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In addition to the latest music videos, news, series and films, there is the life of influencers and bloggers. These Youtuber show contributions from different topics. Not only for women, but also for men there are now Youtuber who make pranks, comedy or crazy experiments. Whether fashion, cosmetics, beauty or fitness – every influencer manages to attract and inspire millions of viewers.


Nutrition is the new trend of influencers, bloggers and celebrities. In addition to topics such as fashion and travel, more and more young people are interested in selected nutrition tips, diets or fitness. Just Instagram is a popular social media portal to show various recipe ideas or cooked dishes. Vegan, veggie, detox or low carb, more and more new trends are appearing in the clean eating world. If you now believe that you have to do without everything – No! There are even many recipes for the dessert afterwards.


In order to always be up to date, most women inform themselves through various online portals or magazines, about the latest trends and fashion news. Our editorial team has selected the best magazines exclusively for you and explains what you should know about fashion bibles. Even television or the Internet shows you an incredible amount of videos about fashion, fashion and outfits. As an Internet portal, Instagram is the new A&O for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food. Not only stars and athletes post about these topics, also influencers report about these topics. If you want to make fashion much more luxurious, you should check out the latest labels. Shoes and bags or jewellery from the best brands are presented down to the smallest detail.


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