Fendi Casa – furniture, lamps and accessories of the Italian luxury brand

Furnish a boringly furnished room with accessories that will attract all eyes? Preferably with Fendi. Interior design lovers melt away with the various Fendi Casa collections. Whether a beautiful armchair or a striking lamp – at Fendi Casa everyone will find something to suit their taste. The Italian luxury brand has long since ceased to delight with fur and leather goods alone. The articles for house and apartment are in the upper price range and convince with quality and style.

All about Fendi Casa – Italian luxury interior design

The Italian fashion luxury label launched its first interior design campaign in 1989. Since then, everyday objects and furniture have been reinterpreted by Fendi. Fendi’s interior design collections are 90% handmade. The designs are eye-catching and recognizable, because the typical Fendi contrasts can also be found in the furniture collections. For the different articles only high quality materials are used and the selection ranges from sofas to lamps and home accessories. The classic Fendi designs include leather, fur and embroidery. To the Fendi Casa collections belong:

  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Lily, bed
  • Chairs
  • Lamps
  • Accessories

The collections are produced in beautiful Italy by Italian craftsmen in the traditional way. The designer pieces fit into modern homes, but equally well in classic old buildings. FIV Magazine has selected a video for you, which perfectly demonstrates how a Fendi sofa is made. The focus is on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Fendi Private Suite – the first Fendi Hotel worldwide

Stay overnight in the first Fendi Hotel in the world – in the middle of Rome. The third floor of the Fendi Boutique has been converted into 7 Fendi Private Suites, which promise an unforgettable stay. Sleeping with a view of Via de Condotti and Piazza di Spagna, shopping in the Fendi Boutique and dinner in the Zuma Restaurant on the fourth floor. What actually happens on the second floor? On the second floor is the Palazzo Prive – a suite reserved for Fendi’s most exclusive guests. The Fendi Private Suite can be booked through the website fendiprivatesuites.com. The suites are of course exclusively equipped with Fendi Casa furniture and accessories. The suites are available from 600 euros per night, depending on the season. FIV Magazine has selected a video of a room tour in one of the Fendi Private Suites. Pure luxury!

Specials: Fendi Casa Collaborations

Fendi Casa has collaborated with various designers, each time creating special collections with certain personalities. The collections contain mostly well-known Fendi motifs, such as the FF logo designed by Karl Lagerfeld, but also many influences of the different designers with whom we collaborate. Here we have selected the 2 most relevant collaborations for you and described what makes them so special.

Maria Pergay x Fendi Casa – armchairs, tables & Accessories

French designer Maria Pergay announced a collaboration with Fendi in Miami in 2013, and the Maria Pergay for Fendi collection soon followed. The collection is characterised by Pergay’s constant quest for innovation and her passion for quality craftsmanship. It is a rebellious and enlightened collection. Many of the furniture and accessories are decorated with patterns and animal motifs and the collection inspires with lots of fur and metallic details. Here we have selected the video of the campaign with Pergay for you.

Francois-Joseph Graf x Fendi – furniture, lamps & accessories

In 2014 the French designer, architect and interior designer Francois-Joseph Graf created an interior design collection in cooperation with Fendi Casa. He combines edgy styles with baroque elements. The various articles appear elegant due to the use of dark wood, silk and the legendary FF logo. Francois-Joseph Graf and Fendi exhibited the collection with various unique furniture, lamps and accessories in a wing of the Louvre from 10 September to 23 November 2014. The exhibition was called ‘Décors à vivre’ and was located in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, in the Louvre. On the official Fendi website you can find the various collaborations under the heading Fendi Casa and under the heading ‘Francois-Joseph Count for Fendi’ you can also find the individual items in the collection.

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