Model: Requirements, application, model agency & tips! 33 questions to Stephan Czaja

Becoming a model – Stephan Czaja, owner of Cocaine Models gives us answers to all important questions today! The new season of Germany’s next Topmodel is on and hundreds of thousands of young girls are following Heidi Klum’s show. Stephan takes us behind the scenes of haute couture, advertising and casting today. What do you […]

Models & Photographers: How to recognize a real model?

A gifted body, a sympathetic charisma and of course the “certain something” – this is how pretty young women imagine their good prospects for a well-paid modeling career. But reality also demands further attributes, depending on the model industry, hard work in front of and behind the camera as well as absolute stress resistance. What […]

Becoming a model: How the Model Scout recognizes your potential

Not everyone has the potential to become a model, unfortunately you just have to say that. The prerequisites for becoming a model vary depending on the market (national and international). However, there are always certain minimum sizes and certain modem dimensions to keep. Only in few exceptions things like the model size are not considered, […]

Behind the Scenes: Model Booker Enable Career

Once run over the fashion week in New York for the biggest brands like Prada, Dior, Gucci is the dream of some young girls and men. However, many are not aware that there is more behind the model. Because every successful model has an agency that represents her and to which the job requests go. […]

The Model Book – Become a Model Special #5

The Model Book! Everyone who wants to become a model needs the book in which everything about modeling is explained. Even models who are already successful and just waiting for their big breakthrough should take a look at the bible of modeling. From general questions about agencies, Polaroids or photographers to jobs, casting situations or […]

International modeling: New York, London, Paris – Become a Model Special #4

The premier class of modeling: International Modeling. Once you’ve made it and become one of the top international models, the world is open to you. Your everyday life is full of big campaigns for top brands like Dior or Gucci. You spend a lot of time on the plane flying from Paris to New York […]

Fashion show: Catwalk, Posing and Procedure – Become a Model Special #6

This episode of our Model Special is about fashion show. From the Paris Fashion Week one sees mostly only pompous and breathtaking videos. Designers present their new collections and clothes. Usually you don’t know how it works behind the scenes. But what budget do you need to rock your own fashion show? Stephan M. Czaja […]

Earn money as a model: rights of use and buy out for jobs

How do models make a living? How can you earn money as a model? Every year many young girls and of course boys ask themselves whether they can become models themselves and how they would make a living from their job as models? Whether magazine models, like Cara Delevingne model Mama Heidi Klum, Bella and […]

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Models – Between Shootings, Jetset and Trends

They are young, desirable and set trends in the media and fashion world. As influencers, models have been in high demand for decades. You want the latest stories about models and top models from all over the world? Here on our fashion online magazine you will find the most exciting model newcomers. We meet models and risk a look behind the scenes of this dream world. What interests them, what have they experienced and where do they still want to go in their career? We meet models at various events in Germany and around the world. Of course also at the big and well-known fashion shows, among others at the Fashion Week.

Models are very interesting people, they have to be very independent, they travel in their early years, get to know different people and work for big and well-known customers. Models are not only “photo models”, they make commercials and have to perform at work. This makes models very creative and communicative people. Especially through their varied work, they have experienced and seen a lot. So interviewing them is a real pleasure. When models travel the world, whether for jobs, castings or film magazine shootings, they always come back with new experiences and stories in their luggage. Therefore we are happy about every chance and every exciting story with models!

Become a model – Testimonials, stories and tricks from top models

With the model interviews we can also give young people who want to become models an insight into the world of photo shootings and commercials. Whether it’s giving tips, becoming a model or getting some new experience, here you’ll find the true stories from the industry. For young people it is important to get an insight. We are looking forward to new interviews with top models from all over the world. If you want to keep up with who we’re meeting next, follow our blog on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

Models travel the world like no other. New jobs, new teams, new people and new countries every day. Who, if not them, knows about the latest trends from the fashion metropolises of the world. Whether backstage or aftershow – we meet the new trendsetters of the fashion industry for an interview! Whether mobile in the subway, shortly before university or during lunch break, on you will always find new trends and highlights from the fashion world. We report on celebrities, TV highlights such as Germanys Next Topmodel or live from Berlin Fashion Week. Here you can find all interviews about fashion bloggers, fashion designers, models and VIPs. Enjoy reading, your FIV reaction team.


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