GNTM – Germany’s next Topmodel

Soon it is finally time again for the 14th season of GNTM. We have done a lot of research and put together articles for you so that you can prepare yourself perfectly. Here I have an overview, so that you can filter out more easily, to which topic you are still missing information. Watch your step! As soon as the new season starts, you will find the most important information on this topic in new articles from FIV.

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GNTM – The most important Information to the Casting Show of Heidi Klum

  • GNTM: All Winners – The most successful Candidates

All year long, we’re looking forward to the fact that it starts again. The new GNTM season from Heidi Klum. Meanwhile there were already 13 seasons of the popular casting show on pros seven. If you follow GNTM regularly, you’ll usually have your favorite during the season and then be disappointed if you have to leave early. But which of those who made it after the exhausting time and were chosen as the most beautiful girl in Germany has actually become successful? The highlights from 13 seasons of GNTM! Here I have compiled a list of the winners of all seasons and found out who has remained successful beyond GNTM. Read more: GNTM Winners

  • GNTM – Successful, even without Heidi

Approximately 20,000 young girls apply to GNTM every year.  From that moment on, the jury segregates. Who would have the best chances in the fashion industry? Who performs the tasks best? Who is going through the strongest development? According to such criteria, the jury decides who will stay at the casting show and who has to leave. But that doesn’t mean that the average 2.38 million viewers have to agree. There are countless candidates who have become successful at the casting show even without reaching the 1st place.  Whether it was someone else who saw the talent in the GNTM participant or whether she fought her way up herself, there are various examples. Here is a list of the 10 most famous ex-participants, excluding the winners. Read more: GNTM – Independent & Successful

  • Sarina Nowak – From the Unfortunate Average Model to the Successful Curvy Model

There are so many beautiful women in this world. But only a few fit into the dimensions of the perfect catwalk model. For a girl to be perfect for modeling, she should ideally be between 15 and 18 years old and her body proportions should be close to 84(chest)/60(waist)/89(hip). However, it is not always the case that every girl has had it put into her cradle to be slim. Girls who are more likely to have problems maintaining such a weight feel pressured by such benchmarks and thus get anorexic or bulimic. After her participation in GNTM, Sarina Nowak had no more desire to starve for the given values. Why should it adapt to the fashion world when the fashion world can also adapt to it? Since a few years there is the category Curvy Model, or Plus-Size-Model, which refers to models that have a dress size larger than 38. Most women are between 18 and 40 years old and have good proportions. Sarina Nowak has discovered this industry for herself. She is now a very successful Curvy model. What’s the best part? She can eat what she wants and feels comfortable in her skin. Read more: From GNTM to the globally sought-after Curvy Model

  • Rebecca Mir – Model & Host

When is it more annoying to fail than to reach your goal? Rebecca Mir had to leave the 6th season of Germanys next Topmodel as runner-up. In retrospect Rebecca is much more successful than her then competitor and winner Jana Beller. Rebecca proved she was born to stand in public! Rebecca has a face that looks familiar to everyone. It is hard not to know the 26 year old, because she is not only booked for various catwalks and advertising jobs, but also hosts many well-known TV shows. Read more: Rebecca Mir – Model, Moderator & Wife

  • Toni Dreher – GNTM Winner of 2018

Soon it will be time again and GNTM will start again! Anyone who regularly follows GNTM knows that this year’s winner was Toni Dreher-Adenuga. After a very exciting season with different characters, the 18 year old won the title. From the beginning, she was considered one of the favorites. Read more: Toni’s life: Family, Religion and Model Career

  • GNTM News 2018

We’ll be back soon. Recently the applications for the 14th season of Germanys next Topmodel were running. There have been diligently posted images on Instagram under the hashtag #IchbinGNTM2019, hoping to be invited for the new casting. In this article you will learn everything about how you can apply to GNTM and what will change in the new season. Read more: GNTM – Facts & News

  • Heidi Klum – Model, Host, Juror & Producer

“Heidi Klum” that name says something to everybody. Not only in Germany the model is known, but also in all other parts of the world. She is especially known for her self-founded casting show “Germanys next Topmodel”, where she acts as presenter, juror and producer. Read more: Heidi Klum and her Career

  • Lena Gercke – Allround Talent

In 2006 the first season of the casting show “Germanys next Topmodel” was broadcasted. The first winner, who is still very successful today, was Lena Gercke. She won a model contract with IMG Models and became the cover of the German Cosmopolitan magazine. In this article you will learn how her career and private life developed after this time. Read more: Lena Gercke – The first Winner of GNTM

  • Barbara Meier – Model & Actress

Anyone who has been following GNTM for several years can certainly remember the redheaded winner Barbara Meier. The then 20 year old won the 2007 season quite unplanned. After she was approached by a model scout in a shopping centre in Regensburg and invited to the GNTM Casting, things only went up for her. Read more: Barbara Meier – Her way to Success

  • GNTM – The Candidates of 2019

At the moment the shooting for the casting show Germanys next Topmodel by Heidi Klum is going on again. On a Selfie that Heidi Klum published on her Instagram account, you can see her with the 2019 season candidates. Who exactly is among them has not yet been announced. We, at FIV Magazine, have researched who applied for the #IchbinGNTM2019 hashtag and filtered out 11 young girls who are not likely to be seen on television soon. On this picture, which Heidi Klum posted on her Instagram account, she shows herself with her top 50 girls for the 2019 season. More: GNTM – The Candidates of 2019


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GNTM – The Candidates for 2019

At the moment the shooting for the casting show Germanys next Topmodel by Heidi Klum is going on again. On a Selfie that Heidi Klum published on her Instagram account, you can see her with the 2019 season candidates. Who exactly is among them has not yet been announced.

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GNTM – The Candidates of 2019

We, at FIV Magazine, have researched who applied for the #IchbinGNTM2019 hashtag and filtered out 11 young girls who are not likely to be seen on television soon. On this picture, which Heidi Klum posted on her Instagram account, she shows herself with her top 50 girls for the 2019 season.

1. Alicija.koe

Alicija-Laureen applied for GNTM with many different images about Instagram. We do not consider the probability that she will be there to be particularly low, as she seems to have very good prerequisites. She has a well-trained body and this incredible charisma on photos.

View this post on Instagram

swipe left ➡️ #ichbingntm2019 @heidiklum

A post shared by ALICIJA-LAUREEN (@alicija.koe) on

2. Sarahalmoril

Also about the 20 year old Sarah Almoril is already hotly discussed. Everyone is enthusiastic about her super beautiful, extraordinary face. She has already won some fans on Instagram. If Sarah Almoril is in the next season, Heidi will definitely love her!

3. Donahorvat

Dona Horvat even has over 12,000 followers on Instagram. As for her looks, she has a good chance of being in the new season of GNTM. But does it also meet the minimum size requirement of 1.76m? We’re not quite sure yet. I’m sure she’d bring a lot of momentum to the group of candidates.

4. Its_caroo

Caro has also applied for the new season 2019. One thing catches your eye immediately and that is her long, well-groomed hair. I’m sure this would be a candidate where Umstyling would have tears flowing when she’s around. Here, too, we are not quite sure about the size. In any case, she has a very well trained body and therefore super prerequisites.

5. Kimjdammer

This beauty already has over 15000 followers on Instagram. She comes from Oberhausen and seems to have the perfect qualifications to make it quite far with Germanys next Topmodel. The blonde has not only a beauty face, but also a dream body. She also brings something that always brings a lot of excitement to an episode. A friend. She shows up with him again and again on Instagram and the two have been together for a year now. What if those aren’t very good conditions? The name Kim Dammer will certainly be heard more often.

6. _Yaraline_

Yara-Sophie has applied for the next season. Her pictures immediately show that she is an apparition. Especially striking is her beautiful smile and her well-trained body. She also seems to have a partner by her side with whom she occasionally points to Instagram.

7. Catharinamaranca

Cathy Maranca has a very diverse and varied Instagram profile. She has applied for GNTM 2019 and we think she has a good chance to be in the next season. If you go through her photos, you get the impression that she could be the new sunshine in the new season. She looks very cheerful and has a beautiful face.

8. Evi_wenk

Evi Wenk seems to have a huge self-confidence. No wonder, with this beautiful figure and this great face. And she brings something else. She, too, is taken and has someone Heidi could invite for the family episode. Your pictures speak for themselves. I wonder if Heidi thought so too.

View this post on Instagram

this wasn't a dream 🦋 #oceaneyes

A post shared by Evi Wenk (@evi_wenk) on

9. Chiaragntm

This applicant is a real eye-catcher! Not only does she look natural and super good, she also looks extraordinary. I’m sure Heidi couldn’t resist. If this lady meets the size requirement, she will certainly go a long way!

View this post on Instagram

#ichbingntm2019 @heidiklum

A post shared by Chiara (@chiaragntm) on

10. Hanna Weig

That name sounds familiar to you? No wonder, Hanna Weig is the wife of GZSZ star Jörn Schlönvoigt and also a model. It is no secret that Hanna is a beautiful model and now also mummy. Nevertheless, there is a rumour that she has applied for GNTM 2019. The only problem? Hanna is only 1.70m tall. I wonder if Heidi’s gonna make any exceptions for this season.  Hanna Weig would definitely be a tough competition for the other girls!

11. Ally_Djalo

What about this beauty? She applied for the new season via hashtag. She has a very beautiful body and a very special face.  We are curious whether she will be part of the new season.

Who of the girls is ultimately there and who is not is still standing in the stars. It remains exciting and that’s exactly what we love about GNTM! As soon as the names of the girls are announced or there are hot new infos, we will be there for you!

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Celebrity Big Brother Germany 2018: Ex Curvy Supermodel Chethrin Schulze

On 17.08.2018 the new season Promi Big Brother starts on Sat1! With already exciting residents and candidates like Sophia Vegas (30) but also DSDS singer Alphonso Williams (56), both famous for glitter, bling bling and’over the top’. Besides Youtuberin Katja Krasavice (21) and Selfmade millionaire Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) there is now a very special Trash TV star: Chethrin Schulze.

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Chethrin Schulze, Sophia Vegas – Big Brother is going crazy

Some still know Chethrin Schulze from Curvy Supermodel (here you can find all information about Curvy Supermodel 2018 by Angelina Kirsch). The current season with curvy model Mama Angelina Kirsch is currently running, would she be proud of Chethrin? Definitely! Ex participant Chethrin, who is known not only from TV modelcasting, but also from other TV formats such as “Love Island” or various “BH Sport Tests” on the same channel, Sat1 breakfast television. So Chethrin has always been looking for the big stage. She now has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and can certainly call herself an influencer. In a few days the buxom blonde will move into the Celebrity Big Brother House 2018 with all candidates and residents.

That’s Chethrin Schulze! Influencer, single and now 20 kg lighter

Since her appearance at Curvy Supermodel two years ago, Maria has already lost 20 kg, you can tell. The smart blonde now weighs only 65 kg and appears even more frequently in a bikini. I wonder what that’ll mean for the Big Brother house. Chethrin naked in the shower? In the interview, she said no. At least she says you won’t see her naked in the shower – wait!

Maria is single and has no boyfriend

Mariya rejects men so far so that she can fully concentrate on herself. Mr. Right just hasn’t been around for the last few months. Although Chethrin, as she said in an interview with Philipp Hageni on Sat1 breakfast television, gets many dating offers from Bundesliga footballers via Instagram. Also from footballers of the German national team! She wouldn’t mention names. Why? What these guys want from her, certainly not a relationship.

Maria on Instagram

On Instagram Maria now has 127,000 followers and that means a lot. More than 100,000 fans are interested in her life, her look and news from me. If you want to see them on Instagram yourself, you can find their account here:

Cliché blonde or smart VIP star?

To find out if Maria is perhaps only one of these typical It girls, she was taken directly to the construction site shortly before the interview. Does she manage to shovel a wheelbarrow full of earth, directly from the construction site and spontaneously? Maria doesn’t hesitate for a second, nobody would have expected that. In fact, Maria is not only likeable but also very uncomplicated, a few weeks ago she helped her father to build a house. A real tree girl – strong!
Celebrity Big Brother 2018: This is how the current relay

Celebrity Big Brother has been running successfully on Sat 1 for many years now: interesting characters, C celebrities, VIPs from 1980, new stars from television and social media, so with Celebrity Big Brother you make an interesting TV show that over 1 million people want to see every year. Also this year there are interesting characters, e.g. the Swiss star psychic Mike Shiva. But also the moderation has changed a little.

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Celebrity Big Brother Moderators

This year’s moderator will be Jürgen Schropp, who has been moderating the event for many years, and Queen Marlene Lufen breakfast television. If you want to see them live together, you can watch them every morning on breakfast television, because the Power Duo is already playing on Sat1 every morning from 6am to 10am.
Marlene Lufen: Breakfast television Queen

Our absolute favourite moderator Marlene Lufen takes over this year the Co-moderation with celebrity Big Brother, beside long-term moderator Jrgen Schropp. Marlene Lufen is not only known from breakfast television but also from many other TV formats. Here you can find more of Marlene Lufen on Instagram.

Jürgen Schropp: A must have for #PBB

As every year, presenter Jürgen Schropp takes over the likeable side. As described, he is already hot on Sat1 breakfast television in order to be fit to move into the Big Brother House!

Desiree Nick – back on?

Is Desiree Nick backstage reporter again? Desiree Nick has been an icon of B celebrities for years. Whether it was in the jungle camp or at Celebrity Big Brother’s, Desiree Nick is sure to provide great entertainment.

The other celebrity Big Brother candidates 2018

Like every year, Celebrity Big Brother is about bringing together more or less well-known celebrities. This year’s season will once again feature a number of candidates who will certainly provide explosives.

Many still remember grandiose appearances, e.g. by Desiree Nick but also by pop singer Hubertus, who now attracts attention with black fingernails and a certain penchant for eccentricity. In this year’s season there are some very interesting candidates besides Chethrin. Among others the Swiss star psychic Mike Shiva. His esoteric manner and the statement that he is absolutely not a WG human being, provide already once for tension. For the ladies there is also something for the eye, Johannes Haller, known from German dating shows!

Here are some more portraits:

Mike Shiva

Word is the star clairvoyant in Switzerland and looks after many people on television almost every day. Although clairvoyance is nonsense of course, safety margin is the candidate! Let’s see if he can predict his own future!

Sophia Vegas

Yippie, yippie, yeah!

Here is another musical highlight, Sophia Vegas ft. Snoop Dogg.

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Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein

May it be a bit of nobility? The self-made millionaire. More about Heinz from Sayn-Wittgenstein to Instagram.

Katja Krasavice

Thick lips? That’s actually their current song. See more: Katja Krasavice Youtube.

Big Brother, the TV format

Big Brother started over 15 years ago. The TV concept originally came from the Netherlands and initially only intended to put private individuals in a house. 10 people who live together for a certain period of time, in public, with cameras on every corner. The first season was an absolute success and something completely new on German television. Today Big Brother has evolved and is mainly looking for C celebrities, VIPs of the past but also current, upcoming TV or social media stars. Through a mix of interesting characters, as one knows it from all other TV shows, interesting situations are created daily: Be it the naked shower or the argument.

Highlights from Celebrity Big Brother 2017


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Curvy Supermodel by Angelina Kirsch: Jury, Candidates and Final 2018

On July 26, 2018 the 3rd season Curvy Supermodel started on RTL 2. For 7 weeks the show runs on TV on Thursdays at 8.15 pm. In the 7 episodes the girls have to master different tasks, develop themselves constantly and in the end convince the jury of their talent – this season will be more exciting than ever, promises RTL 2.

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The jury has two new faces and two familiar faces

This year again, the girls will be supported and promoted by a professional and experienced jury. The four-man jury accompanies all participants on their way and will do everything to get the best out of their protégés. At the end of each episode they decide who was convincing and for whom the dream of the title “Curvy Supermodel 2018” is unfortunately over.

Curvy Model Angelina Kirsch

Already for the third time the German Curvy model Angelina Kirsch sits in the jury. It is highly successful in Germany and internationally and represents brands such as Zalando and H&M. She knows exactly how the business works and what is expected of the girls. At the same time Angelina can put herself in the shoes of the young candidates and support them personally.

Jan Kralichka: The Men Model

Yan Kralichka will be there for the first time in 2018. He became famous through the TV show ” der Bachelor” in 2013, but even before that he was already in front of the camera, because he is a professional model.  Through his experience he has the best tips for the girls in front of the camera.

Jana Ina Zarella for Power!

The second woman on the jury is Jana Ina Zarella. She is a model, TV presenter and designer, a real multi-talent. The participants can judge her through her versatile career from different points of view but also help to try themselves out. She was already with Curvy Supermodels last year and was so enthusiastic about the development of the girls that she definitely wanted to be part of the jury again in 2018.

Say cheeeeeeeese 😬 #smile #lachenistdiebestemedizin #weekend

A post shared by Jana Ina Zarrella (@janainazarrella) on

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Oliver Tienken is coach, choreographer and dancer

Oliver Tienken completes the jury this year. As a successful coach, choreographer and dancer he will rehearse great performances with the girls. From him they learn how to move as a successful model and present themselves on the catwalk to be successful. Oliver knows how to do it! He ran across the runway ready with Naomi Campbell.

What must the Curvy supermodel 2018 bring?

charisma and self-confidence! A very important topic, because a Curvy model must be able to inspire people and get them on their way. She must be able to present herself and her body self-confidently and above all with pride. Discipline and ambition are also part of it. It’s often a tough job and you really have to want it to be on top. It is important to fight for one’s dreams and to keep working on oneself and improving. It is a job where you should always be in top form to satisfy the customers, you have to be able to deal with precipitation and sometimes stamina. One of the most important things about a Curvy model is of course the curves. A beautiful hourglass silhouette and no hunger hook is sought. There is no minimum size and no exactly specified dimensions. You can take part from 16 years upwards there is no limit. 2016 was the oldest participant 32.

The last episodes decided about the big chance

More than 5,000 girls applied for the show this year. On the basis of the application photos, the jury made a pre-selection and invited the more than 50 girls selected to the casting in Düsseldorf. The girls were allowed to put together their outfits themselves without any specifications and so some walked down the catwalk in evening wear and others in bikinis. As a surprise, the girls received professional make-up and hairstyling before their performance. Then we went onto the catwalk for each one separately. To go one round further, the girls had to convince at least three jurors. For the girls who did it, it went directly to round 2, where they had to present themselves in a group walk, the difficulty was that it was a photo shoot at the same time. In the end Ines, Victoria, Tessa, Larissa, Tessa and Yolanda made it to the next round.

In the second casting there was the same principle and the same Prerequisites as a model. Before the Canadians came onto the catwalk, a voice message recorded by them was played on which they introduced themselves and tell what influenced them and thus made them a strong, self-confident woman. They also completed a rehearsed group catwalk in round 2.

In the next episode the last potential models will be selected! It’s the last casting of this season and then it really starts! In the last casting, touching stories of models who talk about the negative experiences with their bodies await us once again.

Here you can find more videos about the Curvys:

These candidates have already made it to the next round

  • Viktoria (24) – business administration student from Bremen
  • Tessa (22) – graduate financial economist in training, Koblenz (dimensions: 107-90-117)
  • Ines – high school graduate from Cologne (dimensions: 102-86-112)
  • Yolanda – Flight Attendant from Frankfurt (113-88-110)
  • Larissa – model candidate from Grünberg (dimensions: 98-83-111)
  • Vera – student from Zurich (dimensions: 94-72-114)
  • Alina – pediatric nurse from Düsseldorf (dimensions: 110-80-110)
  • Natalia – Associate Editor from Vienna
  • Pauline – student from Frankfurt (dimensions: 100-81-101)
  • Sabrina – Photographer from Munich
  • Schoolchild from Stuttgart (dimensions: 100-77-100)

Here you can get more information about the Canadians:

The last winners of Curvy Supermodels

The first season 2016 was won by 23-year-old Celine Denefleh. She was present throughout the season and delivered. All in all, she had the greatest development of the participants and gave the jury goose bumps. The 23-year-old was delighted with a great model contract with Ted Linows Model Agency and became the face of a winter campaign for a well-known plus-size fashion label.

In 2017 Hanna Wilperath surprisingly won the title. She wasn’t one of the favourites but that only strengthened her fighting spirit. The 24-year-old convinces with her naturalness and her motto “The curve with the most sex appeal is your smile”.

This year the winner is expecting a cover and a model contract

This year the winners of the show will be on the cover of the German fashion magazine “Joy”. In addition, she is awarded a model contract by Peyman Amin’s renowned agency Pars Management.


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