Technical check: Real estate valuation made easy! – The checklist

Technical audit – You have already subjected your property to a commercial audit? Great, then let’s move on to the technical inspection. This is not about the price, but about the condition of your apartment, single or multi-family house. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the inspection of your own and the common property before you buy your first apartment.

Apartment: check your property

First of all, your own home should be checked. If you do not have the necessary know-how yourself, you should definitely hire a professional.

What should you check?

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  • Windows – condition, year of manufacture, seal
  • Exterior walls – measure moisture
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Floors (baseboards)
  • Electrical subdistribution – fuse box
  • Bathroom – humidity, water pressure, etc.
  • Possibly built-in wardrobes

Common property in apartment building: checklist

If you have bought your first apartment in an apartment building, you are always part of a community of owners. This means for you that you also contribute your part to the common living together. This is no longer just about your own apartment, but about the entire building in which your property is located.

What is included in the inspection of the common property?

  • Facade and roof, attic
  • Basement – moisture
  • Electric meter cabinet, main distribution
  • Heating system
  • Deficiencies – knowledge by residents
  • Repair and modernization measures

The next step: evaluation by year of manufacture

A real estate appraisal is especially important when buying your first apartment. This includes the valuation by year of construction of your house or the building in which your condo is located. So what is the age limit of a building? You can find the answer in this article on valuation by year of construction.