
  • Luxury Aldi
  • Luxury alpine hut
  • Luxury aquarium
  • Luxury advent wreath

Living in Ibiza – villa, pool, car … all there!

This dreamlike video from Ibiza shows how architecture and lifestyle come together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can do it! With villa, pool and car.

Luxury with B: bathrooms & boats

Before we come to luxury yachts, first a look at boats and mountain huts. Farms are also very popular. Probably because many of those who “live in luxury” are looking for relaxation and nature.

  • Luxury bathroom
  • Luxury bed
  • Luxury box spring bed
  • Luxury bathrobe
  • Luxury bungalow
  • Luxury brunch
  • luxury bunker
  • luxury bus
  • Luxury baby bed
  • Luxury boats

Swiss country cottage for $ 28 million?

Switzerland is one of the most exclusive places in Europe. Not only the prices are lifted but also the standards. For example, mountain huts cost $ 28 million. Why? The reporter from Bloomberg finds that out!

Luxury with C: Can it still be a champagne?

  • Luxury car
  • Luxury camping
  • Luxury couch
  • Rent a luxury chalet
  • Luxury campers
  • Luxury campsite
  • Luxury executive chair
  • Luxury Caravan
  • Luxury champagne
  • Luxury coffee table
  • Luxury Casino
  • Luxury car hire
  • Rent & buy a luxury chalet

Luxury Casino + Hotel in Las Vegas

Even away from private homes, there are beautiful places, like here in the old Royal Perfection, Las Vegas.

Luxury with D: decoration

  • Luxury ladies watches
  • Luxury definition
  • Luxury decoration
  • Luxury down jacket
  • Luxury designer
  • Luxury down comforter
  • Luxury dessert
  • Luxury down coat
  • Luxury dinner

Lluxury with E: Somehow, electrically!

  • Luxury E Cigarette
    Smoking is not good!
  • Luxury electric cars
  • Luxury events
  • Luxury electric car
  • Luxury espresso machine
  • luxury ebay

Luxury Events – this is how you plan them!

Luxury with F:

  • Luxury finca mallorca
  • Luxury Fashion Brands
  • Luxury furniture Sale
  • Luxury fashion
  • Luxury family hotel
  • Luxury furniture brands

Here at the Chanel fashion show with star designer Karl Lagerfeld:

In diesem Video spricht Karl Lagerfeld über die Kollektion

Luxury with G: Gifts & Gadgets

  • luxury Gifts
  • Luxury garage
  • Luxury belt
  • Luxury garden shed
  • Luxury garden
  • Luxury garden furniture
  • Luxury Gadgets
  • Luxury gas grill
  • luxury goods
  • Luxury gas stove

Luxury gadgets for tons of fun

Here host Hendrik Hey takes you into the world of the super-rich. Whether speed bike, space capsule, mini submarines and white piano watches. For ordinary people, all these luxury gadgets are priceless.

Luxury with H: houses and hotels

Who of you ever was in multi-storey houses – without dividing walls, knows how impressive luxury can be. Space gives exclusivity and grace.

  • Luxury House
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Luxury Handbags
    Bei uns findest du auch viele Blog Posts zum Thema Luxus Handtaschen. Super beliebt sind zum Beispiel nach wie vor Handtaschen von Michael Kors.
  • Luxus Houses
  • Luxury hotel room
  • Luxury Hotel Berlin
  • Luxury handkerchiefs
  • Luxury helicopter

Luxury with I: Like expensive private islands!

  • Luxury interior
  • Luxury Iphone Case
  • Luxury interior
  • Luxury island
  • Luxury Instagram
  • luxury igloo

Locations for billionaires: islands worldwide

Luxury with J: jewelers and Jacuzzis

When I collected these searches, I just thought, is there jacuzzi in the private jet?

  • Luxury jackets
  • Luxury jeans
  • Luxury jet
  • Luxury jeweler
  • Luxury jobs
  • Buy luxury jet
    The price seems to interest many in jets. Pre-coat, spoiler! According to Advisory HQ, good private jets currently cost between $ 3 and $ 300 million.
  • Luxury jeans label
  • Luxury jeep
  • Luxury Jacuzzi
  • Luxury jackets with fur
  • Luxury jackets sale

Jacuzzi – An absolute luxury brand

Luxury with K:

  • Luxury kitchen
  • luxury kitchens

Luxury with L: lamps and lifestyle

  • Luxury lamps
  • Luxury loft
  • Luxury lodge
  • Luxury leather jackets
  • luxury life
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Luxury leather sofa
  • Luxury Lashes Shop
  • Luxury laminate
  • Luxury love Lamminger

Luxury with M:

We are looking for the most interesting things in connection with luxury, such as “luxury mineral water”!

  • Luxury mattresses
  • Luxury microfiber
  • Luxury mobile home
  • Luxury Magazine
  • Luxury massage
  • Luxury mineral water


Luxury with N: nature, North Sea and Norderney

In Germany, many wealthy people like to travel to the northern coasts. The holiday is booked quickly, the resort quickly accessible and for the well-being of the guests is provided on the spot plenty.

  • Luxury natural cosmetics
  • Luxury notebook
  • Luxury nails
  • Luxury Nails
  • Luxury nightwear
  • Luxury notebook
  • Luxury name
  • Luxury nightgowns
  • Luxury nail polish
  • Luxury nail salon
  • Luxury nesting box
  • Luxury nature
  • Luxury News
  • Luxury Norderney
  • Luxury notebook leather
  • Luxury North Sea

Luxury with O: Online Shops and Outlets

From fashion, we also come to kitchen equipment such as olive oil. Almost everything is also available in a luxury version. And did you know that many Germans search for “luxury fruit Japan” every month?

  • Luxry Online Shop
  • Luxury Outlet
  • Luxury Online
  • Luxury oven
  • Luxury olive oil
  • Luxury overalls
  • Luxury open stable
  • Luxury Overknees
  • Luxury outdoor furniture
  • Luxury organizer
  • Luxury outdoor kitchen
  • Luxury Online Shop Men

Luxury with P: pools and private jets

The dream of every teenager? Pool Parties! Private Jets and of course in between, keyword: “luxury party”.! We keep our dreams for a lifetime, as you can see here again impressively.

  • Luxury pool
  • Luxury parka
  • Luxury private jet
  • Luxury parquet
  • Luxury party
  • Luxury parka
  • Luxury penthouse apartment
  • Luxury private birth
  • Luxury pumps

Luxury architects! The pools of stars and VIPs

Luxury with Q: quads and quotes

  • Luxury quad
  • Luxury quartz watches
  • Luxury Quotes
  • Luxury quiz
  • Luxury quadrocopter

Luxury with R: Restaurants and Resorts

La vida loca – The crazy life. In restaurants we find ourselves with friends.

  • Luxury restaurant
  • Luxury Russians
  • Luxury Resort
  • Luxury rings
  • Luxury raclette
  • Luxury Resort Thailand
  • Luxury Russian
  • Luxury Restaurant Vienna
  • Luxury roses

Luxury Resorts in the Maldives: Paradise!

Luxus mit S: Sale! Sale! Sale!

From second hand to the sale at the fashion store.

  • Luxury Sale
  • Luxury second hand
  • Luxury shoes
  • Luxury sofa
  • luxury SUV
  • Luxury Suite
  • Luxury synonym
  • Luxury shop
  • Luxury sneaker
  • Luxury sports car
  • Luxury sauna
  • Luxury stairs
  • Luxury safe
  • Luxury smartwatch
  • Luxury ski lodge
  • Luxury sunglasses

The 7 most expensive sneakers in the world!

Luxury & Second Hand: This Munich boutique shows how it works

Here you can see very well how Second Hand creates something new. A great trend we support!

Luxury with T:  This time it’s teas

  • Luxury toilet
  • Luxury tea
  • Luxury Time
  • Luxury taxi
  • Luxury terrace
  • luxury TV
  • Luxury toaster

Luxury with U:

  • Luxury underwear
  • Luxury underwear brands

Luxury with V: Villas of the super-rich

Especially villas are popular in the USA many are looking not only for villas of specific people or in certain countries, even whole floor plans are sought.

  • luxury Villa
  • luxury villas
  • Luxury Van
  • Luxury vodka
  • Luxury villa Playmobil
  • Buy luxury villa
  • Luxury villa croatia
  • Luxury Villa Rent
  • Luxury vaporizer
  • Luxury villa Mallorca
  • Luxury villa floor plan

Backstage! This is what it looks like in a million dollar worth villa

Even away from private homes, there are beautiful places, like here in the old Royal Perfection, Las Vegas.

Luxury with W: why not?

Fitting on luxury, the question, why not? In luxury, everything is allowed, whether wellness, or water for 100$!

  • Luxury wellness hotel
  • Luxury winter jackets
  • Luxury Wellness
  • Luxury water
  • Luxury weekend
  • Luxury winter jackets
  • Luxury wall unit

Luxury water for $ 100 in the test!

The music superstars Diplo & 2 Chainz test the most expensive water in the trade. 100 US $ cost these premium bottles. Is it worth it?

Luxury with Y: finally yachts

No one is looking for X and Z! That’s why we go straight to one of the big issues in the luxury sector: yachts!

  • Luxury yacht charter
  • Luxury yacht rentals
  • Luxury Youngtimer
  • Luxury yoga vacation
  • Luxury yacht price
  • Luxury Yoga Clothes
  • Luxury yoga mat
  • Luxury yacht in
  • Luxury yacht manufacturer
  • Luxury yacht buy Mallorca
  • Luxury yachts of the super-rich

$ 41 million: Megayachts

With this video we say goodbye for this Post! Now that we know everything about luxury, we head straight to the city center to discuss some new topics – keyword: “Luxury Aldi”


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