The best sun protection for your skin type: sun protection factor, care creams & Co!

The best sun protection for your skin type: Sunscreen should actually be part of our beauty and skincare routine by now – especially on hot summer days! Nevertheless, we unfortunately forget it far too often. Learn why sun protection is so important for anti-aging and how to find the perfect sun protection factor for your […]

Refreshing summer make-up: Waterproof mascara & natural glow

Slowly summer is coming to us after all, and as every year the question arises how to find the perfect summer make-up for yourself. Just the kind that doesn’t run and makes you look tired and sweaty. Three make-up tutorials will help you to create the perfect look for yourself. Maybe you’d like to accentuate […]

Natural beauty – images without Photoshop and Make-UP

Natural beauty comes from within, promised life-helpers. That’s true, because it’s hidden under clothes, makeup and retouching with photo shop in the dazzling world of fashion photography. Honest photographers and courageous nude models prove that reality with its asymmetrical, physical flaws also has its very own beauty, namely that of the lived self. Frank truth […]