Burberry – inventor of the trench coat and legendary designer

Burberry is one of the most famous high fashion brands in the world. The brand has become particularly famous through the invention of the trenchcoat and the famous check pattern that everyone now recognizes.

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What you didn’t know about Burberry – discoverer of Cara Delevingne and designer for Kim Kardashian

These designers have made Burberry a high fashion brand

Thomas Burberry opened his first textile shop in Hampshire in 1856. He became known for the gabardine fabric, which he had invented and used for his designs. It is a fabric that is very robust and waterproof but also breathable. Thomas brought the material and its articles to international wholesalers. Then came his greatest success: the trench coat! This was invented by him and made Burberry famous. Because probably everybody wants to own a trenchcoat and of course the classic from Burberry.

Roberto Menichetti has been designing fashion for Burberry since 1998. He was the one who made the popular check pattern so famous. Before it was only known as inner lining but Roberto Menichetti turns it outwards and people loved it. The camel-black-red-white check pattern is still an integral part of the brand today.

The successor designer was Christopher Bailey. He designed all collections for the brand from 2001-2018. When he came, the label had a slightly old-fashioned reputation, but he changed it all into a world-renowned label that sets international trends. Every year he surprised the world with an exciting new design of the famous trench coat. Sometimes the trenchcoat was to be seen in bright neon colors, sometimes with much fluffy sheep wool. Bailey focuses not only on the collections but also on branding and marketing. He always adapted to the spirit of the age and developed new ideas. For example, he was the first to broadcast his fashion shows on live stream. He also developed a new concept. That’s called See now- Buy now. The basic principle is that you see fashion that you like and can buy directly. Experience fashion directly! Fashion that no one has to wait for is his idea. In addition, he had the idea of presenting autumn fashion in autumn and spring fashion in spring and not the usual autumn fashion in spring and vice versa. Actually a simple idea, but the implementation was difficult. Not many were convinced by the idea and also his own designs suffered and became a bit boring. After 17 years with Burberry, he decided to take a new path.

Riccardo Tisci has been the new designer for Burberry since March 2018. Previously he worked for Givenchy and even designed Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. In September he will release his first real collection for Burberry and everyone is waiting, because it has already been announced that a new drop culture is planned. this means that the designs will be released little by little to build excitement. In May, the designer had already provided a small foretaste. He published a capsule collection with many heritage pieces, i.e. clothes from the past, which were pimped up again. It is clear that this designer is always good for a surprise and an expert at mixing and combining different styles. Besides, Tisci is a sports fashion fan, maybe something expects us in this direction? We are curious!

Absolute trademark: the trench coat

The brand’s logo is a knight in his armor sitting on a galloping horse carrying a lance in his hand. There is a flag with the inscription Prorsum on the lance. This is Latin and means forward in German. It stands for the fact that the fashion industry is constantly evolving and never stands still.

The trench coat! It simply belongs to Burberry, from the classic to the most unusual creations. Since 1895 it has been an integral part of every collection and is even officially registered as Burberry’s trademark.

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When you think of Burberry, the beige-black-red-white check pattern immediately comes to mind. It is an important part of the label and gives them a certain recognition value. The famous pattern is used in almost all designs.

From the first textile shop to the absolute luxury brand

  • 1856 Thomas Burberry opens his first textile shop
  • 1880 The Gabardine fabric invented by Thomas Burberry is used
  • 1891 In London, the brand’s flagship store opens in the well-known Haymarket shopping street
  • 1895 The first trenchcoat model “Tielock” is designed
  • 1901 The logo of the brand is created. It is a knight on a galloping horse holding a lance flag with the inscription Prorsum (lat. forward) in his hand
  • 1909 The trenchcoat, which is now regarded as a trademark, is launched on the market. Half a million units are sold to the army
  • 1910 The first store opened in Paris
  • 1915 For the first time the label cooperates with Japan
  • 1924 Burberry uses his famous check pattern for the first time
  • 1930 In America the label is expanding and becoming more and more well-known
  • 1955 Queen Elizabeth II declares Burberry a Royal British purveyor to the court
  • since 1960 The collection is extended with accessories
  • 1961 Audrey Hebburn wears the Burberry trench coat in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • 1963 Peter Sellers is in the film “the pink red panther ” in the Burberry trench coat
  • 1981 The first perfume “Burberry for Men” is sold
  • 1988 For the first time a line is designed for young people
  • 1998 The name is changed from Burberrys to Burberry
  • 1998 A jewellery collection and a swimwear line is launched

Models and stars presenting Burberry – Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss

Burberry worked with famous models and was represented by stars. The best known is probably Audrey Hepburn. She wore the classic trench coat in the award-winning film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Shortly afterwards, Peter Sellers also wore the trench coat in the award-winning film “The Pink Red Panther”.

Top model Kate Moss also loves Burberry! She modelled for Burberry’s advertising campaigns and has since been associated with the high fashion label.

In addition, top model Cara Delivinge was discovered by Christopher Baileys. It still represents the brand on the catwalk and in campaigns. Burberry and Cara Delivinge simply belong together!

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The unforgettable fashion shows

Social media has always been an important part of Burberry’s fashion shows. They were the first to broadcast their fashion shows in a live stream on the Internet.

Besides, good music has always been part of it. Young British up-and-coming stars sang live at his shows and now famous singers like George Ezra had their first performance there. For his final show, designer Christopher Bailey chose synthie-pop band Bronski Beats, which delighted everyone. She played the song “Memories” shortly before the show and when it really started the mega hit “Smalltown Boy” exploded and carried everyone along. As a reminder, the designer published a playlist of 200 songs on Apple Music, reminiscent of the unforgettable moments.

Of course, the clothes were available for purchase immediately after the show, following the See now- Buy now! principle invented by Christopher Bailey.

George Ezra live on the Burberry Runway

Burberry promotes young talents

The Burberry Foundation is a corporate foundation that has been supporting young people with talent since 2008. Christoph Bailey developed this foundation into the Burberry Acoustic. With British brands and artists they supported young musicians and even recorded a CD.

The new logo promises a new beginning

The new designer Riccardo Tisci frightens people! He developed a new logo at Burberry a few days ago and just a few months after his relaunch. Apparently he’s up to something big! The biggest change, the knight is gone! the complete logo, which has been part of the brand since 1901, is no longer on display. In addition, the classic Burberry lettering was replaced by another typeface. Instead of the signature “established 1856”, “London England” now stands under the Burberry logo. In addition, the intertwined initials of the founder Thomas Burberry now adorn the monogram.

The latest collection by designer Christopher Bailey for the LGBTQ community

The last Burberry collection will be remembered. It is the Rainbow Collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community, dedicated to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. Burberry will continue to support and stand up for this organization. All garments were decorated with rainbows or rainbow colours and the famous check pattern is also mixed with these colours. The catwalk was a sea of colors.


  • 2003: In recognition of his achievements, the Royal College of Art awarded Christopher Bailey honorary membership in 2003.
  • 2005: Christopher Bailey is voted British Designer of the Year.
  • 2007: In November 2007 Christopher Bailey receives the Bambi for “Best Fashion Designer”.
  • 2010: Christopher Bailey receives the International Award of the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA).

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