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In addition to established luxury brands and well-known fashion houses, several major fashion magazines are based in Munich. Whether Vogue, Elle, Glamour or Instyle: Munich is home to the “Who’s Who” of leading fashion editors. Fashion-loving tourists regularly visit fashion fairs, fashion students fill the rooms of fashion schools and designers work on their latest creations in their studios.
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Munich: The style of the city – classic street style

Munich can look back on a long tradition in terms of “fashion”. The style is special in its own way. The fashion is not casual, not “strange”, as for example in Berlin, but noble and dignified. The people in Munich appear with an assured sense of style and demonstrate steadfastness. They dress cleanly and, to a certain extent, minimally, which means they don’t radiate any great joy in experimenting. The people of Munich know and “know” beauty; in contrast to Berlin, there is no creative confusion: Munich plays it safe. A pretty dress and plain sandals: Nothing can go wrong there. This sense of style characterizes the Munich people, clear lines, classic and simply beautiful.

The blogger scene – exceptions prove the rule

The blogger scene in Munich is broader than you might think.,, and are just a few of the well-known names. And surprise surprise: not all Munich residents conform to the classic styling cliché. These perceived “exceptions” dare: they experiment and shine with original styles and individuality. The otherwise so present classic beauty is broken through by colourful colour mixes, unconventional cuts and different material creations.

Fashion Mecca Munich

Munich is often compared to Berlin. Also in terms of the fashion scene, the two cities are often in great competition with each other. While many consider Berlin to be THE fashion metropolis in Germany, experts agree: Yes Berlin is the showplace for fashion, styles and trends. But Munich is the so-called “order place”, quasi the Mecca of the fashion scene in Germany. Big fashion labels like Bogner or Escada come from the Bavarian capital, next to them many young designers and small ateliers. Something is happening in Munich, the fashion trends are developing behind elegant gates.

Three renowned fashion schools in Munich are the AMD Academy for Fashion and Design, the German Master School for Fashion and ESMOD. Famous fashion fairs that regularly attract numerous visitors to the city include ISPO in Munich, Munich Fabric Start, In Fashion Munich and Munich Fashion Women. Luxury & fashion is an unspoken law of Munich’s wide-ranging “society” scene. Going shopping is not just about shopping, it’s about more: seeing and being seen! Particularly popular: The five courtyards, a luxury mile that has established itself in recent years, and not just among insiders.