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Your sister’s wedding is coming up? Or even your own? A Christmas party is being planned or a huge event for a big customer? No matter what is celebrated, decorations are an important factor for the right atmosphere. This article will help you so that you don’t have to worry about it and think about every single glass, every candle and every little lamp! If you’re planning an important day, you’ve got enough to do to deal with the topic of decoration. Here you will find the best tips and the best decorations in one overview.

Pretty Factory

With Pretty Factory’s warm and inviting style, every event becomes a feel-good moment. With copper colours and rustic designs, Pretty Factory combines Shabby Chic with practical.

take a seat

The Nimmplatz furniture and decoration rental offers decorations for the most diverse ambiences to lovingly enhance the most important day in life, a company event or something completely different. With different styles like Fresh & Clean or Urban Jungle there is something for every taste.

The Wedding Table

Whether colourful, bright and refreshing or dark, classic and elegant, The Wedding Table serves specific wedding wishes. Different styles offer a wide range of decorations and let each wedding be as individual as the people celebrating it.

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{Werbung da Verlinkungen} Schaut euch mal bitte diese wunderschöne Gin Bar an und das ist nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt davon 😍. Mit Dani von @mein_distrikt habe ich eine weitere Creative Sister an meiner Seite die genauso verrückt nach Dekoration und Stylen ist wie meine Wenigkeit. Es ist mir immer eine große Freude mit ihr ein Projekt zu vollenden. Auf weitere spannende Styles Honey 🎉🍸 INDUSTRIAL LIGHT WEDDING veröffentlicht bei @fraeuleinksagtja den Link dazu findet ihr in der Bio. ———————————————— Vielen lieben Dank an das gesamte Shooting Team ihr wart ein Traum 💖💖💖 Planung, Wedding Styling, Beleuchtung: @theweddingtable Fotografie: @undorf_fotografie Brautkleid: @willowbywatters via @herzbraut Schuhe, Accessoire Braut: @herzbraut Anzug: @ateliertorino Accessoires Bräutigam: @bewooden Hair & Make-Up: Floristik: Selders Neuss  Gin Bar, Drinks: @mein_distrikt Brownies: @bigb_brownie Gastgeschenke/Lakritz: @lakrids_de Papeterie: @mehrdsein Leuchtbuchstaben: @lieblingsprint_de Beleuchtung Tanzfläche: Location: Gare du Neuss Models: @johannaspix & @whos_rocky #styledshoot #shoot #industrialdesign #lightwedding #industrialwedding #industrial #weddingstylist #weddingdecoration #weddingdesign #weddingstyling #weddingplanner #wedding #wedinspo #wedding2018 #wedding2019 #gin #brownie #bridetobe #instabride #ginbar #instabraut #instabräute #instabräute2018 #instabräute2019 #hochzeit2018 #hochzeit2019 #weddinginspiration #neuss #düsseldorf #nrw

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Floristic Lounge

Floristik Lounge offers designs and decorations with beautiful flowers, balloons and everything that goes with them that are tailored to the theme. From a huge offer you will find the right designs for every occasion to organize a Christmas party, wedding and all other events perfectly.

Love Bandits

Love Bandits mission is to make the event a great day and that doesn’t include thinking about decoration. The Love Bandits take care of this job for you and set a high value on a very personal look. The main thing is harmony, that’s the motto here!

Be Unique

Classic and modern, combining these two may not be a problem for Be Unique Events. Celebrity customers have also had their wedding planned by Be Unique and the pictures are very good to look at. Flowers are not saved and details are very important.

Shabby Chic Event

As the name suggests, Shabby Chic is a great stylistic device of this supplier. Despite the name, however, you can expect to find many different styles and ideas on the site or on social media. Whether very modern or very rustic, for Shabby Chic events it is no problem to orientate on different styles and organize the perfect decoration.

Kisses and Karma

The perfect mix of vintage and industrial. Kisses and Karma specialize in weddings and bring a lively touch to the little dream world. Not so white and neutral at all, but underlined with good contrasts and a lot of love for detail.

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{shades of yellow} Mit tollen Neuigkeiten starten wir heute in die neue Woche – das von der lieben @mariealslebenweddings geplante Shooting wurde auf dem erfolgreichen Hochzeitsblog @weddingchicks veröffentlicht, und unsere Möbel & Deko durften auch dabei sein. Vielen Dank an das ganze Team für dieses tolle Ergebnis ❤️ • (Werbung wegen Verlinkung) Dienstleister: Planung & Konzept: @mariealslebenweddings Fotos & Papeterie: @nicole_otto_photographie Möbel & Deko: wir 🙌 Location: Gare du Neuss Video: @pries_film Torte & Gebäck: @zuckersuessundrosarot Blumen: @runo_blumen Styling & Schmuck: @la_chia_headpieces Brautkleid: @das_brautstuebchen Freie Rednerin: Anne @die_trauung Harfenistin: @harfenistin_renske_tjoelker Bräutigam Accessoires: @feiner_herr Braut: @mrsmiratomic • #kissesandkarma #hochzeitsdeko #möbelverleih #hochzeitköln #weddingdecoration #weddingtable #industrialwedding #hochzeitsdeko

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Place network

Those who like a more boho, natural style will also like Platzwerk. We work with you: Wood, candles and plants. Beautiful contrasts of different types of wood mixed with a mixture of plants and leaves, plus a few nice details and voila! Especially beautiful on a summer day and in nature, a clear recommendation who has an eye for classic beauty.

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🌿immer wieder gern..🌿 …schauen wir mit unseren Leihstücken im Gare du Neuss vorbei! Whoop whoop! 🙌 Bald gibt es mehr davon auf @thelittleweddingcorner zu sehen! Konzept, Deko, Papeterie @yayday_design Foto, Video @irinaundchris Floristik Kleid @das_brautstuebchen Freie Trauung @die_trauung Haare und Makeup @sabrinaschumacher.com_ Holzschrift @mydekoonline Torte @tortenmacher Schmuck: @refinedbohemia Mobiliar, Lichterketten, Gläser @platzwerk_verleih #platzwerk_verleih #vintagerentals #bohochic #möbelmieten #hochzeit2018 #braut2019 #hochzeitsmobiliar #tischemieten #industrialwedding #vintagestühle #moodywedding #bohohochzeit #stühlemieten #bride2018 #kristallgläser #lichterkettenleihen #bohostyle #weddinginspo #feathers #decorental #dekoverleih #bohemianwedding #holzstühle #holztische #hochzeitsverleih #vintagedeko #messingtraum #gareduneuss

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Decoration stories

Josefin, the founder of Dekostories, animated the love of detail to decorate events. Many plants and very rustic can be found at Dekostories. Beautiful pictures on Josefins Website and Social Media encourage to dream and inspire to think of your own wedding / event.

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Heute kann ich euch schon eins der tollen Fotos unseres Boho Styledshootings von letzter Woche zeigen. Im schönen Rittergut Orr durfte ich mal wieder dekorieren mit sanften Pastelltönen und einem Metallic Mix aus Silber, Gold und Kupfer. Oft stellt sich die Frage welchen der schönen Metallischen Akzente nehme ich, wenn die Töne gut zusammen harmonieren lässt es sich auch perfekt kombinieren finde ich. Wir gefällt es euch? Mit dabei waren: Planung und Traurede: @greenweddings_patriciacarolina Konzept, Papeterie und Fotografie: @herzenszauber.fotografie Kleider: @noni_mode Location und Catering: @kaiserschote Mobiliar: @nimmplatz Floristik und Dekoration: @dekostoriesbyjosefin Orientalische Dekoelemente: @thefeatherette Haare und Make-up: @paper_and_powder Fliege: @feiner_herr Headpieces: @carlina.headpieces Ringe: @schwarzgoldjewelry

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Natali Bückert

Their motto: Every celebration is unique and original. Natali is committed to offering her customers a wide range of colours, fabrics and ideas to make every event as individual and special as possible.


Lights, flowers and above all lots of colour. Balloni offers a literally colourful range of choices. Balloons must not be missing and a few candles also not and already it starts. Balloni offers decorations for every possible occasion and is therefore a real all-rounder.


Affectionate design is the top priority at Liebelei. After all, a great atmosphere is the most important thing to make an event perfect. With different offers a large selection of different decorations for each taste is to be found. Anyone who appreciates simplicity and simplicity will love Liebelei. But if you want something more on a special day, you can simply add more colourful and unusual details.

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Photographers portfolio – select photos, create portfolio, design application

Your own portfolio is crucial for your customers, business partners and any contact in your profession. Surely you can convince with a live performance personally and “in colour”. Nevertheless, you should give an insight into your work in advance, and whether you believe it or not: the Portfolio Folder becomes your most important working tool.

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A well sorted portfolio

As a model, make-up artist, photographer or graphic artist your pictures speak for you. The question of how you should populate your portfolio portfolio and what content you should incorporate into it would thus be answered. In favor of the haptics you should do without a “virtual portfolio folder” and not appear with the tablet, but with a real folder made of cardboard with real photos made of paper at the appointment. A well-stocked and lovingly designed folder gives information about the seriousness of your work and shows your counterpart how much you value your own work and the cooperation of others.

After all, you don’t just present a simple picture on a photo, you present a lot of work in post-processing and exposure, a lot of patience in selecting the effects and thus all your skills and interests. As a model, photographer or make-up artist, the portfolio focuses on your personal specifications. A portfolio is the representation of your work and gives information about your personal style, the variety of your possibilities and the thoroughness in your profession. It stands for your own image, serves as illustrative and presentation material and provides the first impression.

Since there is no second chance for a first impression, you should pay a lot of attention to the design and development of the portfolio and use your portfolio to create a basis for future business relationships and orders. As far as design is concerned, you have a free hand and can decide for yourself how your first impression will look and how much you would like to reveal about yourself, your experience and diversity in your profession. It is recommended to use the portfolio folder to present all your skills and to get the chance for more and better paid orders.

Size and image selection

The portfolio folder is your staging of all skills and knowledge, all experiences and tasks in your profession. The more versatile and varied your portfolio, the more attention you will get from your counterpart and the better the job offers will be. For the size, or the amount of content of photographic portfolio folders there is no specific requirement. This gives you a free hand in the decision and weighting of personal accents.

We recommend a folder and a picture size in DIN A4, as its practical size makes it easy to transport and take with you to any appointment. While some pictures could also be meaningful and goal-oriented in DIN A5.

Care and protection

Protective films are an advantage, as your portfolio is passed through many hands and is presented at each appointment in the first meeting. To avoid fingerprints or grease stains in your portfolio, you should choose a special folder to leaf through and with included protective foils. Alternatively, you can design the folder yourself and buy individual sleeves if, for example, you are not sure about the amount and number of images in your presentations, or if you don’t want to exclude the possibility of expanding your portfolio. A simple yet modern design suggests your setting and is the best choice for portfolio folders.

Jessica Kobeissi: My Photographer Portfolio!

Fashion & Portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi presents her portfolio of photographers and explains the structure, selection and design of the images.


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Construction methods – prefabricated house, solid house or log house?

After the first years of working life, many people think about whether it is time to start a family. The founding of a family is often linked to a plan to move into a larger apartment or even into a house. Once the decision has been made and you are planning to have a house built, you have many questions to answer. Especially in the field of real estate there are many different terms with which one can do nothing. To help you one step further, we will explain the different construction methods in this article.

You can find out more about prefabricated houses from the real estate experts at IHV – Die Immobilien Makler.

The different construction methods – From prefabricated houses to solid houses

Altogether there are three different construction methods. The three different construction methods are called prefabricated house, solid house and log house. But what are the differences between these three construction methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages? We explain to you the differences that are decisive for you, after all, investing in a house is a life decision and not just a casual decision.

Prefab house – Fast & Cheap

Basically one can say that the construction of a prefabricated house brings cost advantages in contrast to the other variants. The clients also benefit from an extremely short construction period. The sooner your house is finished, the sooner you can move into your new home with your offspring. If you now think that I benefit from a shorter construction time and at the same time have lower costs, then you are mistaken. Prefabricated houses are known for their high quality. But what material is the so-called prefabricated house made of? The wall construction usually consists of wood. If you want to be absolutely sure what you are investing in, you have the opportunity to look at exact samples of prefabricated houses beforehand.

Nevertheless, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages for the prefabricated house. As the name suggests, a prefab house is already “finished”. You therefore do not have much room for manoeuvre. Especially if you have planned to incorporate many of your own ideas into the construction of your house, you should reconsider whether the prefabricated house is the right variant for you. Many already know when they move into the new house that they want to sell it sometime in order to live somewhere else again. For this reason, you should be aware from the outset that a prefabricated house has lost considerable value when resold.

Advantages prefabricated house

  • low construction costs
  • fast construction time
  • precise ideas through samples
  • good insulation
  • high quality

Disadvantages Prefabricated house

  • not much design possibility
  • low heat storage capacity
  • lower value at resale

Solid House – Durable & Diverse

And what is the variant? Besides the prefabricated house, a solid house is a frequently chosen alternative. But what can be the reasons why someone decides to build a massive house? The massive house is famous for one aspect: longevity! Many builders decide to build a massive house because the value remains constant over a very long period of time. Should you decide to move out of your own home at any time, you have the opportunity to receive a similar amount for the house as you have spent. Another positive aspect is that the walls of a massive house store heat. The advantage of that: The house doesn’t cool down so quickly in winter and doesn’t heat up so quickly in summer. If it has always been your dream to make a significant contribution to the design of your home, then the massive house could be just right for you.

And what are the disadvantages of building a massive house? There are two major disadvantages and these are on the one hand the long construction period and on the other hand higher construction costs. “Time is money” is the motto of many people and that’s why this is an aspect you should keep in mind, no matter how much money you have earmarked for building your own home, the costs are interesting for everyone. You should therefore be aware when making your decision that the construction of a massive house entails higher costs than the construction of a prefabricated house.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Houses

  • How expensive is a massive house?
  • What does turnkey mean?
    Turnkey is the complete transfer of the finished house, so that you as tenant or owner can move in immediately.
  • What is a massive house?
    “A builder, who decides for a property with 850 square meters and a massif house with a floor space of 150 square meters, must count [on] in the country wide average with costs at a value of approximately 320,000 euro on a property with 850 square meters.”

Advantages solid house

  • longevity
  • high value in case of resale
  • high stability of value
  • Scope of design

Disadvantages Massivhaus

  • Long construction time
  • High construction costs

Video: Prefab House

Log cabin – single & stable

The log house (wooden house) is not quite as well known as the other two constructions. But wrongly, because the construction of the log house brings many advantages with it. Similar to the prefabricated house, the log house is also erected within a very short time and in addition it lasts a long time. In addition, the log house is usually built from the natural building material wood. This aspect not only protects the environment, as it is a renewable raw material, but also creates a special living atmosphere. As a rule, wood has the effect of making a living room look cosy and at home. Combined with a fireplace in winter, it creates a great living feeling. And you also have the opportunity to help design the log cabin yourself.

There are also some negative aspects for the log cabin. It is necessary that the walls of the wooden house are painted regularly. As a rule, this is a period of between 4 and 10 years during which the coating must be refreshed.

Advantages Log House

  • quickly erected
  • often stable
  • natural building material
  • atmosphere
  • longevity
  • Design possibilities

Disadvantages Log cabin

  • regular painting
  • Repairs are difficult

S by Sylvie Designs – New Lingerie Collections

The career of Sylvie Meis started at the age of 18 as a model. Since then, Sylvie hasn’t been idling for jobs. Her moderation career began after a casting for the Dutch music channel TMF. After this casting, she moderated the show Fox Kids and finally made her breakthrough. Since then she has also presented the TMF Award annually. In 2006 Sylvie’s own jewellery collection “Pure by Sylvie” was launched on the German market. Sylvie has always been creative and has come up with her own projects. In 2010 Sylvie took part in the dance show Let’s Dance and reached the second place. From 2011 to 2017 she hosted Let’s Dance together with Daniel Hartwich. From 2008 to 2011 Sylvie Meis sat on the jury of the casting show “Das Supertalent”. Sylvie is now 40 years old, yet she is very much in demand for various jobs. Sylvie has also had its own collection at Hunkemöller since 2012. In this collection she presents bikinis and lingerie. It was probably this job that inspired her to develop her own company. Since 01 October 2017 you can buy Sylvie’s own lingerie collection on Amazon. The moderator did not lie on her lazy skin during the creation of this collection, quite the opposite: she participated in every single step and made decisions. Her collection consists of basic underwear on the one hand and sexy lingerie and bodysuits on the other. The sizes vary from part to part and the prices range from 5 to 90 euros. And that’s not the end of it.

Starting tomorrow, our Sylvie will present her latest designs. Charming shades of sorbet – the new collection from Sylvie Designs, Sylvie Meis’ own lingerie and swimwear label, is not only a highlight in terms of colour, but also impresses with the variety of styles that has the right piece for every woman and every figure. Whether discreet rosé, seductive pink or delicate apricot, the new attractive models in sensual sorbet colours will make all hearts beat faster.

You want to know more about Sylvie’s love life, her family and her past? Then read our article about it:

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Sylvie designs

Sylvie Power

Every woman can and should feel self-confident and sexy. The enthusiasm for lingerie and swimwear is characterised by the great variety and the lovingly coordinated details and feminine designs. The high-quality material and the focus on a perfect fit make lingerie, bikinis and swimsuits a second skin.
The brand and the product enable women to act with more self-confidence in their everyday lives.


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