Learn to photograph – beginners and beginners

Many people like to take pictures with their mobile phones. Memories are captured and shared. Meanwhile also much lands with Social Media and the photography qualities become ever better. What is the reason for this? Not only the camera quality is increasing, many people are interested in taking beautiful photos. Holiday pictures become nature photographs, people become models in front of the camera and food becomes real advertising in social media. The next step is to get to know each other well with the camera. Understanding the camera and using it correctly is a tedious business. You need patience and a good description and explanation videos or tutorials to understand and apply the basics of the camera. FIV has summarized these basics for you:

Basics of Photography – Beginners Overview

  1. The lens – focuses the light and shows it on the image plane
  2. The diaphragm – directs the light inlet
  3. The shutter – controls the duration of exposure
  4. The image sensor – or also the image plane on which the light falls

Technical Basics – Video Tutorials

Of course, the subject of learning to photograph is very diverse. Best of all: learning by doing! Various professional photographers will show you on Youtube how best to practice photographing. Tips for beginners, advanced and professionals – there is something for everyone. To shoot good photos, you should know the camera well or even better: inside and out. Since there are many different cameras, it is sufficient to know the technical basics and to familiarize yourself step by step.

10 Photography Beginners Tips from the professional

Here you will be explained leading lines, portraits, black and white photography are some of the topics. But also printing and hanging in a frame are important components of passion photography.

photography – beginner mistakes

You also learn from mistakes! Joe shows you daily beginner mistakes when taking pictures:

Photographing with a camera

Photographing, whether with a professional camera or a mobile phone, is more difficult or easier depending on the location. Closed rooms, nature shots, moving pictures, day and night shots, portraits or landscape photography – here it is very important to know the camera well. Here you will find various articles with important areas of photography!

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