Theuerkorn: Dior Model and Rap Idol

Milan, London, NewYork – he has already conquered the catwalks of the world. Norman Theuerkorn (31), one of the most famous male models of the international scene. He has already run for the top designers of the fashion industry such as Dior, Berluti, Puma and more. In Germany he starts under the stage name “Theuerkorn” in the rap scene.

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Dior, Berluti, Theuerkorn

Norman Theuerkorn has an exceptional portfolio that thousands of models can only dream of. Due to his unique appearance as a tattooed painting model and his talent as a model, he was already allowed to run on the international catwalks of the world, e.g. for Dior, Puma, Berulti and many more. So fashion is something that has always haunted him and on which he has built his good reputation in the modeling scene throughout the year. In 2012, he ran for Mugler, Rick Owens, Qasimi, Duckie Brown, General Idea, Bespoken, Alexandre Plokhov and Rochambeau, and also did several editorials with Zoo Magazine and Surface Magazine. But those weren’t his only editorials, followed by some with Essential Homme, Interview Germand and The Lab Magazine. In 2013 followed the autumn show of John Richmond, DIesel, Rick Owens, Berluti and Hermes. Numerous large campaigns followed. Campaigns with Bershka or Antony Morato. Norman Theuerkorn is under contract with M4 Models Hamburg, Scoop Models Copenhagen, Dominique Models Brussels, Uno Models Barcelona, Next London, Elite Milan, Success Models Paris and New York Model Management New York. His mother agency, however, is M4 Models in Hamburg.

love out with Mick Jagger’s daughter

After the end of Georgia May Jagger, Mick Jagger’s daughter, Theuerkorn decides to focus all his energy on his music. On Instagram he is supported by prominent followers like the German band Jennifer Rostock. This popularity comes not only from his modeling work, but also from his strong personality. One factor that makes Norman so incredibly likeable is his healthy self-confidence, which is also reflected in his music. Many of his songs are about self-confidence and that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.

Norman returns home

Norman lives in Los Angeles, but originally comes from the beautiful Halle an der Saale. After years abroad he now returns to Germany to record his new songs. Norman loved Germany and it was always an important part of him, even during his time in America. But he will only be here for us once in a while, because LA is, just like Halle, his home. Of course we can fully understand that. However, it is nice to know that he has such a connection to our country and proudly produces his rap in German.

Boxing is his passion

Besides the music and the model jobs, boxing is an absolute passion of the artist. Due to his tight schedule due to the model and music work it comes much shorter than before, but it is still a hobby, which the musician does not want to give up completely. Your combative nature is not only reflected in the music, but also in his hobbies. A sport in which one must not allow oneself to be underwhelmed, it couldn’t be more suitable for Theuerkorn.

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Theuerkorn convinces with unique style

His unique personality is also reflected in his style. Clothes make the man, as they say. Theuerkorn is a perfect example of this proverb. One of his trademarks is his red Levis denim jacket, which only exists once in the world, suitable for the only Norman Theuerkorn. He wears clothes where you normally think “Who wears something like that?” with pride and even makes it look good. This is probably one of the many reasons why he is such a sought-after model in the fashion industry and will also convince as a musician. At any rate, we at FIV are already enthusiastic about Theuerkorn.


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