CO2 gun cheap?! Buy weapons online: Comparison Walther CP99

Buy CO2 pistols cheap online, most people hope so when they are looking for a new pistol for their gun collection. There are various providers on the Internet, not only in Germany, but also providers from other European countries and third countries such as America. In different online shops you can buy different weapon models, as well as different types of ammunition and projectiles (diabolos and BB steel balls). We wanted to make a comparison today to see which online shop saves us the most money? We have put together an example shopping cart with one of the most popular pistols (Walther P99) in it as well as enough ammunition and of course CO2 capsules for the required air pressure.

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CO2 pistols in the gun business: service and test

Compared to online shops, you pay a few euros more in the local gun shop. Especially for first time buyers it is worthwhile to go to the local shop, because here you not only get advice but you can also test several models directly. The direct test is good, because if you have only one weapon, you should like it! If you have more weapons, you will gladly invest in features and individual applications. With the first gun, however, it is advisable to test the model in the shop, also in comparison to other pistols.

If you already know exactly which model you want to buy for your weapons collection, you can of course search specifically in Onlineshop. This saves one or the other Euro! In particular with higher-priced models the price comparison is worthwhile itself in the Internet around the most favorable offerer for CO2 pistols to find. Here is our comparison!

The weapon (Walther P99) at a glance:

  • Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177) Diabolo (no round steel balls)
  • Magazine capacity: 8 shots
  • Sighting: beam sight, laterally adjustable rear sight
  • Vo max.: 110 m/s
  • Overall length: 180 mm
  • Weight: 740 g

Example shopping cart, CO2 pistol Walther and ammunition

In our example shopping cart we have packed a popular standard weapon, the Walther P99. The weapon is often used in everyday life, also by security services and of course the German police. The P99 has proven itself in many situations and is of course very popular with many sport shooters. To our Walther P99 we pack ourselves still the suitable Diabolos for our CO2 pistol, we decide for flat head Diabolos. In addition there is the matching CO2 capsule or a whole set, consisting of 10 capsules, as we would not get far with a single capsule (about 40-50 shots). Our order overview:

  • Walther P99 CO2 pistol
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition, diabolo flat head
  • 10 CO2 capsules

Shipping costs and delivery time

Of course not only the price, but also the shipping costs and the delivery time are added to our evaluation. The shipping costs are calculated depending on which country we have our shipment sent to and, of course, from which country it is shipped. Therefore it is worth comparing international shops for CO2 pistols with shops from Germany. The delivery time is also important for many, because how long do you want to wait for your order? Would you like to test the new model directly in two days or can you also take a week? If you can take your time, you can get cheaper models from overseas, e.g. from London. Therefore the delivery time takes a few days longer.

But also think of any customs duties that may be due. Almost all online shops outside the European Union are subject to customs duties. So if you save a few euros, you may have to pay more money for customs clearance and have to wait even longer for your goods in the end.

That’s why my first recommendation is to order from a German shop located in Germany or Austria!

The big comparison and our test winner

Our test winner in the price-performance ratio is Shop Waffen Ostheimer. With our total shopping cart of a Walther P99 as well as 1000 protection Diabolos and the matching CO2 capsules, we pay here only 149.00 euros.

Test winner on place 1: Shop Waffen Ostheimer

The online shop not only offers good conditions, but also delivers very quickly and reliably. I myself have already placed a few orders here and have been delivered on time every time, the customer service is also very friendly and very fast! If you have questions, you have an immediate answer. Even if a package goes back sometimes, e.g. if you were not to be found twice (happened!), the support immediately takes care that the package is sent again, which is very customer-friendly. Therefore our test winner, Shop Waffen Ostheimer

Place 2: Shop 4 decimal point5

Also the second place is to be seen, one pays a few Euro more but also has all services with him. From shipping to delivery time, everything behaves to regular conditions. That’s why we earned at number 2, Shop 4komma5! Here you will also find many other sports equipment and of course equipment for the system, such as laser pointers but also replacement magazines.

Place 3: Shop Kotte & Zeller

Our third place also has a very large selection, not only CO2 pistols, but also air rifles and many other types of weapons. We can also recommend Shop Kotte & Zeller to anyone who wants to browse!

Other Online Shop Recommendations

That was our Top 3 for sport shooters and CO2 pistols in Onlineshop. If you are looking for a little more inspiration or want to discover a few more new products, here are some tips for online shopping.

  • Shoot Club
  • Frankonia
  • Gunpoint


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E-Scooter Hype: Rent or Buy? Prices, Comparison and Test Winners

E-scooters are the new trend in city centres. More and more people are switching from cars and bicycles to practical scooters. The low-cost alternative in city traffic. Quickly and easily start the rental with the app and pay comfortably with credit card or Paypal. With up to 20km/h and a range of 15km the standard models are not only perfect to visit friends or to speed to the next business appointment, also for a short weekend break the e-scooters are perfect to discover the city – even away from the big tourist areas. Sounds to us like the all-rounder for everyday life. We wanted to look at and compare the most popular e-scooter manufacturers: Who has the lowest price? Better to rent or buy? Our tips for the new trend: E-scooters.

E-Scooter comparison and test winner: battery, range and price

Our recommendation for your first scooter: Amazon. Here you have with all dealers full return right and full manufacturer warranty. Due to the extremely high orders, the E-scooters are often sold out after a few hours. We try to keep the list as up to date as possible!

Winner of test: Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Pro Electric

The scooter offers highest safety standards and is certified according to CE / UL / SAA Approved Certification. The scooter has a compact design (currently only available in black) and is quick to fold for the subway or staircase. With gear to 15 mph (25 km/h), for example on the straight cycle path. Everything else such as battaria displays, lighting and speed are of course integrated.

Here are some more details about the test winner Segway-Ninebot KickScooter (Electric):

  • minimum age 12 years or 130 cm body length
  • Max. Load : 220 lbs. (100 kg)
  • maximum speed: 15 mph (25 km/h)
  • Range: 15 miles (25km)
  • charging time (battery): 3 hours

Another advantage: fast shipping! Scooters are mega trendy and often models are sold out after only a few hours. This dealer has taken precautions. Our test winner with the most advantages for 589 $. What are you waitin’ for?

Evaluation of the editorial staff:

4.8 / 5.0

Price / performance winner: Get 2 for 1!

The ESWING Kick Scooter Electric Scooter with 12.4 miles and maximum speed of 15.5 mph (like Segway-Ninebot). But: Yo get 2 instead of 1 for only 488$!

Evaluation of the editorial staff:

4.6 / 5.0

Trend Sharing: Car, bike and now e-scooter

Are you already registered in a sharing company? In Germany, but also in other countries and cities such as Paris, San Francisco and Hong Kong, sharing companies are popping up like mushrooms. Your own car? Who needs it anymore? There’s a car ready for rent at every corner. Your own bike? They’re only gonna steal it anyway. Now you can rent anywhere. I’ll say.

Now the latest trend is coming into our inner cities, the electric scooter for the city. Small, fast and handy – also 100% powered and fully rechargeable within 1-3 hours. The small e-scooters are currently conquering metropolis after metropolis.

Today we look at the most important facts about price, quality and apps for you and test the newest E-Scooter models exclusively with our editors.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters?
  • How easy is it to book the E-Scooter via an app?
  • Is payment easy and convenient?

Our big test report! Who scored best in comparison? Our Scooter Rental or Buy Special!

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E-scooter: Rent an electric scooter always and get started

Cars and bicycles for rent have become extremely popular in city centres. Here come the e-scooters! They are already the absolute trend in many large cities around the world. Whether it’s a quick trip to friends, from one part of town to another, or a quick business appointment just before lunch. E-scooters take us quickly from A to B over long distances.

Now with road registration and simple apps for rent and payment, they are indispensable for many. But the hype is only at the beginning. Until now, there has been no simple, uncomplicated means of transportation that does not rely on the classic combustion engine or on strenuous pedaling, or on bicycles or classic kickboards with kicks. At last – ideally – you can travel quickly and comfortably through the city centre with ecological electricity. With ranges of up to 15 miles (25 km), and a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h), the scooters are easy for anyone to drive. Tip: If you want to drive faster, you need insurance in some countries, as well as in Germany. More about this later in the “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers”. But back to the fun and the E-Scooter.

How about the transport? Are the scooters small and handy or awkward to carry? E-scooters are small and handy, weigh between 8 and 12 kilograms and can therefore be transported quickly and easily through the stairwell. The charging time is currently between one and three hours, depending on the model and manufacturer. Many advantages, few disadvantages.

E-scooter rental: This is how it works

If you are already active in car sharing or occasionally rent a bike in the city, you already know how to handle the rental of e-scooters.

  1. Registration in the app
  2. Deposit paid data
  3. Start rental

Registration – With these 3 simple steps, the fun can begin. First you have to download the app of the desired provider from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The registration is very fast, because you don’t need a driver’s license compared to a car. In addition, the control of identity cards by a human person is therefore no longer necessary. So you are registered in a few seconds and can start renting the scooter.

Find an E-Scooter – In all apps you will find a clearly arranged map of your city with all streets and districts, where you can quickly zoom in on your location and choose a scooter in your area. If you see a scooter, you can also write down the individual number and start the rental directly. Simply enter the number of the scooter into your smartphone. After the app has connected to the control panel, you can start driving within four to five seconds.

Payment – Rent and payment are relatively uncomplicated. Since the payment data is already stored in the app (registration), the payment works with two simple clicks. The rent is, as described above, quickly started and you are ready to go.


The advantages at a glance:

Quickly foldable to wear on the go, quickly recharged with electricity instead of petrol, cheap to buy.


There are also drawbacks:

Favorable for adults, relatively expensive for children. Also dangerous in case of carelessness in road traffic.

Disposal of old scooters?

Broken or new model? Disposal of the old only in the recycling centre! You’ll find one in your town, too. Disposal is free of charge for private individuals.

Technical equipment and cleanliness

The technical equipment of the scooters is very simple. As a rule, the scooters for rent offer only the essentials: the associated light for road traffic, as well as an energy and km/h indicator. Luxury and comfort, such as car rental, must be renounced. No, the rolls have no handle heating (not yet) and there is no extra storage for bags and backpacks. The material processing of the rollers is very stable at all manufacturers. A large part of the scooters is made of metal, so please ensure high stability even with bumpy cobblestone pavement. All in all, practical and quick to drive.

Price and cost of scooter rental

Since the big hype around the scooters is new and the first providers will start in a few days, there are no concrete price models yet. But if you compare the E-Scooter with the price for a car or bicycle, you will see that one hour will certainly cost between 4 and 6 Euros, half an hour between 2 and 3 Euros. Here are a few standard prices for comparison, this is how the E-Scooter price might look like:

  • car rental price per minute – between 23-40 Cent; 30 minutes about 9 Euro
  • Bicycle rental price per 30 minutes approx. 1 Euro
  • Scooter rental price per 30 minutes estimated 2-3 Euro

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where do I find e-scooters used?

If you want to buy your first used e-scooter, then you will find the best offers on the relevant platforms such as eBay classifieds. Here you can buy used scooters at reasonable prices. It is important that the E-Scooter is bought by a private person, of course you do not have the same rights as with certified dealers. On the one hand, there is no possibility of exchange or return, provided that the goods were not damaged and this was concealed, on the other hand, there is no guarantee from the private person.

When buying used scooters and you should therefore make sure that

  • You buy your scooter on a known portal,
  • that you ideally buy from a dealer,
  • you should take a close look at the product photos, also make sure that there are several photos and not just one,
  • neglected in the description possible damage and traces of use in the “small print”,
  • if the purchase date is correct and the receipt is still included, you may still have a warranty if the E-Scooter should break down, therefore pay attention to the purchase date and existing receipts or purchase receipts

Which e-scooters have won the test?

As you can see above in our e-scooter comparison, there are already several good manufacturers that bring good reviews and many recommendations with them. Our absolute test winner so far, however, was the Segway-Ninebot with its features:

The scooter offers highest safety standards and is certified according to CE / UL / SAA Approved Certification. The scooter has a compact design (currently only available in black) and is quick to fold for the subway or staircase. With gear to 15 mph (25 km/h), for example on the straight cycle path. Everything else such as battaria displays, lighting and speed are of course integrated.

Here are some more details about the test winner Segway-Ninebot KickScooter (Electric):

  • minimum age 12 years or 130 cm body length
  • Max. Load : 220 lbs. (100 kg)
  • maximum speed: 15 mph (25 km/h)
  • Range: 15 miles (25km)
  • charging time (battery): 3 hours

Another advantage: fast shipping! Scooters are mega trendy and often models are sold out after only a few hours. This dealer has taken precautions. Our test winner with the most advantages for 589 $. What are you waitin’ for?

Evaluation of the editorial staff:

4.8 / 5.0

What does a good E-scooter cost?

If you want to buy an E-scooter yourself, you can also choose between different models. Just as in most online shops, there are inexpensive models which in turn have disadvantages in terms of processing or range. At the same time there are the premium models, which have a little more power, e.g. create a longer range or accelerate faster, but the effect is not so big that a double or triple price is justified.

Current road-legal models currently cost between 200 and 400 euros in online shops, and between 500 and 1,000 euros in the low-cost segment and for premium models. As always, there are of course no upper limits! Who e.g. looks for an E-Scooter with seat or with inserted sound system, which finds naturally also Premium and luxury models. The prices in short:

  • Beneficial models for everyday use: 200 – 400 Euro
  • Premium models (e.g. from German manufacturers): 500 – 1,000 Euro

The low-cost models in the 200 to 400 Euro range are sufficient for everyday use. With a range of approx. 15 to 20 km and an approved maximum speed of 20 km/h, they offer what you need to get around downtown.

Are there electric scooters with seats?

If you are looking for an e-scooter with a seat, you will of course also find it. Various manufacturers also produce scooters with integrated seats. The integrated seat is very practical for people who cannot or do not want to stand for long. The ratings from all users are so bad for all scooters with seats that we can’t recommend any of the scooters today!

Idea? How about a fold-out seat! Unfortunately we couldn’t find a model in our test that allows the stand as well as an integrated but fold-out seat. So that you can decide if you want to start the ride or if you want to sit down – that would be brilliant!

Which E-Scooter Shop is recommended?

With online shops for e-scooters and scooters you should, as with all other online shops, pay attention to certain criteria. On the one hand, the online shop should have a valid imprint with company headquarters in your own country, which guarantees you rights that you often do not have with dealers from abroad. In the event of a dispute, this saves the need for difficult legal procedures. Also the shipping is faster, another advantage and also the return is less complicated, should you not like the scooter. The second tip when it comes to online shops is that the online shop is a member of a larger association, e.g. trusted shops. Here the online shops are checked by experts to ensure that you as a customer can fully exercise all your rights. Tip number 3: Pay attention to ratings. Not only in the online shop itself, they can easily be done by the webmaster. Check out other platforms as well, like some reviews on Google or Facebook. So pay attention:

  • Existing imprint with national company headquarters (uncomplicated return and warranty)
  • Ideally member of renowned association like Trusted Shops
  • Please note customer reviews, also on Google or Facebook

If E-scooter gets the approval 2019?

This regulation applies only to buyers in Germany – Yes, finally it is so far! While the scooters in Paris or Hong Kong are already part of the normal cityscape, scooters in Germany have not yet been an issue, as politicians were still discussing the approval of road traffic. Now in a few days it is so far and is good get the approval for 2019. That is, in a few days of it quite officially and legally E-scooter drive.

May E-scooters drive 45 km/h – Driving licence yes or no?

Yes, e-scooters are allowed 45 km/h. However, they are subject to the same road traffic regulations and, at 45 km/h, to additional regulations that are already familiar from scooters. This provides that for a vehicle with a speed of 45 km/h, with two wheels, one needs at least the driving licence for scooters or a valid driving licence (B) for the car, because with this licence, the scooter is already included in most countries.

If you want to drive an electric scooter at 45 km/h, you have to wear a helmet, take out insurance and of course have a license plate on your vehicle, just like on a scooter with a combustion engine.

Strongest & best CO2 pistol: Arcus Viper – 34 Joule

CO2 pistols which are not for sale usually have 7.5 joules (power). At 7.5 joules, the air pressure is sufficient to shoot a diabolo with a diameter of 4.5 mm and a weight of 0.4 to 0.8 grams through the barrel of the gun. Everyone who has bought his first CO2 weapon will sooner or later be interested in other models!

As a sports marksman, you either attach importance to applications, so that I want, for example, to have lasers attached for the finish. Some are also looking for innovative equipment, e.g. CO2 guns with even more power, i.e. even more joules (power) in the trigger. The German weapons law is clearly regulated: CO2 pistols are freely marketable up to 7.5 joules (on adults). But are there exceptions?

Hard to believe but true: The Arcus Viper CO2 is the test winner, 34 Joule Power on the trigger. Is that still legal? Our test report!

CO2 pistol test winner in performance: Arcus Viper CO2 (450% performance)

Have you ever spent 500 € on a CO2 air pistol? If you haven’t done it yet, then maybe it will be the first time today, because this weapon model is something very special! The batteries Viper CO2 offers with 34 Joule 453% performance compared to standardized CO2 pistols. But where are the differences? Here is our field report about the Arcus Viper CO2!

Why does the gun have more than 7.5 joules?

As you will see in the later video, the pistol does not shoot projectiles inside its barrel, but your project is pushed as an arrow over the barrel. And this is the crux of the matter, if your projectile is not shot through the barrel, but put on, as an arrow, the pistol is no longer regarded as a weapon, but as a toy – honestly true!

Through this “gap in the law”, the Arcus Viper CO2 is freely marketable in Germany! You don’t need a gun license and you can order it in online shops or buy it in the gun trade. Although the model is very rare, therefore you will have no chance in the weapon business, all the same whether in Berlin or Munich, look best directly on-line for dealers!

Due to the aforementioned gap in the law, the Arcus Viper is allowed to produce significantly more joules (+36.5 joules) than an ordinary CO2 pistol, such as the Walther P99, the Glock 17 or Sig Sauer P226.

How does the arrow differ from a diabolo?

First of all, weight plays a decisive role. The arrow is more than ten times as heavy as a diabolo. Correspondingly more power he brings with him in flight and correspondingly more kinetic energy he brings with him when hitting the target. The case consists of a hollow tube that I leave stuck on the gun, or the barrel of the pistol. As you may already know, you don’t have the possibility to fire several shots while shooting. After every single shot you have to reload the weapon.

Here also a word of caution is appropriate, with such a kinetic energy and a thrust of 34 joules, the weapon is in relation to a CO2 pistol with 7.5 joules, already another caliber. When purchasing the weapon, pay even more attention than usual to a secure breech and safekeeping. While a CO2 gun with 7,5 Joule causes a relatively small damage, a weapon with 34 door and pointed arrow is very dangerous.

Shoots the gun with CO2 capsules as well?

Have fun pumping! The weapon consumes so much energy when firing (or should have so much pressure that you can shoot several times) that you have to fill a separate air chamber yourself. Just like a rubber dinghy, you start with an air pump and press more and more air through the valve into the gun. A small pressure indicator on the device tells you which pressure has been built up in the meantime. For the filling of the gun you need, even as a strong man, loosely one minute. Then you can fire about 40 to 50 powerful shots.

Alternative: CO2 gun 7.5 joules with blowback

If you have now seen everything but still want to decide for a smaller pistol model, we have here still current reviews to two really great models. One, the Glock 17, is “ideal for families” as it is very protected by several mechanisms against unwanted use. Even if safety is paramount, it can always happen over the years that a child might still be in the hands of the gun device. Even if it is only a short moment of carelessness!

If you want to have fun shooting, we have tested the innovative reloading system of the Sig Sauer P226 for you! While with other CO2 guns you have to load the CO2 capsule by hand and often even need a tool like an allen key, here you have an absolutely innovative and patented quick loading system. This allows you to replace the CO2 capsules in just 2 seconds. The associated magazine with its double-sided drum can be used again directly after the first page has been shot.

Buy weapons cheap online? Depending on whether you’re buying a weapon for the first time or already have a collection, it’s worth going to your local weapons store or online shops. As a first time buyer of pistols the way to the weapon shop is worthwhile, here you can test the models and get experiences from the salesman. If you’re a gun owner looking to expand your collection, it’s worth looking at online shops, where you can save money.

You want to know more about Diabolos and BB steel balls? We have looked at all the different types for you and show you whether it is worth changing to types like the “Terminator” or the “Barracuda” or whether it is not worthwhile to stay with the good old standard model, the flat head Diabolo! Did you know? If you also shoot uphill on your Diabolo pistol, the grooves in the barrel will break, making the trajectory of the Diabolos more unstable and the accuracy of the target less accurate.

CO2 pistol and alarm shot: safety for house and apartment?

The statistics make one thing clear, the small gun license is becoming more and more popular in countries like USA, UK or Germany. Many feel insecure at home and want to be able to defend themselves in the event of robberies and break-ins. Not everyone wants to buy a big gun immediately and get a gun license, many just want the feeling of security, therefore the sales of CO2 and air pistols increases. Pepper spray and alarm systems are no longer enough for many when it comes to protecting their own four walls. We want to illuminate the topic of the alarm shot pistol as well as CO2 and air pistols in detail today. Why do more and more people make the little gun license?

House security from burglary

For single people, singles, older people but also for families the protection is in the foreground. With rising numbers of burglaries and many negative headlines, the need for security increases. The good old pepper spray is no longer enough for many, they want a pistol. For distance reasons alone, a pistol can of course be much more effective than hand weapons, and the deterrent effect on burglars is also greater. In principle, two genera differ as long as we talk about small weapons.
Important: Self-defence always means to tend to the least possible damage. The use of a weapon must therefore be “proportionate” even in case of a threat.

Phoke guns and the small gun license

Anyone who wants to buy a pistol in Germany needs a small gun licence for the experienced use of the pistol.

The pistols are designed in such a way that the barrel is not suitable for firing projectiles. Models that can be bought licensed in Germany cannot be converted into a real weapon. The situation is completely different with many alarm guns from other countries, they are only manufactured in such a way that a small piece of metal blocks the barrel inside. By releasing the barrel, the pistol is sharp again and can be used for normal standard projectiles.
These models are prohibited in Germany!</block quota>
Shooting guns should always be bought in gun shops, because they must also be registered. If you don’t want to make a small gun licence, you can often use CO2 air pistols as a deterrent.

CO2 pistols without firearms licence

In Germany, all CO2 air pistols with a strength of up to 7.5 joules are freely available for sale. Anyone 18 years old can buy one of these weapons. The weapons are freely marketable because they potentially cause much less damage than a fright-shooting weapon. With a size of only 4.5 mm, the small diabolos weigh only half a gram. They develop as little kinetic energy as possible to cause great damage, for example in the case of self-defense. The situation is quite different with alarm guns, if they are fired at close range, for example on the face, they can develop large injuries.

When it comes to securing one’s own home, many families therefore use CO2 guns. Of course, in case of self-defense they would not allow effective resistance, but in case of doubt you can help to gain valuable seconds.

In the case of danger: Try not to act frontally, attack is not the best defense here. A few valuables are nothing compared to your health.

If you want to protect yourself preventively, you can also use the alarm system.

Alarm system: security technology for house and flat

To avoid a dangerous situation in the first place, more and more families are having alarm systems installed in their condominiums or houses. Alarm systems offer the great advantage that today they have undergone great developments due to modern technology and almost real-time data transmission. Today, as a homeowner you can access any cameras directly from your smartphone, so you can see and that anywhere in the world. So you can always and everywhere see who is entering your own property, who is standing in front of the door, you can even talk directly to the person, so that the impression is created that you are at home yourself.

House security: police direct connection of the alarm system

Did you know? Many modern alarm systems today are directly linked to the police, so in dangerous situations you get immediate information, you don’t even have to dial the police call and perhaps even hang in the queue for a moment. Especially in real danger situations, the homeowner saves valuable seconds.

Depending on the price class and investment, the different models of alarm systems differ. If you want to read more about this topic, you will find here a big article about alarm systems for your home.

Household insurance

As simple as it sounds, not everyone takes out household insurance. With household contents insurance, you can prevent an absolute emergency. So you can exclude that destroyed or stolen furnishings lead to financial ruin. This is why household contents insurance is one of the most important private insurances that you as owner and tenant should take out equally.

Weapon Licence and Weapon Transport

If you don’t have a gun license yet but want to buy a CO2 pistol, we have some information for the gun purchase or the gun transport.

In principle, as described above, you do not need a separate firearms license to possess a CO2 pistol. The only thing you need is your identity card and the age of 18. With this identity card you can then buy a pistol in any gun shop, which is registered in the name of the person. Once you buy the gun, you can go back home.

Who buys his weapon in the online shop has of course no problems, because it comes directly to the front door and is handed over directly to the own four walls and does not reach the public. If you still have to drive home, the following applies to you:

  • CO2 pistol may be carried after the purchase (cash voucher attests purchase date / time)
  • Weapon must always be stored separately from ammunition and capsule, a separate case

is recommended.

CO2 pistol in car and in public

After the purchase of the gun is always to be observed: Is it public or private space?
A CO2 pistol may not be carried in public spaces!</block quota>
If you transport your rifle from A to B, you should make sure that it is locked in your suitcase and importantly, not ready to hand! So it’s best to keep it in the trunk, far away from the driver. In addition, the ammunition and the capsules must be stored separately, for example in a backpack on the rear seat of the vehicle.

Safety is a top priority for many families but also for singles. If you decide to buy a pistol, we wanted to give you a few good tips today. If you are now interested in buying a CO2 pistol, we have some interesting articles for you:

CO2 pistols, Diabolo & steel ball under test

If you have now seen everything but still want to decide for a smaller pistol model, we have here still current reviews to two really great models. One, the Glock 17, is “ideal for families” as it is very protected by several mechanisms against unwanted use. Even if safety is paramount, it can always happen over the years that a child might still be in the hands of the gun device. Even if it is only a short moment of carelessness!

If you want to have fun shooting, we have tested the innovative reloading system of the Sig Sauer P226 for you! While with other CO2 guns you have to load the CO2 capsule by hand and often even need a tool like an allen key, here you have an absolutely innovative and patented quick loading system. This allows you to replace the CO2 capsules in just 2 seconds. The associated magazine with its double-sided drum can be used again directly after the first page has been shot.

Buy weapons cheap online? Depending on whether you’re buying a weapon for the first time or already have a collection, it’s worth going to your local weapons store or online shops. As a first time buyer of pistols the way to the weapon shop is worthwhile, here you can test the models and get experiences from the salesman. If you’re a gun owner looking to expand your collection, it’s worth looking at online shops, where you can save money.

You want to know more about Diabolos and BB steel balls? We have looked at all the different types for you and show you whether it is worth changing to types like the “Terminator” or the “Barracuda” or whether it is not worthwhile to stay with the good old standard model, the flat head Diabolo! Did you know? If you also shoot uphill on your Diabolo pistol, the grooves in the barrel will break, making the trajectory of the Diabolos more unstable and the accuracy of the target less accurate.

Karl Lagerfeld is dead – world grieves for fashion designer

On Monday evening, Karl Lagerfeld was admitted to an American hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a Paris suburb, as an emergency. On Tuesday evening the shocking news “Karl Lagerfeld is dead”. On Instagram the sympathy of fans of the fashion tsar accumulates. His cat Choupette is also taking the floor on social media.

Fashion designer dies surprisingly in Paris

Nobody would have expected that, on Tuesday Chanel icon Karl Lagerfeld had another appointment in the artelier, which he unfortunately could not attend. The cause of death is believed to be the consequences of pancreatic cancer. Other diseases cannot be ruled out either. At the age of 85, Lagerfeld was still active as a designer for Chanel and embellished the catwalks of the international fashion weeks.

So Sylvie Meis and co. mourn Karl Lagerfeld’s death

Social media has been flooded with sympathy since the news arrived on Tuesday. Sylvie Meis posted a photo of herself and Karl Lagerfeld and wrote under it: “Deeply saddened by Karl Lagerfeld’s passing… forever grateful for your eternal inspiration and greatness. Rest in peace dear Karl.”

Also Diane Kruger says goodbye on Instagram to the fashion fazar “”Karl……I cannot tell you how much you meant to me and how much I will miss you. I will never forget your kindness towards me, your laughs, your imagination. I came to France to see you this week and introduce you to my daughter…I’m heartbroken I was too late. Rest In Peace, I adore you.”
Donatella Versace, a colleague and friend of the fashion designer, also shows compassion in the form of a social media post.

“Karl your genius touched the lives of so many, especially Gianni and I. We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration. We were always learning from you.” – Donatella Versace.

Lagerfeld’s cat Chouepette says goodbye to Instagram

Also his beloved Burma cat and muse Choupette mourns her “Papa”. On Instagram she speaks with her 135k followers in a heartbreaking post.

“It is with great sadness that I confirm that my father Karl Lagerfeld passed away on February 19, 2019. He was a true icon who touched the lives of everyone she came into contact with, especially me. He will live on forever in my now broken heart and in those of all his supporters around the world.

I’m eternally grateful for the life he gave me through adoption. I will never forget the moments we shared through travel, exploration and creation.

The memory of my father Karl Lagerfeld will live on forever through his work and let us never forget the creative genius who now sits in heaven next to Mama Coco Chanel.

In love, Papa Karl’s biggest fan, Choupette.”

What happens with Choupette after Lagerfelds dead?

Many wonder what happens to Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette. Although it has not inherited millions, it will continue to be well provided for in the future. It will probably go back to its original owner Baptiste Giabiconi. Lagerfeld himself cleared up the rumours that she would inherit millions. “With 135,000 followers, Chopette will certainly be able to finance her croquettes herself,” says Karl.

Karl Lagerfeld’s funeral

The funeral will take place exactly as the fashionable tzar wished. He is cremated and scattered together with the ashes of your mother and ex-boyfriend Jacques de Bascher, who died far too early from the consequences of an HIV infection. He had a relationship with Jacques for 18 years, and Lagerfeld never got over the loss. The Chanel fashion house respects Karl Lagerfeld’s last wish and ensures that it is complied with.

Karl Lagerfeld – Quotes from a fashion icon

He was known among other things for his eccentric nature and his unforgettable comments. In memory of one of the most unforgettable fashion designers of the 21st century, we have summarized a few of his most unforgettable quotes:

“In fashion, you have to constantly destroy to renew yourself. “To love what you’ve hated, and to hate what you’ve loved.”

“I love the transitory: fashion is my profession.”

“Whoever wears sweatpants has lost control of his life.”

“Coming out after a show is a good discipline for me. Because I have to make sure I don’t look like an old garden gnome between all those 20-year-olds.”

“Standing on an assembly line, that’s work. What I do is do leisure time with a professional background.”

“Stress? I don’t know that, I just know rhinestones.”

“I demand the 48-hour day. I can’t get by on 24 hours.”

“What I say never lasts more than six months.”

“I am surrounded by young and beautiful people. The sight of ugliness is a horror to me.”

“Fashion is superficial. You have to accept that if you want to make fashion your profession.”

“I don’t like the knackwurst photography. My work is a somewhat more poetic version of reality. I’m not a urologist.”

“My favorite food can only be something you don’t get fat from.”

“Do I look like someone who can cook? I can open a can of Coke Light and that’s that.”

“By the way, I don’t need to shop, since I hardly eat!”

“You have to throw the money out the window to get it back in the door.”

“Whoever is considered beautiful today will hardly be ordered to clean tomorrow.”

“Elegance is similar to mayonnaise: it tastes good or it doesn’t.”

“Youth is a new form of racism, an obsession. It’s the only social injustice that really exists.”

“Vanity is the instinct of self-preservation. And that’s not so unhealthy.”

“Phones are for staff.”

“I don’t trust little men. They are the most vicious, bitter, vindictive of all there are.”

“I find tattoos horrible. They feel like you have to wear a Pucci dress for life.”

Camp field’s amusing quotes about himself

“All I’m saying is a joke. I’m a joke myself.”

“I’ve stayed very grounded. Just not in this world.”

“It’s not like I like myself, but it could be worse.”

“Basically, I never learned anything. I didn’t even graduate from high school and nothing.”

“I’m like a fashion nymphomaniac who never reaches orgasm. I’m never satisfied.”

“I can’t regret anything because I never remember what I once wished for. I’m like a blackboard – everything that doesn’t happens is wiped out.”

“I can, thank God, make fun of myself. Which, of course, doesn’t stop me from making fun of others.”

Diabolo vs BB steel ball for CO2 pistol: experience with pointed head, hollow point, terminator & baracuda

Many who buy a CO2 pistol for the first time are faced with the question, Diabolo or BB steel ball? What is the difference between the two projectiles and can I use them for any weapon? Today we want to take a closer look at the differences between the different projectiles for CO2 pistols. The standard for CO2 guns are diabolos, with a diameter of 4.5mm and an average weight of 0.45 to 0.6 grams. Before we get to the Diabolos, however, I’d like to talk to you about BB steel balls. What’s the matter with you? You should choose one projectile type per weapon!

Steel ball or diabolo? Breakdown, target accuracy and angular momentum

For each individual weapon, you should choose a single projectile. This is important because the barrel of your gun is slightly turned. If you were to see the inside of your weapon barrel, you would see grooves spinning spirally. These grooves are there to allow a projectile to rotate slightly when firing. Due to this slight rotation, the projectile gets dynamic stability and therefore the target accuracy increases.

These grooves are not damaged by diabolos, because the diabolo rotates with the grooves or is turned on. Steel balls, on the other hand, sit in the Star barrel and do not rotate. With every shot of a steel ball the grooves are slightly damaged. The more often you shit a steel ball in your CO2 gun, the less of your spiral grooves remain in the barrel. If you should want to shoot Diabolo projectiles, their accuracy will not be so high anymore, because the projectiles do not receive any angular momentum in the shot. Without rotation sings the aerodynamic stability.

Therefore always make sure that you choose Diabolos or steel balls for each weapon!

The absolute standard for any CO2 gun is a 4.5 mm diameter diabolo. Of course there are also different shapes and types of diabolos, but before we get to the different types of diabolo, let’s have a quick look at BB steel balls. These are always the same and differ only in the shape of the alloy or coating. A further advantage results for allergy sufferers. Both do not affect the weight or the friction of the air, and therefore the different looks are only optical in nature, but have no influence on the flight behaviour or the accuracy of hitting.

BB Steel round balls caliber 4.5mm

Steel ball, that sounds quite martial for many people and much more impressive than a Diablo. In fact, however, you have hardly any noticeable effects from a steel ball – on the contrary, your shot is less precise. In principle, a steel ball behaves just like a diabolo. But not quite, because diabolos have a much more precise trajectory due to the aforementioned rotation of the projectile. Steel balls have no rotation and are therefore easier to influence by external influences, less stable in the flight path. This reduces the target accuracy by a few percentage points. So diabolos are better than steel balls.

Types of steel balls: copper plated, zinc plated and brass plated

The different steel balls differ in alloy and coating. There are both zinc and copper steel balls, but also steel balls with brass coating. The only difference here is that of optical nature and of course for all those who have allergies.

Magazine Use of steel balls is costly

Steel balls are also harder to insert into your magazine. While diabolos are relatively easy to handle due to the edges, the small steel balls are relatively difficult to control. The mostly large packages of 1,000 or 1,500 pieces are therefore relatively difficult to handle. For every single magazine you have to have 8 balls, of 8 balls one or two are usually lost on the table. Collecting the balls can be quite a task! If you have never shot with steel balls before, you might want to stay directly with Diabolos as a little tip! They are more accurate, can be used more quickly and are designed for air pressure or CO2.

So that steel balls don’t leave a lasting impression on you, we’ll switch directly to the important topic, Diabolos!

Even before there were CO2 capsules, there were air-pressure pistols and air-pressure rifles. Diabolos were created for these. Air rifles were and are loaded for example by a bend, which in turn drives a hydraulic system, compressing the air for the shot. Due to their special shape, diabolos have a very straight flight path, rotate synchronously with the groove of the barrel and collect sufficient air for a stable and wide flight path through the cavity (weight saving).

Now let’s take a look at the different Diabolo types and the question, does it make a difference whether I use flat, round or pointed Diabolos?

Diabolos for CO2 pistols and rifles

Diabolos come in many different forms. The absolute standard is a flat head diabolo. Flat head diabolo, that sounds boring to many! It is the most effective standard for CO2 and air pistols.

Diabolo 4,5mm smooth (approx. 0,48g) as CO2 standard

The advantage of a flat head Diabolos lies in its very stable trajectory. Many would suspect that the flat tip would make it less penetrating. Whereby we cannot speak with the topic CO2 pistols and a Joule Kraft of 7,5, necessarily of penetrating power! In fact, the head doesn’t make much of a difference. The material of the diabolos is relatively soft and when hitting the target, tips deform to flat planes anyway. Therefore, it doesn’t make much difference whether you land a pointed diabolo or a flat diabolo. Marketing also plays its part! From the Barracuda to the Terminator.

My recommendation, start with flat diabolos and stick with it! After all, shooting isn’t about shooting a Hollywood movie or being particularly dangerous, but about hitting your target accurately and precisely.

“Spitzkopf” Diabolo

Diabolos are available in two versions. The actual pointed head Diabolo is thereby the elongated head, ending with a point. The entire tip is very thin and almost looks like a needle head. A little flatter is the Pointed Diabolo.

A small tip for all those who buy a CO2 gun for the first time, so-called pointed head diabolos have the disadvantage that some are a little bit longer than most magazines. Even if it is only 0.1 mm, it can cause the magazine or drum of some weapons to jam. Also for this reason I always recommend to use normal standard flat head diabolos.

Pointed (flat tip or pointed head)

Pointed is a slightly flatter pointed head diabolo, with a striking point in the middle, but not as pointed as a needle, but rather dotted and flatter.

Hollow point (short round point)

Hollow point Diabolos are like all other 4.5 mm in diameter. The appearance of the hollow point Diabolos is reminiscent of an aircraft turbine. Also here there are two different variants, as well as with the pointed head and Pointed Diabolo. And also here the marketing attacks again, e.g. a longer hollow point calls itself Terminator.

Terminator (like jet engine, long thin tip)

The “Terminator” model is a hollow point diabolo in which the inner surface intended for the first contact is longer drawn, as well as the pointed head. When the Diabolos hits the ground, the tip flattens out, so you don’t have a real impact effect.

Baracuda Hunter Extreme (quarter cut)

Besides the “Terminator” there are of course many other Diabolos that try to sell special properties by name. In the end is a diabolo but a diablo is a diabolo, is a diabolo. Nevertheless, there is an interesting construction, e.g. the “Baracuda Hunter Extreme”, it is constructed like a hollow point diabolo, but without the tip and carries four notches, which distributes the projectile surface for the first contact to four separate points on the outer area of the diabolo head. Looks good, sounds good, but has no noticeable effect on flight characteristics or punch.

CO2 pistols: Recommendations for your first gun

If you are interested in buying a CO2 pistol yourself, here are two good reviews for you. On the one hand to the Glock 17, which is very suitable in particular for households, in which there are also children, very much by the safety functions, by their relatively Vorsicherung, as well as the sig sour P226 by their innovative CO2 capsule insert system as fast as it was no CO2 pistol before it is ready to start.

  • Glock 17 Experience report
  • Sig Sauer P226 Field report

Sig Sauer P226 Blowback CO2 pistol buy – Review and shooting test

Today we come to CO2 pistol Sig Sauer P226! I have waited for this for a long time, because after my last article on the general topic of buying a CO2 pistol and after the field report on the CO2 pistol Glock 17, today we come to my absolute favourite model (Top 5), the Sig Sauer P226. The absolutely unique feature of this model is the new system for activating the CO2 capsule. While in other models you usually first have to fix the capsule and then slowly turn it upwards with a screw so that it is activated, you have an integrated quick-release system in the back of the handle on the Sig Sauer. By opening and closing the cap you can activate a CO2 capsule within one second! Sounds interesting, it is. Here is my report about the victory Sauer P226.

Sig Acid P226 CO2 Pistol for 4,5mm Diabolo – Experience

Originally, the P226 was developed as a successor model for the U.S. armed forces. She won the tender in 1984 and replaced the then common but slightly overhauled Colt M1911. One of the latest innovations, if you look at the long history of CO2 and air pistols, is now the current P226 – Revolutionary! Due to the special system of the CO2 capsule insert, it is ready to fire in only one second. This makes them very interesting for many sport shooters, especially if you want to shit several capsules during training and therefore constantly have to change capsules again. The P226 does it in a few seconds. You don’t even need extra tools, e.g. an Allen key. The weapon is ready for immediate use. In my opinion one of the strongest innovations from Sig Sauer.

We’ll take a closer look today:

  1. How is the gun processed?
  2. How is it in the hand?
  3. How are the functions?
  4. Which extensions are offered?
  5. What is their shooting behavior?
  6. What about the accuracy?
  7. most important: Would I recommend the P226?

Material and processing

Compared to the Glock 17, the Sig Sauer P226 is very classically manufactured. Anyone who remembers Hollywood films from the 1990s would imagine exactly such a pistol. With its barrel, which is semicircular upwards, it reminds of a classic police pistol from New York or Los Angeles. That makes it a very authentic weapon at the firing range. The processing as well as the material are very high-quality. Although the rifle is very solidly crafted, it looks lighter on the outside than the solid, angular Glock 17.

It lies very well in the hand, the handle is slightly rounded so that it sits well in the hand shell. All systems, as well as the release of the weapon and the ejection of the magazine are designed one-handed. So that you don’t have to let go of the handle or need a second hand during use. The release of the weapon takes place via the thumb, just like the ejection of the magazine. Both clicks are easy to execute and ergonomically well placed.

A small characteristic of the weapon is the anchor hook printed on the top of the barrel (left). The anchor is, of course, a symbol of the navy, in which the weapon is also used. The anchor is white and eye-catching, which makes the weapon a little special and also takes a little of the rough. The P226 has been used by many security forces, including (source: Wikipedia):

  • United States Secret Service
  • British Army and the Special Air Service
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • Israeli armed forces
  • Dutch Army
  • United States Navy SEALs
    various Swiss police corps
  • Berlin police (SEK/MEK/PSK in parts)
  • Federal Criminal Police Office (Germany)

The pistol has definitely proven itself and is therefore also popular with sports shooters.

Securing the weapon

The weapon can be secured as described above by simply actuating the thumb. Positioned on the left side of the weapon, there is a small throttle, with gentle pressure upwards the weapon can be unlocked. By pushing it back, the weapon is quickly secured again.

Here’s a little tip for those who are considering buying the P226, once the weapon is secured, the drum magazine will still be turned. If you don’t use flat Diabolos, e.g. pointed head Diabolos, it can be that the Diabolos get caught in the barrel. So if the weapon is secured, you shouldn’t pull the trigger. Of course you can do that, but there is a danger that the magazine will get caught. If this happens frequently and one of the diabolo’s positions is unfavourable, the pistol would quickly be out of action for a few minutes and you’d have some trouble getting it running again. Always stay with flat diabolos, not only for the P226, but in general.

Insert from magazine

The magazine of the Sig Sauer P226 is designed so that you only have a narrow strip for your diabolos. Why is that?

Due to the integrated CO2 capsule insert system, the CO2 capsule is inserted at the back of the handle. Unlike most weapons, the CO2 capsule is not placed in the magazine. Therefore, one has only a narrow strip to hold the diabolos, a clip. The narrow strip has two holders, one at the upper end and one at the lower end. In each holder you can insert 8 diabolos (or steel balls).

My tip is buy yourself two or three spare magazines. In most online shops you can buy a pack of replacement magazine for the Sig Sauer P226 for less than 30 €. This of course gives you the advantage that you can not only shoot a magazine and need a lot of time to load it, but you can also continue directly through the eject and the new insert, clip by clip.

In my opinion a small disadvantage: The clips are made of plastic. This makes the overall look of the gun a little less. Similar to gifts, in the end it always depends on the average of the individual values. Who e.g. gives away an expensive ring and in addition a shirt, lands at the end with a halfway good gift. Who concentrates only on the ring, lands the absolute hit and works more high-quality. While the entire rifle is designed and made to a high standard, this small part, made of plastic, is relatively unfavourable. Nevertheless, it does not make any great sacrifices, but a metal processing would not have harmed!

Insert of the CO2 capsule

The insert of the CO2 capsule is the special highlight of the Sig Sauer P226. As I have already mentioned a few times, the CO2 capsule can be inserted at the back of the magazine. The insert opens when the back is folded down. Now you can simply insert the new CO2 capsule and by closing the backside it will be pushed upwards immediately and thus pierced and activated. That is the first advantage, the second advantage is, as soon as you have shot the first CO2 capsule empty, you can open the back quickly and easily, the capsule falls out almost by itself and you can insert a new one. The weapon will be ready to fire in two or three seconds.

Especially with intensive training comma, this very special workmanship or system is extremely fun!

Anyone who is otherwise annoyed by the typical slide-in systems, which often require additional small tools such as an Allen key, will be very happy with the P226. The insertion as well as the removal of the capsule has never been so easy.

Shot and trigger

There’s absolutely nothing negative to be said about gunshots and triggers. The Sig Sauer P226 reacts reliably, not too much and not too little sensitive. Thanks to the ergonomically well-placed safety device, the weapon can be quickly, easily and one-handedly re-secured between uses. The accuracy is very good on close but also on distant targets, after about 500 shots I am still absolutely thrilled and since then it belongs to one of my favorite models when it comes to CO2 pistols.

The cock is also realistically designed. While some CO2 pistols only have dummies on them, the cock is movable. After firing the first 8 rounds, the magazine can be ejected by a simple push, then you turn it and lead it back, and another 8 rounds are available. With the double magazine system, you save yourself the trouble of reloading – simply eject, turn, done. However, if you want to empty an entire CO2 capsule, you should buy a replacement magazine, as recommended above. From my experience, this saves a lot of time (in training) and you can concentrate on the training.


Many would also like a blowback function for their CO2 pistol. Blowback means that the upper barrel of the weapon, the so-called sled, runs back when the trigger is operated. The barrel can also be retracted without triggering. What’s the matter with you? So with a “real” 9mm pistol, the bullet would get into the barrel. Here it is of course only dummy, the Diabolos are built into a drum. This drum only rotates when the trigger is operated. The blockback system lets the carriage jump back and forth.

Experiences: Top! Fast recharging, fast operational readiness

As you might have read, I am a big fan of the Sig Sauer P226 CO2 pistol. It is a reliable model, it is of high quality workmanship and offers with the double-sided magazine a direct change in training. But what makes the weapon an absolute highlight is the absolutely innovative inlay system for the CO2 capsules. Never before has a CO2 pistol been so quickly ready for use!

For everyone who wants to expand his collection and of course for everyone who wants to buy his first CO2 pistol, an absolute recommendation!

Here a little tip: When you buy your first CO2 pistol, you should make sure that a CO2 capsule is always shot empty. If you leave the CO2 capsule in the gun for a long time, the seals will gradually wear out, which means your gun will wear out (and leak). Therefore, always make sure that you remove the CO2 capsule again after the shooting training.


  • High quality workmanship and materials
  • If I have Terra manufacturer
  • One-time and innovative capsule insertion system
  • Double-sided magazine
  • Small anchor symbol for recognition


Both disadvantages are not serious, only small, minimal deductions that are not important when buying.

  • Magazine plastic clips, metal would be a more elegant solution
  • Removal of half-empty CO2 capsules allows a lot of gas to escape at once, screw systems are easier to regulate

Buy Bell online

The Sig Sauer P226 is available for free sale in Germany and can therefore not only be bought in regular weapons shops, in the city centre, but also in the various online shops.

  • No firearms licence required
  • Online purchaseable
  • Recommendation: German online shop with good ratings
  • Return possibility

Videos about Glock

At the end listen to some more interesting videos P226. After all, pictures say more than a thousand words. If you are interested in purchasing a P226, you can view the various details in the moving image here again.

Shot test: Glock 17 4,5mm

Buy Glock 17 Blowback CO2 pistol – Review and shooting test

After our general view on CO2 pistols we want to take a closer look at some models today. For the start of the new series about air pressure and CO2 we present you today a solid basis for every sport shooter. One of the most famous models, the Glock 17, is it as good as the 9mm version or should you leave the Glock 17 CO2 in the gun shop? Finally, we use the Glock 17 with German special units, such as the GSG 9 or the SEKs in the 16 different German states. My field report!

Weapon shops and selection

Who stands in the gun shop before a large selection of pistols, he is naturally fast overtaxed with the question, which CO2 pistol should I buy myself? Most of them initially focus on the absolute classics, e.g. the Walther P99, which of course has a high degree of popularity as standard equipment for the German police. There are also many other interesting brands that produce outstanding models. There are good weapon manufacturers e.g. also from Switzerland, the United States of America in addition, of course countries such as Israel. But also Austria and exactly here, we want to stay today!

The pistol developed around 1980 by the Austrian engineer Gaston Glock is still in use today. The pistol has already proven itself in everyday use, so you can find this model in many online shops and of course also in local gun shops as a CO2 version for sport shooters.

We’ll take a closer look today:

  1. How is the gun processed?
  2. How is it in the hand?
  3. What are the functions?
  4. What extensions are offered?
  5. What’s their shooting behavior?
  6. What about the target accuracy?
  7. Most important: Would I recommend the Glock 17?

Glock 17 CO2 pistol for 4,5mm diabolo and BB steel ball – experience

The Glock armoury is a household name, not only for enthusiastic sports shooters on the one hand or the other, who are not otherwise concerned with the subject of weapons, the name Glock says something. The traditional company has been finishing pistols since 1980 and is a firm element for many security and special forces. Model 17 is now in its 5th generation.

Material and Processing

The pistol is largely made of metal, but its structure and appearance have a high value, which corresponds to the “original”. Especially the lines and edges of the weapon are kept very straight, which makes it less playful and makes it appear very efficient from the outside. The angular look is also stable and solid, which also adds value to the feel of the gun. The material also ensures that the weapon lies well balanced in the hand. This is important to promote accuracy. The pistol is not only well balanced, but also the grip of the weapon lies well in the hand.

But here also the first disadvantage comes into play, if you look closely at the trigger of the weapon, you already realize that to trigger the weapon in order to fire a shot, you have to pull the trigger very far – so far that after 3, 4 magazines it really becomes a challenge to pull the trigger with one finger, in quick succession. This will affect the shooting range later. But more about that later.

Basically the material as well as the workmanship of the weapon is very high-quality, it lies well in the hand and is well processed by the balance as well as by the weight.

Securing the weapon

The safety of the weapon and the trigger are designed in such a way that it is difficult to release them quickly. Extra fuse 1 – While most fuse systems can be reached directly with the finger, the fuse of the weapon is located below the barrel. A narrow, approximately 2 cm long and 3 mm wide throttle, which has to be pushed forward by means of a thin object, e.g. a key. Once the weapon is secured, you will see a white dot, as soon as the weapon is armed, by moving the small slider you will see a red dot. Now the CO2 gun is ready for use. To move the knob, however, you always need a (thin or pointed) object.

As with the trigger, the fuse is relatively difficult to operate. Especially for families in which, over the years, there is the possibility that children may also have access to the pistol. Certainly a sensibly complicated security system that makes the rapid use of weapons more difficult. For every adult these safeguards are of course no problem. However one should consider this with the purchase of the weapon.

Insert from magazine

The magazine of the gun is very comfortable. A light pressure causes the magazine to fall out downwards. In the magazine you already have 3 prefabricated diabolo holders (silver), as well as a prefabricated holder for BB steel balls (black).

The magazine is made of stable metal, which makes the pistol higher quality compared to the Sig Sauer P226. The diabolo and steel ball holders are mounted on the front side. By inserting the magazine, the holders are fixed directly to the magazine so that they do not fall out during the next removal. Each individual holder comprises 8 diabolos or 8 steel balls. So you can prepare a total of 24 diabolos and 8 steel balls. However, you should make sure when shooting that one weapon is not used for both projectiles. You can find out why this is the case in our article about buying CO2 pistols. I find the system of 4 integrated holders very practical and in combination with the full metal magazine high quality constructed. By the already prepared projectiles, one has without additional equipment, directly enough ammunition for a half CO2 capsule.

So if you buy three more replacement holders for Diabolos, you can directly empty an entire capsule without reloading a projectile.

Insert of the CO2 capsule

Important for many sports shooters, the insert of the CO2 capsule in the magazine.

  • How fast does it go?
  • How complex will it get?
  • Do I need extra tools?

As with most pistols, the Glock 17 is also equipped with CO2 capsules by removing the magazine. The interior of the magazine has a cavity in which the CO2 capsule is positioned. Below the CO2 capsule, there is a small screw with which you can fix the CO2 capsule. Turned a little further, the capsule is pierced. CO2 capsules are closed at the upper end and are only opened by a targeted stitch. Through this sting the CO2 flows into the gun and is thus responsible for the thrust of the diabolo. The gun is ready to go.

Extra security 2 – Because a screw has to be fixed, the Glock 17 requires an extra Allen key for screwing in and out. This would be more cleverly solved under circumstances with a clamp, which one sets up and so also without additional tools at the shooting range, a capsule can be exchanged fast. In addition to the little sensitive trigger, which we will talk about later, the relatively complex securing, another barrier is needed, e.g. for unwanted ones.

Of course, the pistol comes with a matching Allen key. If this is lost, you can also use a standard Allen key to replace the CO2 capsule.

Shot and trigger

Now we come to the core of my report on the Glock 17 today. The trigger is a real disadvantage, especially when it comes to the fun of shooting. Why is that?

Extra fuse 3 – The trigger is set so that you need a very high pressure to trigger a shot. The trigger must not only be pulled by 80%, it must be pulled by 90% and then a further 5%, with even higher load, to finally fire a projectile. Especially during training it is harder and harder to pull the trigger when you have already shot some targets. As hard as you try, there’s always a lack of power in the end. This prevents the bowl from loosening quickly and sometimes you even have to use your second finger to pull the trigger. The steady hand suffers and ultimately the accuracy at the target.

If you want to shoot two, three or four CO2 capsules with your weapon, you will quickly reach your limits. It’ll take the fun out of the sport someday.

After I bought the gun, I had a few days interest, but since then it lies locked in the closet – shopkeeper! Because compared to other weapons, I would even say compared to all other weapons, the trigger on the Glock 17 (CO2 version) is no fun in the long run.

But we do not see the glass half-empty, but half full. Maybe it’s the pistol with a little more security? If you put the safety aspect in the foreground, the weapon is especially recommended for families, young fathers and mothers, because it is difficult to operate. As we have seen in the field report, this starts with:

  1. relatively complex unlocking of the weapon, for which you need a small tool or a key, at least a small, pointed object,
  2. the screwing of the CO2 capsules into the magazine, which requires another tool and

the screwing of the CO2 capsules into the magazine.

  1. the little sensitive process, which you have to pull through almost to 100% to trigger a shot. To keep the strength to trigger every shot with one finger should not be difficult, but the Glock 17 doesn’t make it easy!

Targeting accuracy

In terms of target accuracy, there are basically no compromises, but here too the trigger and its difficult operation account for a large part of the distortion in the shot. Especially after the second or third magazine, the trigger of the weapon needs a lot of pressure (which the finger often can’t fully apply). In order to apply this pressure, a relatively large number of muscles must be activated in the hand, which in principle pulls the barrel of the weapon downwards at the moment of triggering. This means in particular that it is not possible to fire fast or targeted shots. As I said, not at the first magazine, but after time, it becomes very difficult to keep the gun straight, at the moment of the trigger. This shows that the Glock has some drawbacks, which are further complicated by a first trigger.

Especially for sport shooters the accuracy is of course very important. Therefore one should pay attention with the purchase of the weapon in the apron to test it in detail in the weapon business! Because only if you really like the weapon, with its difficult trigger, should you acquire it. So test more than one or two shots.

Although I had tested it briefly, I still wanted to buy it as it is a standard model. Therefore I want to point out again explicitly, test them in detail! If you own several weapons and want to have them in your portfolio, you need less time to think about them. However, if you buy your first pistol, I would advise you to use a different model!


A special feature and after the many disadvantages an advantage of the Glock 17 is the integrated blowback system. The blowback system allows the gun rail to be pushed backwards by pulling the trigger. This gives you an even more realistic feeling when shooting. Many CO2 guns do not have a blowback system built in and therefore have a rigid rail. This of course takes a little of the feeling and that’s why blowback systems are becoming more and more popular with sport shooters – it’s not realism! From magazine to capsule and blowback, those were all the details of Glock 17.

Experiences: Heavy trigger impairs target accuracy

2 of 5 stars

If we summarize the Glock 17 and my experiences in a few sentences, then I have to say unfortunately, very well thought but by the difficult excerpt, unfortunately only 2 of 5 stars. If the trigger were not so difficult to operate (in the long run), I would give the pistol 4 of 5 stars. But especially the trigger and the resulting fluctuations in the accuracy make sure that you won’t have much fun with the CO2 gun in the long run. Especially those who own other models know about the advantages of many pistol models. If you are then spoilt for choice, you will probably no longer decide in favour of the Glock 17.

The only positive aspect, which I can take from the special safety device, the trigger, the insert of CO2 capsules and the release, is a protection against unintentional use (by children). Particularly among the millions of families that have sporting weapons, there is the possibility over the years that small children and children will also be able to reach the pistols. In this case they would need some tools, skill and also some knowledge to make the pistol ready for use. Of course not a big challenge but a big barrier for toddlers and children. Unfortunately the deductions are so big that I can only give 2 out of 5 stars for the Glock 17 – a pity!

Have you had similar or different experiences? Write us your experiences in the comments below!

Advantages of the Glock 17

  • High quality workmanship and materials
  • Minimalistic and modern look
  • Standard model for many security forces
  • High safety against unintentional use

Overview of disadvantages of the Glock 17

  • Required trigger pressure too high
  • This results in fluctuations in target accuracy
  • Small tools are required, e.g. for the use of CO2 capsules (Allen wrench) and for unlocking (e.g. key)

Buy Glock 17 online: Recommendations for Online Shops

If you want to buy the model online, you will find various online shops where you can order your weapon online. The weapon can be sold freely in Germany and does not require a firearms license. A little tip, you won’t find any CO2 guns on Amazon. In general I would recommend you a renowned online shop, so you have security, e.g. with the delivery, with the debit of the payment in addition, with possible return.

  • No firearms licence required
  • Online purchaseable
  • Recommendation: German online shop with good ratings
  • Return possibility

Similar weapons models

If you are interested in a CO2 pistol that is more fun to shoot with, I can warmly recommend the Sig Sauer P226! Not only is it very well crafted, it also has a truly revolutionary CO2 capsule insert system. This will allow you to get the shot ready within a second.

Men’s watches for outdoor use: fashionable & functional

Men have significantly fewer opportunities than women to set accents in their outfits. Here the watches come into play as eye-catchers on the man’s wrist. Everything you need to know about the Watch Trends 2019, FIV has summarized here for you.

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Which are the most rugged outdoor watches?

Anyone who likes to be outdoors or in nature is understandably looking for the functionality of a watch. A good outdoor watch should of course not only have functions such as an altimeter, compass, barometer or thermometer, but also good radio clock technology and a large and illuminated display. In addition to all the functions, the appearance of the watch is also important to many men nowadays. So if you have a good and robust outdoor watch, but don’t want to do without a good look, you should definitely consider the following watches!

Casio – an all-round talent

Robustness, functionality and stylish appearance. These are probably the synonyms that would best describe a Casio watch. For decades, this classic watch has been distinguished by its sporty design and reliability. Casio’s classic outdoor watches include the G-Shock and Pro Trek models. So if you want a good and affordable watch, the Casio Outdoor watches are the perfect choice.

Garmin – the pioneer among the integration of navigation

Known from the aviation, military, outdoor and sports sectors, Garmin has long established itself in the world of watches. Garmin is not without reason a big name in the outdoor world, because the main focus is on navigation. Whether in an airplane, on a ship, on a bicycle or on the wrist, navigation is always integrated. Good navigation is indispensable for all those who are out and about in nature. The characteristic feature of these watches is not only their sporty yet elegant appearance, but also the innovative materials and concepts behind them. The most important models for the outdoor area are Vivomove and the Smartwatches, which not only look good, but can also be used to retrieve worldwide weather data.

Sinn – A must for every diver!

Developed by the flight instructor Helmut Sinn in the 60s, the brand quickly became one of the best-known manufacturers of outdoor watches. Outdoor activities include not only hiking, climbing and trekking, but also maritime activities such as diving. Sure, pretty much every watch is water-resistant, but the diving watches U1, U212, UX and EXM from Sinn bring other features with them. These include the setting of a time interval by timer or bezel and a good and clear recognizability of data in the dark and from a distance of at least 25 centimeters. But Sinn watches are not only designed for the maritime sector, they can also withstand extreme heat, cold and pressure. So if you need a robust and elegant watch that is also very durable, Sinn watches have hit the right nerve.

Luminox – The Swiss Movement

“It runs like a Swiss clockwork”, this idiom fits perfectly to the watches of Luminox. Founded in the USA, the brand was taken over by a Swiss company and is manufactured there. The watches are known for their reliability and long-term illumination, and not without reason. This is precisely why Luminox has established itself in the military sector. Due to their extreme robustness and water resistance, these watches are ideal for outdoor activities and athletes. The different models are designed for the three categories Land, Sea and Air, so that you can choose your watch according to your needs. Despite or even because of the simple and comfortable design, the watches meet the high demands of military officers and are therefore totally suitable for everyday use. So if you want a true Swiss movement, a Luminox watch is indispensable for the man!

Alpina – A true factory

The Ferrari of watches! The watches from Alpina not only have all the functions a good outdoor watch should have, they also do without unnecessary frills and focus on the essential things of outdoor watches. Alpina not only combines precision, innovation and high quality in its watches, but was also the pioneer among sports watches. Due to the simple yet sporty and striking design of the watches, they are always an eye-catcher on the man’s wrist and indispensable for all those who want to improve their outfit. Alpina is a Ferrari watch not only because of its appearance, but also because of its price. Of course you should consider investing money in an expensive watch, but Alpina watches have been a big name in the world of watches for over 100 years, not without reason. So if you want to decorate your wrist with a high-quality manufacture movement, you should think about whether an investment in a watch from Alpina might not be the right thing to do.

Seiko – pioneering innovations

Seiko watches are not only ahead of other manufacturers because of their leading watch technology and precision, but also because of their innovations. For example, Seiko has manufactured the first quartz watch, but also leads in the fields of mechanical, kinetic and solar movements. The masculine and sporty watches are, like those from Sinn, not only suitable for rural outdoor activities, but also for diving. So you can find the watches from Seiko not only in the various price segments, but you can also choose between the different movements and the different outdoor areas for the right watch. If it is the case that you are not really familiar with the field of watches, but you would like to have a good and robust outdoor watch, you could find them from Seiko. The great variety of prices and the different watches help you to make your choice for the right watch easier.

What are the watch trends for the year 2019?

Wristwatches are one of the most basic things for people. The reason for this is that they not only have many functions that are indispensable for everyday life, but have also become an increasingly important accessory for men. Today, the man no longer owns only one watch, which he may have inherited or got for a lot of money – no! On average, men today own more than one watch, and rightly so. In the past it was only about watches fulfilling their function, which were that you can read and/or stop the time, they are waterproof and at best durable. But today, when men buy a watch, they are more than just interested in functionality. The gentlemen of creation also want to look good, and watches play a fundamental part in this. Here you can find out which Trends Man 2019 is wearing on his wrist.

Sports Watches

With their integrated heart rate monitor and GPS, swimming and analysis functions, these watches are a must for every athlete and are tailored to his needs. A good sports watch has several aspects. It notifies you not only situation-related and stops the recording of the training unit to achieve a more accurate evaluation. It also offers already integrated training plans and allows you to synchronize your own training plan. In 2019, the metal wristband in particular is an absolute must-have for all sports enthusiasts who also want to look fashionable.

Airman’s watches

Known from the beginnings of 1900, the pilot’s watch was originally developed for the needs of pilots. Today, however, it is one of the most important watches in the men’s sector. Typical for a pilot watch are a black dial and a clearly readable time as well as the large case with an equally handy crown. With their large design, these watches look even more masculine and are a must for anyone who wants to draw attention to themselves and their wrists.


Although this watch has been around for quite some time, it has come to the fore again, especially in today’s age of digitalization and by manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. The functions of the watch are almost endless and offer a wide range in terms of design and price segment. It is not only important in the area of sports and health (like the sports watch), but also shows you messages and missed calls when synchronized with your mobile phone, in other words: The Smartwatch is the mobile phone for the wrist!

Minimalistic clocks

“Less is more” is the motto of this watch trend. In addition to a simple design and muted colours, the absence of numbers on the dial is often significant for these watches. By using only a few colours, which are nevertheless rich in contrast, the watches attract attention despite their simplicity.

Retro watches

Retro. These are all the things that were totally in vogue in the time before you could take part yourself and now rise from the dead again. Some watches also belong to the risen ones. This is not about the imperishable, classic watches from the years of grandma and grandpa, but about the watches for which one would have been ashamed a few years ago to wear them. Retro is the new one, and therefore an absolute eyecatcher!


An immortal trend. The chronographs with their integrated stopwatch are not a new trend, but a classic which never goes out of fashion. In addition to the additional hands, this watch is characterized above all by its very masculine design.

Flat watches

Similar to minimalism, here it is reduced to something. In this case, the reduction of the watch refers only to the case. This not only makes them an eye-catcher visually, but also makes them more comfortable to wear thanks to the reduced housing.

Skeletonized clocks

The skeleton clock allows a glimpse into the inside of the clock. In these watches, parts of the movement are made visible, which makes the continuous movement of the dial visible. Precisely because of this special feature, these watches are particularly popular and coveted by watch lovers.

Sport watches

The sporty wristwatches are characterized, who would have thought otherwise, by their sporty design. The digits of the watch are typically large and striking, which means that the case of the watch is usually larger. However, there are also sporty watches, which are very minimalist. But those who are less interested in the design of a classic watch and more in sporty models should definitely look for sporty wristwatches!

Which watch should the man have in the cupboard in 2019?

Watch trends are not only available with the different models, also with colours and materials there are different things which are a must for every man this year! From completely monochrome to special features such as precious wood or gold and ceramics. We as Fashion Magazine have collected the most important trends in the field of watches for the year 2019 so that you can be a true Trendsetter and set a great accent with your watches!

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Norman Theuerkorn: Musician, Model, Upcoming Idol – The Exclusive Interview

He’s back – Norman Theuerkorn. Known as an international model. He has run for high fashion brands like Dior, Berluti or Hermes. Now he also starts in the German HipHop scene. We from FIV are the only ones who got an exclusive interview with the man from Halle. From Tuesday, 20.11.2018: Theuerkorn exclusive interview, Traveling Tokyo, Supercandy World and Stefanie Giesinger!

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Directly under the cover you can find the interview with one of the Upcoming Rappers for 2019:

Norman Theuerkorn about love, music and his lifestyle – Video

Under the video interview you can also find all questions and answers to Norman Theuerkorn. Thank you very much for this exclusive interview and the honest answers:

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FIV: Hey Norman, first of all, thank you for taking time for us. Now that you are in Germany, we are incredibly excited about your music and your next steps. You are already known for your very successful model career. Not many can boast Dior or Berluti in their portfolio. But what’s all the burning interest here, now that you’re single again, what’s a perfect woman for you?

Norman: Hey, no problem now that I’m in Germany, I don’t have much time because I work a lot on my music, but I can spare you something (laughs). The perfect woman? In my opinion, they don’t even exist. Neither is there a perfect man. The whole package must be right, she can have red hair, black hair or even be blond. It doesn’t matter.

FIV: Are you someone who believes in life after death? Or is that something you’re totally unfamiliar with?

Norman: A life after death? Spontaneously I would have said that I didn’t believe in something like this, but I’ve thought about it several times before. I mean, how cool would it be if I was reborn a tiger? Then I could find myself a hot little tiger woman and make lots of little extraterrestrial babies of cats of prey somewhere on a distant planet. I would also get involved with a blue leopard woman (grins).

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FIV: When people talk to you here, they notice that you are an incredibly energetic person. Where do you get all this energy for your projects? What gives you the energy to do what you do?

Norman: My energy has always been there. I think this has something to do with my home. It’s important to know where you’re from. I haven’t always been as successful as I am now, and I haven’t forgotten that. Germany has shaped me and is and will remain a part of me.

FIV: Now that you’re getting started professionally in music, a lot of people ask themselves, why music? How would you say that music has shaped you?

Norman: To make one thing clear, I love music. I can’t live without music. Who doesn’t know that? Even as a child I sat in the car with my parents and could sing along to every song, even if I didn’t know the performer. So my life has always been full of music from Motown Shit to Frank Sinatra. My parents heard very nices stuff, so music is very important to me, even vital.

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Never lost

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FIV: So let’s summarize briefly: International model, rapper and what’s next? President?

Norman: Why next? Who knows, maybe I am already (laughs). I mean in a world where Donald Trump is president …

Norman Theuerkorn: Air Mode – Music Video 2018

Flugmodus is 100% selfmade and shows the creativity of Theuerkorn, but also of his team, like producer Kunstmann or his art director for Flugmodus. Instrumental, text, teamwork that pays off. In Flight Mode, you’ll see Theuerkorn’s two sides of the coin: musician and rapper meets fashion model – an exciting mix. For us therefore one of the newcomers for the charts 2019. Look forward to what’s coming and his new songs! Here once again current: Flight mode.

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FIV: As you can see, you’re not a big smoker. Have you ever smoked a joint or anything in your entire career?

Norman: Nope.

FIV: At the moment we read a lot about you, also some negative things. Court case, alleged bad boy, and more. What do you say to all this negative news?

Norman: What can you say big about that? The press tells a lot, especially when it comes to negative things. You shouldn’t believe everything, and you shouldn’t easily judge other people you don’t know. Especially in industry, the press likes to turn over the words in your mouth.

FIV: Everybody knows the saying “Nowhere does it taste as good as with mummy”.  Would you agree to that?

Norman: No. So the only thing that tasted really good was the pancake. It was really delicious. I’m afraid she wasn’t much of a cook otherwise. Sorry, Mama.

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Mama ❤️ Happy Birthday to the Best#loveyou

A post shared by NOCKY (@normantheuerkorn) on

FIV: Do you have a favourite animal that you would say is your soul mate?

Norman: Clearly the tiger. There is no animal that describes me better.

FIV: Your love for the tiger is really undeniable. You can see that in your dress style, where he keeps showing up. But apart from your love for the tiger, how do you feel about love? Would you say that love is a drug?

Norman: Absolutely. Love is the most beautiful and the worst drug at the same time. Who can live completely without love? Well, I don’t. I’m addicted to her. That’s what I stand for. I’m addicted to love.

FIV: What would you say a woman has that a man doesn’t have?

Norman: What does a woman have that a man doesn’t? A lot. I mean, look at a woman. These hips, the lips, the eyes, the long hair and the feminine smell. Not to mention these feet. Honestly, look at a man’s foot. Urgh. Then there are these small, sweet and gentle women’s feet. Wow, that sounds like I’m mega the fetishist. Scary.

FIV: So your heart belongs to the music, again and again comes through how important that is to you. What comes after music, what is most important to you in your life?

Norman: My family is incredibly important to me. There’s nothing else I can think of.

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A post shared by NOCKY (@normantheuerkorn) on

FIV: As an international model you get around a lot and run for the greatest designers. Is fashion so important to you outside of your work?

Norman: Clothes make the man. I’m really into the way I run around, but it’s overrated by so many people. Fashion isn’t so important to me. People run after false ideals that the fashion industry pretends and I find that very questionable. But everyone as they please.

FIV: Is there a musician with whom you would like to write or record a song?
Who would you like to do a song with?

Norman: Definitely with Peter Fox. He’s a great artist and someone I’d like to work with.

FIV: During the whole interview you laughed a lot and you are really a very open person. Have you always been so open and humorous?

Norman: Am I open and humorous? Does that come across to you like that (grins)? Nice. Let’s just leave it in the room. I can’t tell you exactly why I am. In my opinion I am simply a very nice and funny person.

Norman Theuerkorn @TV LAB: So far, so good

FIV: Right now you still live in LA. But you want to expand your music career here in Germany. Does that mean that you want to move to Germany and leave LA behind, or what are your plans?

Norman: No, so I can’t imagine leaving the sun completely behind me. I love Germany, but I also love LA. It’s an incredibly beautiful place. The sun is madness, the palm trees and the women of course. Of course Germany also has its beautiful corners and as a native German the country will always be important to me, because of the music alone I will spend a lot of time here in the future. So I can’t say LA or Germany, I love both in my own way.

FIV: If there is something you could give to your future children, what would it be?

Norman: I would give them self-confidence and of course a lot of love. I think that’s the most important thing you can give a child.

We at FIV would like to thank Norman Theuerkorn for the exclusive interview and for posing this month on our cover of the print edition of FIV magazines, which you can order online. The print edition will be published on 19.11.2019.

Norman Theuerkorn x FIV Magazine Cover 18/11

From Tuesday, 20.11.2018: Theuerkorn exclusive interview, Traveling Tokyo, Supercandy World and Stefanie Giesinger!

Radio Interview @Sputnik (German)

You will find Theuerkorn not only in your Spotify playlist soon, but also on the radio. Here among others to guest with Sputnik.


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Men Watches – The Fashion Trend for Men

At the word men’s watches, most men think directly of Rolex, Patek Phillipe or other luxury brands. But there is also a wide selection of cheap men’s watches, from brands such as Diesel, Fossil or Casio. Here we have listed everything you need to know, from Smartwatches to watches for men cheap up to 50€ up to watches in gold and silver.

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Watch brands: Casio, Rolex, Fossil or Diesel?

When choosing a watch there is more to consider than one thinks. The model – automatic or not? Do you value a certain brand such as Diesel, Fossil, Casio or a good Rolex? Of course this is all a question of budget, not every normal earner can afford a Rolex, so you have to pay 10.000€. Each brand has its own designs, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your watch. Sport, business, fashion or no special preference? Read on if you want to know what to consider when buying and the different types!

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*Caribbean holiday not included* #DieselWatch

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The Chronograph, not automatic and yet Modern

A timeless trend among men’s watches is the chronograph, which actually only stands for the time recorder of a watch. Nowadays mainly analogue clocks with a stopwatch function are called that. This makes this watch not only elegant, but also sporty. Considering that this had its origin in 1821, it is hard to believe that it is still considered high fashion today.

What you should look out for when buying

  • make sure that the time of the clock is well readable
  • Mass goods or manufactory chronograph? – The difference is in the accuracy, but the manufactory chronograph is much more expensive
  • Shift wheel or scenery control? – The ratchet wheel is very expensive to manufacture, the splitter control in turn is ideal for cheap watches
  • look at the water resistance of your watch
  • what about additional functions?
  • the processing – do you notice flaws?
  • the robustness
  • the accuracy of the movement is an important aspect

Close on cash? Men’s watches at special price

You have a limited budget and are looking for a cheap men’s watch up to 50€? There are also some possibilities, it is not a Rolex, but even the “cheap” watch market continues to expand. Of course, you can’t expect a 20€ watch to last long, but a cheap, good-looking accessory can now all be found. Be it in the city centre or in an online shop, the market is big and growing constantly!

Which watch type are you?

Now comes the question, the question. With so many watch types, it’s important to know which type suits you? From automatic watches, chronographs, pilot watches, radio controlled watches to pocket watches, diving watches or Swiss watches. Less is often more, but not always. The watch says a lot about you because it is one of the few “male” accessories. While a thick watch cries out for attention, you show more discreet seriousness, which of course leaves a much better impression in management consulting or banking. Men in suits are recommended to wear a flat, classic watch that radiates “understatement”. Silver, gold or black, steel or leather bracelet is not so important. Whether you wear them left or right is also irrelevant. The only important thing is that it “fits” the watch, because a watch belongs under the shirt.

Watch care – you extend the life of your men’s watch

Finally it’s here, your new fashionable gentlemen’s watch. Of course you want to get something from her for as long as possible. Here are a few simple tips for you on how to extend the life of your watch.

Notice the water density #1

  • Water resistant up to 3 bar – hand washing, splashing water
  • Waterproof up to 5 Bar – Bathing, Showering
  • Water resistant up to 10 Bar – Swimming, snorkeling
  • Water resistant up to 20 Bar – Diving

Note that the jump in the water briefly increases the pressure start and you can damage your beautiful, expensive watch.

Beware magnetism in everyday life #2

Magnetism affects the accuracy of your watch, depending on the watch model, you are well protected nowadays. Magnetism comes from your mobile phone, fridge magnets, speakers and many other devices. However, you should avoid leaving your watch right next to your mobile phone overnight.

The safekeeping of your watch #3

Make sure that your watch is not lying unprotected next to you on the bedside cabinet, but in a matching case. There it is safe from shocks and other accidents in the early morning.

Movement for the movement #4

If you don’t wear your watch every day, you should consider getting a watch winder. This small device keeps your watch moving, which prevents the wristwatch from winding up and also keeps the oils in the movement moving, which prevents it from resinifying or running.

In less than 1 minute, this video explains how to clean a metal watch.



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Sami Slimani – Youtuber for nine years

Sami Slimani has been a successful YouTuber for nine years. He was one of the first to make videos to give advice and recommendations. It has been imitated by many users and now there are countless YouTuber, but Sami is something very special. Because it also convinces through its personality and its life experience. Sami: A lust influencer.

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Birthday, Origin and Sisters Sami

Sami Slimani was born on 20 March 1990 in Esslingen am Neckar. Together with his two older sisters Lamiya and Dounias he grew up in Stuttgart with his Tunisian father and his French mother. The three brothers and sisters still have a beloved half-sister, but she wants to lead her life privately and not appear in public.

Luxur apartment in Berlin

A dream apartment in the heart of the German capital Berlin. In the following video Sami introduces his new home to his viewers. Sami will also give you little advice on how to beautify your kingdom.

From student to Youtube Star: Subscriptions 1.6 million Euro

The 28-year-old is an old hand in the world of YouTube. During his graduation he started to produce his first videos, as Mr. He focused on fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics. He has worked with renowned product distributors and shot test videos about their products. This encourages viewers to buy. Samisch now has 1.6 million subscriptions.

Moderator Sami writes a book

In addition to his career on YouTube, Sami has been working for the German music channel VIVA since May 2014, where he hosts the chart show VIVA Top 100. In the same year he published together with the sisters the book The Slimani Principle. It is available in paperback for 14,95 €. The trio also sells its own products from the Maison Slimani line. In their book the brothers describe everything that interests and concerns them. From styling tips to recipe ideas. The trio has a lot to say to their fans.

Fashion collection

YouTuber Sami launched its first fashion collection for the Review brand in 2016 in collaboration with Peek & Cloppenburg. This was not his only little hit in 2016, because he also had a dubbing role for the animated film Kong Fu Panda 3.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Sami has many fans not only on YouTube, but also on other social networks. More precisely, there are 1.4 million on Instagram, 899 thousand on Twitter and nearly 700 thousand on Facebook. Sami reaches his fans every day with new e-mails and videos, which makes his fan community grow more and more.

Car – luxury on four tyres

As a very successful influencer, YouTuber, moderator, author and dubbing artist for many years, Sami Slimani could earn well according to rumours. No wonder his viewers are interested in his luxury car.

This is the Sami luxury car.

The first publishers were looking for Sami’s car. Here you can find out which Sami car drives and how expensive it was:

Trio Slimani

Have you never had enough of Sami Slimani? Then he checks the YouTube and Instagram reports of his older sisters Lamiya and Dounias. They often publish shared videos and photos. The trio shares many similarities, but Lamiya and Dounais will probably enchant you with their own way.


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Lukas Rieger – the singer, social media star and girl swarm goes on tour

He’s a singer, social media star and crush of girls. Lukas Rieger is the German superstar! With almost 2 million Instagram followers and almost as many loyal fans, he is one of the most successful German stars. In November he starts his second tour to see his fans live again. Everything you need to know about him, his career, his music and his tour can be found in this article.

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Everything you should know about Lukas Rieger

  • How old is Lukas Rieger? Lucas is 19 years old
  • When’s lucas’ birthday? He was born in Lehrte on 3 June 1999
  • How big is lucas? With 1,78m the singer is a bit smaller.

Where does Lukas Rieger live? The singer was born in Lehrte, a small town in the Hanover region. Lukas moved at the age of 16 and lived in Berlin for half a year. Now he lives again with his parents in Hanover. Nevertheless, he enjoys a lot of freedom.

Who are Lukas Riegers parents? His parents Michael and Birgit Rieger are proud of their son. Birgit misses her son especially much and would like to have him with her as much as possible, this is only a little difficult with the many appointments of Lukas. Nevertheless Lukas tries to visit his family as often as possible in the small village near Hannover.

Does Lukas Rieger have siblings? Marie Rieger is the star’s sister. He has a very special connection to her, because his sister suffers from microcephaly, which is a rare disease that stands for a developmental disorder caused by a malformation of the brain and which also causes a physical disability. For a long time his sister was kept out of the spotlight but not to hide her, Lukas only wanted to protect his sister and still does.

Enjoy the little things 💕 @lukasrieger #teamrieger #lukinator

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Does Lukas Rieger have a girlfriend?

Lukas Rieger wants a friend. He says that his love life was too short due to all the hustle and bustle, the busy schedule and the concerts. Now he longs for someone he can trust and talk to about everything on his heart. Finding someone like that, however, is not easy, Lukas knows. He still travels a lot and has hardly any time, so a relationship would be very difficult for him. Secretly, however, he hopes for a happy coincidence in which he meets his lady of the heart. He longingly posts pictures on Instagram with the signature “Need a Girl in my Life” or “Can someone be mine?”.  You can impress Lukas above all with humor and adventurous spirit. In an interview, he reveals how his girlfriend should be – simply cool and funny.  He does not have a certain type of woman, it is important to him that it fits and they have a nice and exciting time together.

How do I get the Lukas Rieger phone number?

Finding out the phone number of such a star is almost impossible. He is very careful with something so private and trusts only a few people. If you find your number once on the Internet, you can almost assume that it is a fake and probably only someone has taken the liberty of having fun.

In the official online shop with merch you get everything that makes a fan’s heart beat faster

For his fans Lukas Rieger opened an online shop where he sells his merch and casual designs. It always adapts to current trends and its target group. The target group are of course young girls who are fond of him. That’s why almost every garment has its name on it. The delivery conditions are simple. It is sent exclusively by post and there is no minimum order value, the customer bears the shipping costs. Within Germany 5,95 Euro will be charged. in his online shop you can find all possible fan articles from shirts, bracelets, mobile phone cases, bikinis up to jackets.

The right sweater for everyone

Sweaters are the biggest part of the online shop. They are sold in a wide variety of designs. The classic is a black sweater with the cover of his new album Code printed on the back. Just as beautiful is the hoodie in white, with patterns on the sleeves and its name on the chest. This sweater is available in two versions, the second version additionally has all tour dates on the back. If you like it a bit crazier, you can order a hoodie with a big yellow smiley. All hoodies cost 45 Euro. Also new are two pink sweaters without hood. The pink sweater number 1 has the lettering First Lady and Team Rieger. The other one has a pizzeria and pizza print. As a special feature, the back is decorated with the lyrics of All I Want. That was only a small insight, the selection is infinitely large. It is worth to have a look at his website to see all models.

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T Shirts in different designs

For 25 Euro you can order a Lukas Rieger T Shirt in our Online Shop. The T shirts are also available in different designs. The common feature is that they all have the star’s name printed on their backs. There is a simple black one with the album logo, a horrible one with a sunglass print and the words Kiss Me and a special T shirt, which supports the organization Best Buddies. This organization is committed to ensuring that everyone has a best friend.

The Flamingo summer collection is super popular

For the summer there was a collection with the trend animal Flamingo in the online shop. This collection includes 2 white T-shirts, a jeans jacket, a cap and what the girls were especially happy about: a bikini. All parts are printed with flamingos and of course with Lukas Rieger.

The book of Lukas Rieger Code

On 9 October 2017 Lukas Rieger published his first book. In this book he tells about his life, his dreams and his fears in private. He talks about friends, family and his career. The fans are touched by how personal he becomes in this book and critics are also convinced.

The Code Tour 2018

please let us stick in this together.. for ever 💜⭐️

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On November 2nd Lukas Rieger starts part 2 of his ” Code Tour 2018″. We start in Bremen and then across Germany. This time it even goes beyond Germany and his fans can experience him live on stage in Austria, Switzerland and even the Czech Republic. Already his last tour was completely sold out and took the breath away of thousands of girls. The young star has proven that he really has what it takes and can also deliver live. As Vor Act Faye Montana will perform, she is also a young social media star, youtube, singer and even actress. However, not all fans are thrilled that Lukas is accompanied by a girl and haten the 14 year old on their social media channels. Can she stand it and really perform? The show will definitely be an absolute highlight!

Here you can pre-order tickets at Eventim, because soon the tickets will be completely sold out.

Since 2016 and 2017 thousands of girls stormed the fan meetings and everything got out of control, Lukas organizes only very rarely fan meetings. It’s just too dangerous, the young girls in love are so excited that they had to tip over in a row and be picked up by the ambulance.

The tourdates for November 2018

  • November 02, 2018 – Bremen, Modernity
  • November 3, 2018 – Rostock, Moya
  • November 4, 2018 – Magdeburg, Old Theatre
  • November 06, 2018 – Nuremberg, Löwensaal
  • November 09, 2018 – Dresden, old slaughterhouse
  • November 11, 2018 – Mannheim, Germany, Capitol
  • November 13, 2018 – Saarbrücken, Garage
  • November 18, 2018 – Freiburg, Germany, Jazzhaus

on Instagram #lukasrieger the Teenie Star inspires millions of people

Lukas Rieger has 1.8 million fans on Instagram. He regularly posts pictures from his free time, concerts and also posts some insider information. His fans feel connected to him and it is the only way for them to be in contact with him. In the comments under the pictures Lukas receives thousands of love declarations and yearning requests to get to know each other. But lucas knows that he can’t grant the girls that wish. Because there are so many girls who are crazy about him. The fans don’t write comments, they create fan pages and support their hive as much as possible. Unfortunately, some cross borders and try to call him at home, visit him or follow him wherever he goes.

Here you can find his Instagram account

Lukas music and his career

Lukas Rieger has always had a special relationship to music, even as a small child he loved to sing and make music with his family. At his school in Burgdorf he attended a music class and was allowed to participate in several performances and thus gain first experiences on stage.

Everything started with The Voice Kids

In 2014 he ventured a big step and applied for the Tv show The Voice of Germany Kids. In the first round he convinced Lena Meyer Landrut with the song “Can´t hold us” and became part of her team. But already in round two, the battels burst his dream and he had to leave the show.  Of course he was sad but giving up was not an option for him!

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Social Media makes him famous

Luke started building a social network through the media. He first released cover songs on Instagram and YouTube, which quickly became popular and attracted more and more fans. His fan base was growing. He also became active on and could enchant the girls with sweet videos. In 2014 he released his first single “Be My Baby”. Only a few months later he released two more songs. The singles “Ready 4 This Shit” and “Lightspeed Lovers” were loved by his fans.

The first album “Compass” is a great success

A music production label became aware of the social media star and gave him the opportunity to fulfill his dream. His first album! The producers have worked with stars such as Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, so it was no surprise that the album’s hit “Elevate” reached number 4 in the charts. Yet Luke was overwhelmed. On September 30th his first album “Compass” was released and became a complete success. Shortly after the release he also started his first tour across Germany. All concerts were completely sold out and the halls filled with screaming girls who adored their star, an absolute success!

The second album “Code” storms the charts

In February 2018 the fans were happy about the second album of their swarm, because on February 16th the album ” Code” was released. The 11 songs on the album are great and varied, the fans are absolutely thrilled and so the album reaches number 2 in the German charts. His songs are about love but also about his life, business and family. Also with this album he soon goes on a big tour to conquer the hearts of the girls.

Songs on the new album

  1. Used To
  2. Never Be This Young
  3. Slowmo
  4. All I shrouds
  5. Won’t Forget About You
  6. Phantom
  7. Treasure
  8. Kiss Me
  9. Remember
  10. Heart Skips a Beat
  11. When the Curtains Fall

Music video for “Treasure”

The lyrics of his hit “Elevate”

“Elevate” is the first successful single and the favourite hit of the Lukas Rieger fans. Below the lyrics you will find the popular music video, which was shot in Tokyo.

You’ve got my heart all up in a knock
You pic me up just so i can drop
Back to reality
Opposite of gravity
Why won’t the green light tell me to stop
Please, just tell me down Bae
Please, don’t tell me you know more
Once i’m during i will stop until i distancing
No more breaks, elevate
No more breaks, elevate
Fade out of traction
You take my breath
After reaction i must confest
Look what you do to me
Baby this is new to me
We’re going out girl you what’s next
Please, just tell me down Bae
Please, don’t tell me you know more
Once i’m during i will stop until i distancing
No more breaks, elevate
No more breaks, elevate
No more breaks, elevate
Why won’t the green light tell me to stop
No more breaks, elevate


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CO2 Pistol Buy & Learn to Shoot! Air pistols – recommendation for men

Shooting has always been a popular sport. Many of us men remember our childhood: little boys who learn from their fathers to shoot on cans or targets, with their first air pistols or professional shooting in a shooting club. If you want to learn to shoot at home or in a club, you need a good CO2 pistol. Quality plays an important and decisive role, especially when buying a weapon.

If you haven’t been busy buying a CO2 air pistol yet, here is our guide for CO2 weapons and beginners. Learn what is important when buying a CO2 pistol and which manufacturers are currently leading when it comes to quality and reliability. We also discuss the various projectiles, diabolos and steel balls as well as the handling of capsules and legal aspects. In the end, we still have manufacturer recommendations and recommendations for gun shops in the city.

Test reports: Comparison of CO2 guns

Ready to fire quickly or play it safe? There is the right model for everyone. Here are our current test reports:

Glock 17 – Double secured

If you have now seen everything but still want to decide for a smaller pistol model, we have here still current reviews to two really great models. One, the Glock 17, is “ideal for families” as it is very protected by several mechanisms against unwanted use. Even if safety is paramount, it can always happen over the years that a child might still be in the hands of the gun device. Even if it is only a short moment of carelessness! Read more about it here:

Sig Acid P226 – Ready to fire immediately

If you want to have fun shooting, we have tested the innovative reloading system of the Sig Sauer P226 for you! While with other CO2 guns you have to load the CO2 capsule by hand and often even need a tool like an allen key, here you have an absolutely innovative and patented quick loading system. This allows you to replace the CO2 capsules in just 2 seconds. The associated magazine with its double-sided drum can be used again directly after the first page has been shot. Here you can find my review:

CO2 pistol buy online cheap – Tips

Buy weapons cheap online? Depending on whether you’re buying a weapon for the first time or already have a collection, it’s worth going to your local weapons store or online shops. As a first time buyer of pistols the way to the weapon shop is worthwhile, here you can test the models and get experiences from the salesman. If you’re a gun owner looking to expand your collection, it’s worth looking at online shops, where you can save money. Read more here:

Diabolo vs steel ball – which is better?

You want to know more about Diabolos and BB steel balls? We have looked at all the different types for you and show you whether it is worth changing to types like the “Terminator” or the “Barracuda” or whether it is not worthwhile to stay with the good old standard model, the flat head Diabolo! Did you know? If you also shoot uphill on your Diabolo pistol, the grooves in the barrel will break, making the trajectory of the Diabolos more unstable and the accuracy of the target less accurate. If you want to know more about the topic, read here everything about the topic:

House & Security: Shotshots

The statistics make one thing clear, the small gun license is becoming more and more popular. Many feel insecure at home and want to be able to defend themselves in the event of robberies and break-ins. Not everyone wants to buy a big gun immediately and get a gun license, many just want the feeling of security, therefore the sales of CO2 and air pistols increases. Pepper spray and alarm systems are no longer enough for many when it comes to protecting their own four walls. We want to illuminate the topic of the alarm shot pistol as well as CO2 and air pistols in detail today. Why do more and more people make the little gun license?

CO2 pistols: barrel of the gun, rotation and projectiles

There are different types of Diabolos that you can use in your CO2 gun. The use of gas capsules accelerates the projectiles in the weapon. One gas capsule is enough for about 40-50 rounds from one gun. The shape of the projectiles does not change the number of possible shots. Basically we distinguish between three forms:

  1. flat head
  2. round head
  3. tips or sharpened head

But what are the differences between the different diabolo shapes?

Pros and cons of the various projectiles

First of all, it is always important that the fit of the Diabolos fits into your gun magazine. This means that you have to consider the diameter, i.e. the caliber, and the length of the projectile. Since your magazine continues to rotate after each shot, the length of the projectile must be correct to prevent your magazine from clogging or jamming. Diabolos are basically shaped like small badminton balls. At the front of the head is the center of gravity, to the rear opens a funnel which perfectly covers the barrel of the weapon. So pay attention:

  • Caliber size (4.5mm or .177)
  • Length of the projectile (especially with round head Diabolo)
  • Construction: head at the beginning and hollow funnel at the end

Gun barrel: projectile rotation for precision

The projectile or diabolo (not steel ball, because it is ‘only’ round) is turned by the slightly twisted corrugation in the barrel of the weapon and thus improves its trajectory. The stabilization of the trajectory has various advantages, from the precise hit of the target bit to the length of the trajectory. The funnel-shaped end is made of lead and moves easily when shot. The slight deformation does not cause any damage to the grooves of the weapon – unlike steel balls. You should also consider this with steel balls, they damage the barrel of your weapon! So if you shoot steel balls but also diabolos, on the same weapon, your running will eventually scrape off and diabolos will no longer reach the desired turn. Therefore you should use two different weapons for both project animal species. But more about that later.

  • The inside of the barrel of the weapon has twisted grooves
  • Projectile is rotated for a better flight
  • Width and precision is increased
  • Steel balls damage the barrel (steel instead of lead; no rotation)

Here you see in the magazine below Stahl-BB and above each Diabolos. Below this is the CO2 gas cartridge.

Diabolos and steel balls for CO2 pistols

In terms of penetrating power, the projectile forms differ. So let’s take a look at the different diabolos and of course the steel balls.

Flat Diabolos: Standard for air pistols

Flat diabolos are the standard for CO2 air pistols. They are used in the sports club but also for the private CO2 pistol at home. The trajectory is very straight. Flat diabolos have exactly the advantages I mentioned earlier. The grooves in the gun barrel ensure a very straight trajectory, the hollow funnel made of lead ensures the perfect barrel (slight deformation in rotation) and thrust. Standard Diabolos (500 pieces package) usually cost between 5.00 and 8.00 euros.

  • Recommendation for all CO2 guns
  • Standard Project

Round Diabolos: Caution when buying (length of projectiles)

Round diabolos have a slightly higher penetration force when firing the weapon. However, round projectiles are built for long guns, with which we also have to shoot more distant targets precisely. So the length of the projectiles rarely fits into the magazine of your weapon. Round diabolos should therefore only be used with caution, otherwise your magazine may jam.
Know already? In the past, most longer airguns were still operated with the classic bend, so that mechanical air was compressed, which then accelerated the diabolo. Today, most long guns also use CO2 air pressure capsules.

Tip Diabolos: More penetration force?

At first, many would think, pointed projectiles are much more effective and have a higher penetrating power. In reality, however, as mentioned earlier, projectiles are usually made of lead. When hitting the target, the projectile or the head of the projectile deforms immediately and thus has the same effect as a flat projectile.

When you hit it, the tip deforms, so you have a flat head again (see: Flat Diabolos). The size of the impacting point increases and thus the energy is distributed evenly on impact. So pointed diabolos do not have a higher penetrating power! If you don’t want to “create” just one layer of aluminium, but maybe two or three, you should resort to round projectiles for CO2 pistols.

  • Round head instead of flat pressed
  • Slightly higher breakdown force
  • Caution when buying! Projectile length must fit into magazine

Steel balls for CO2 guns: damage to the barrel

Steel balls sound much more powerful at first, after all it’s about steel and not just lead diabolos anymore. In fact, there is a big difference between diabolos and steel balls. It’s about the barrel of your gun. Your weapon has grooves that rotate, so the project here is also rotated in your weapon when the shot is fired. Diabolos are easily deformed by the material and therefore adapt to the barrel of the rifle or the grooves.

If you shoot steel balls with your weapon, they will gradually damage the grooves of your weapon and blunt them. Weapons that are frequently fired at with steel bullets are therefore no longer suitable for firing projectiles that increase their precision through rotation. With steel balls you also have less precision in the shot.

  • Damage the grooves in the run
  • decision: Weapon for steel ball or diabolo
  • Lower precision at the end

CO2 Air pressure capsule

The CO2 capsule is for your pistol or for your magazine. With the use of the CO2 capsule you have access to cold gas, which is released by the trigger. The cold gas pushes the projectile through the barrel of the weapon and shoots it towards the target. When using the CO2 air capsule, but also during the basic use, there are some things for gun owners to consider.

Application of air pressure capsule

As a rule, you place your CO2 capsule in the magazine using an allen key. At the bottom of your magazine you have a small spring with wire, which you can turn so that I slightly lower the plate in the magazine. Now put your CO2 capsule in the magazine. Now turn the plate upwards until you hear a slight hiss. Now the CO2 capsule is open and ready.

How long does a CO2 capsule last?

One capsule holds 40 to 50 rounds. So you can shoot about 5-7 magazines (mostly 8 shots per magazine) empty.

Capsule removal after workout

Many people ask themselves the question: Do I have to remove the CO2 capsule after shooting? The simple answer is yes.

Your CO2 capsule is connected to the weapon at the upper end by a seal. Then permanent pressure on this gasket loads, it will lose quality after some time and make the gas inflow leaky. After each workout you should empty and remove your CO2 capsules.

How do I empty a CO2 capsule?

Once your training is finished, take your Allen key and slowly turn the plate down in the magazine. You’ll hear a slight hiss. Just like when using the gas cartridge, you now know that gas escapes. So wait until there’s no more in between and your gas cartridge is emptied. The capsule gets very cold, because the gas escapes – do not be afraid.

Are there CO2 weapons that are immediately ready to fire?

A few weapon models are also suitable for immediate use. The principle works like this: At the lower end of your magazine there is a metal plate, when this is pressed, the already inserted CO2 cartridge pushes itself immediately into the seal intended for it and the weapon is ready to fire immediately.

By default you will find such devices in the fewest weapons, so check with your trusted weapon shop to find the best weapon for you. At the end of this article we have a few recommendations for arms deals.

After taking a detailed look at the basics for beginners, especially the use of diabolos and steel balls and the use and application of CO2 capsules, we now look at the different manufacturers of weapons. What are the recommendations for CO2 guns?

Recommended Weapons Manufacturer for Air Pistols – Top 5

German weapon manufacturers stand for quality, precision and care in material and workmanship. That’s why you have a correspondingly large selection in German gun shops, if you add American manufacturers, you quickly face the question of which gun manufacturer should I choose?

What is the best CO2 pistol?

Here’s my Top 5 for your gun purchase! You have other favorites? Write me in comments, at the end of the article!

Walther pistols / sporting weapons

My first pistol was a Walther. Robust and known to many, including the German police. Walther pistols offer you a relatively good price-performance ratio, so relatively cheap models for CO2 pistols. You will also often find Walther when it comes to CO2 cartridges. Most often the P99 model (police) is sold as a CO2 modification. Walther has been building weapons since 1886 and currently has around 200 employees based in Ulm and Arnsberg.

Test Ranking: 4.9 / 5.0

Glock pistols

My first experience with a Glock CO2 pistol was relatively difficult, because I find the trigger not very successful. When I fired the shot, I had to concentrate the most on pushing the trigger through properly. One notices a whole three stages, until one has finally pulled through, much time passes and it needs relatively much pressure. In my opinion, however, the system is clearly too little intensively adjusted to prevent it from being pushed off too early. Especially when concentrating on counting, there is a lot of decrease when you have to think about pushing 10% more every time. Since the use of weapons and their application are very important in particular, I would tend towards a different manufacturer with regard to the deduction.

The workmanship of the Glock is otherwise very high quality and some pistols also offer a relatively realistic return of the rail. With some systems, such as the Walter, a rail does not run back during the shot. The magazine is often used in the upper barrel instead of in the magazine itself, where the Co2 cartridge is usually placed. With the Glock, the ball magazine is located directly in the magazine and does not have to be inserted through the upper barrel. However, this advantage is offset by the relatively low sensitivity of the trigger.

Glock currently has approximately 1,300 employees and is headquartered in Austria. Since 1963 Glock has been producing weapons, but also ammunition and knives.

Test Ranking: 3.8 / 5.0

Sig Sauer

Also Made in Germany (orignially from Swiss): Sig Sauer. With headquarters in Eckernförde (Schleswig-Holstein) and 150 employees, Sig Sauer stands for quality. The company also handles major projects, such as 2017 for the US Armed Forces – then of course with the parent company Sig Sauer Inc. That’s why you’ll find Sig Sauer in many stores.

Test Ranking: 4.0 / 5.0

Smith & Wesson

Welcome to America! Those who like pistols with a classic look will find what they are looking for at Smith & Wesson. Produced in the United States since 1852, more precisely in Springfield (Massachusetts), Smith & Wesson has established itself worldwide. With over 1,500 employees, S&W is one of the big players and can also be found in many German gun shops.

Test Ranking: 4.1 / 5.0

Video recommendations for beginners: learn to shoot

You want to learn to shoot? Of course you can inform yourself very well about shooting techniques with YouTube today. From the short shot to the long-range shot, there is a lot to consider. For beginners we have listed video recommendations here. Anyone who wants to deal with this topic more intensively should contact a local or regional gun club. Here you can learn from experienced trainers and teachers how to handle weapons. Have fun learning to shoot!

Basics in Shooting from the SIG SAUER Academy

Shoot and aim with guns

Three secrets to shooting

Legal requirements for gun owners: gun law

For this area it is important for me to emphasize that these are personal recommendations! Please always check the current legal situation and legal texts in weapons law very carefully. For all deeper questions, please take a look at your NATIONAL LAW!

For the bearers of weapons there is a lot to consider, especially when dealing with weapons in public. But first you go to the gun shop, what do you need to know and what documents do you need when buying a gun?

What documents do I need to buy a gun?

When buying a CO2 pistol, you need not only your account card or cash, but also your identity card. Therefore, make sure in advance that you have your identity card or driving licence with you.

  • ID card or
  • driving licence

may I take the CO2 gun home with me directly?

When you buy your weapon, you will receive a receipt from the arms dealer. On this receipt the purchase is documented, details to your weapon but also the time. So on your way home, you won’t have any trouble with a police check. However, it is important that your weapon case is always well locked, e.g. by a padlock. That way, no one has access to the weapon. You should also make sure that the gun is separated from ammunition and CO2 air pressure capsule when returning.

  • Transport of the weapon with receipt / receipt of the dealer and date of purchase / date of purchase,
  • Weapon case must be locked,
  • Munition separated from weapon.

may I carry my pistol in public?

No! Air guns, CO2 weapons are dangerous and therefore subject to the Weapons Act. You can’t carry a gun in public under any circumstances. In general you should pay attention to a highly professional and considered handling of a weapon. Strangers should always be denied access, even within your own four walls. The weapon should therefore be well locked, just like when buying the weapon, and the ammunition must be stored separately, so that no unwanted situations can arise for you as the owner of the weapon.

weapon cabinets and weapon oil

Who shoots frequently and possesses many weapons, needs sooner or later a weapon cabinet but also weapon oil to lubricate the elements.

Recommendations for arms dealers and businesses in Germany

If you are in the city centre and looking for a good gun shop with professional advice and good service, we have the best recommendations for all major cities. Especially when buying weapons it is important to get advice from an expert.

Weapon shops in Berlin

Centrally located and easily accessible for all, parking spaces are also available. Both stores have very good ratings and a large selection of weapons and pistols.

Weapon SPort Security WWS A. Jennen

Schivelbeiner Str. 5, 10439 Berlin, Germany
030 4459067

Ranking (Google): 4.2 / 5.0 out of 98 Reviews

Soldier of Furtune

Frankfurter Allee 78, 10247 Berlin, Germany
030 27571651

Ranking (Google): 4.2 / 5.0 out of 70 Reviews

Weapon shops in Munich

Traditional and well sorted, these are the recommendations for Munich’s city centre. Both shops are within walking distance, but can also be easily reached by train or car. Parking spaces are available.

Waffenstube Thalkirchen GmbH

Emil-Geis-Straße 12, 81379 Munich, Germany
089 7234786

Ranking (Google): 5.0 / 5.0 out of 43 Reviews

Damage Arms Trade

Schellingstraße 20, 80799 Munich, Germany
089 74035544

Ranking (Google): 4.7 / 5.0 out of 27 Ratings

Weapon shops in Cologne

You can also reach PW Store relatively easily as a tourist, since it is very central in Ehrenfeld. The Cologne Hunting Lodge is located just outside the city centre, but offers everything your heart desires.

PW Store Cologne

Venloer Str. 273, 50823 Cologne, Germany
0221 56910858

Ranking (Google): 4.3 / 5.0 out of 25 Reviews

Kölner Jagdhütte – equipment for hunting & nature

Mathias-Brüggen-Straße 80, 50827 Cologne, Germany
0221 80131611

Ranking (Google): 4.4 / 5.0 out of 62 Reviews

Weapon shops in Hamburg

Tramm & Hinners

C, Chilehaus, Pumps 6d, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Located in: Chilehaus Hamburg
040 326020

Ranking (Google): 4.3 / 5.0 out of 32 Reviews

Waffenhaus Eppendorf GmbH

Eppendorfer Way 59-61, 20259 Hamburg, Germany
040 407046

Ranking (Google): 4.3 / 5.0 out of 32 Reviews

Can I buy CO2 guns online?

Of course you can also order CO2 guns online, so they will be delivered directly to your door. You have the advantage that you have a much larger selection of pistols. Various weapons manufacturers, systems but also cheap weapons on offer. You don’t have on-site advice for this and of course personal contact is always important, just as it is at the bakery or in the supermarket. So maybe you should go downtown and visit your local arms dealer! If you still want to order your CO2 pistol online, we have the best recommendations for weapons online shops.

Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest dead (†) in his apartment – our last interview

Rick Genest (†) a gifted artist, originally known as a tattoo model, was found dead in his apartment last night at the age of 32. We are great admirers and were allowed to meet Rick Genest for an interview for the first time two years ago. He died in his native country, Canada, in his apartment, which his management confirmed today during the day. According to official information, he took his own life. His last posting was just as gloomy.

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We remember a great artist

But remember the Rick Genest, who took the world by storm as a zombie boy, who had a good life, a wife and children.

Our last interview with Rick aka Zombie Boy

Official Release after his death on Instagram

More of Rick Genest on Instagram.

ZOMBIE BOY OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE MONTREAL, August 3rd 2018 The statement made by the police of Montreal is accurate in terms of time and location. Zombie Boy’s death occured in Montreal’s Plateau–Mont Royal neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon August 2nd. The classification of his death is yet to be determined, contrary to reports. We received the bad news early afternoon yesterday and members of the Dulcedo team rushed to support his family and loved ones, in this dark and difficult moment. We want to offer them our deepest condolences. Dulcedo Management is shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Zombie Boy, Rico, was loved by everyone who had the chance to meet and know him. Icon in the artistic scene and in the fashion and entertainment industries, this innovator has charmed all hearts. As you can expect, this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved. We ask that the privacy of his family be respected as they grieve and in the next coming days, an official statement will be made by his family. For any media requests, please contact Karim Leduc – CEO of Dulcedo and Zombie Boy’s manager – at 1.514.578.4396 or by email at – Dulcedo Management

A post shared by Zombie Boy (@zombieboyofficial) on

Rick Genest – Life, Inspiration, Super Model

Rick Gin is an inspiring personality for us, raised in Canada, he rebelled early on, and was later even a squatter. He got his first tattoo at the age of 16, at the age of 19 he decided to tattoo himself completely to and “undead people” with tattoo templates, which he combined little by little and could create something completely new from it.

Who was Rick Genest?

The most important facts about one of the greatest men models of our time! Read more in the interview with Rick (above).

  • First tattoo with 16 years a “Jolly Rogers”
  • He was punk, anarchist and squatter in Montreal
  • At 19 he decided to become a “living corpse”.
  • Born: August 7, 1985 in LaSalle, Montreal, Canada
  • Died: August 1, 2018, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal, Canada
  • Was in movies like 47 Robin (2013), Carny (2009) and Love at Last Sight (2014)
  • He was on the catwalk with 1.78 m

Rick Genest: The last instagram posting before his death

Heartbroken: Friends and loved people

Rick x L’Oreal: Famous Uncovered Video


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Chassis For Men: Powder instead of deodorant spray for the intimate zone – Sport & Business

Intimate care for the bottom – Between us men and in private! Today it’s 37°. I just saw a large group of young girls jogging by. None of them looked like it was hot. I, on the other hand, have just come from sport, dripping with sweat and yes, it doesn’t feel pleasant. The girls, on the other hand: Fresh as if they’d just taken off. I still hung my gym bag around half-heartedly, but knew, for the whole summer, I need a plan against unpleasant sweat, no matter whether at the editorial meeting without air conditioning or after the sport.

I’m definitely not the classic deodorant spray fan, so I went to YouTube once to look for new trend products from the USA – they always have a solution for everything, why not for that. At some point I often met Chassis For Men. The world’s biggest perfume youtuber Jeremy Fragrance, entrepreneur and men’s model, but also kickboxing world champion Michael Smolik talks about Chassis For Men. If two experienced men and experts celebrate the product, perhaps I should test it once?

Done, with Amazon Prime it was already in my mailbox the next day and for the training in the evening I could test it directly once.

The Clou of Chassis For Men

Most deodorant sprays often cause unpleasant residues or stick together. Stop it!

Thanks to powder no skin irritations and 24 hours protection

The powder from Chassis For Men, on the other hand, is very easy to apply on portable, dry powder products. No unpleasant coolness, no sticking, directly ready for the sport! Chassis For Menhat has developed the product especially for high demands – just like for real world champions. It also dispenses with many of the ingredients that are commonplace in most deodorant sprays, especially the cheap ones. Powder is not only more pleasant to apply, it also feels very natural and light. There’s no spray feeling from an extra layer. The intimate zones, perfectly dry, even for more demanding exercises.
Chassis For Men: freshness for top and bottom

Chassis For Men Premium Body Powder: Optimized for men and especially for the intimate zone:

Ingredients of Chassis For Men

Of course, it is not only important to me that his product works perfectly, but also that it has no harmful ingredients for me. Here is the list of the Chassis For Men ingredients.

    • Hamamelis – “Hamamelis has an astringent effect; it helps to care for and protect the skin. It is also used to reduce irritations caused by mild skin abrasions”

Aloe Vera – “Aloe Vera is a succulent plant known for its healing, calming and rejuvenating properties. It is often used for its anesthetic, antiseptic, antibacterial and skin regenerating effects.”

  • also pumpkin seeds (sounds kind of tasty)
  • Hop (always works for us men)
  • Allantoin (moisture regulation and peeling effect)
  • uvm.

The Promise:

The first and only premium men’s care line specifically formulated for better performance “down there”. Working together, our products keep guys fresh, dry, and friction-free all day long.

My description wasn’t that good, so here are the most important facts about Chassis For Men: It is the finest body powder in the world – specially developed for men, as it says when looking at the description in Amazon. In addition, it is the longest lasting powder with the so-called “Hydro-Shield technology”. It soothes and cools irritated skin without talc, aluminium, parabens or menthol. And of course there is also a little bit of power for all of us men: namely the power extract mixture with hops, pumpkin seeds, aloe, witch hazel and oat flakes. By the way, a few days ago I discovered a mega cereal bar, with oats! More about the delicious Trouser pocket muesli” from Hafervoll.

Business – Sweat is a No-Go for men!

Maybe you know it too? Always on the move to the next meeting, whether it’s an editorial meeting, an interview, a fashion show, an airport or a hotel. No matter when you meet people, customers or even employees, especially in industries that pay attention to the outside, not only in fashion magazines but also in real estate, fashion itself, advertising or media, your own self must be right. It does not only depend on a good body feeling and outfit, also not only on a chic hairstyle or the suitable accessories in the form of high-quality or luxurious watches. Let’s be honest, also the body odor must be right! Chassis For Men has only been available in Germany for a few weeks now and worldwide, for sure. The product has already enjoyed great success in the USA, where the biggest youtuber promote the new men’s beauty product, as well as Alpha M.

Alpha M. x Chassis For Men (USA)

Here you find the Alpha M. Youtube Channel, civil Aaron Marino.

Sport and fitness exercises do not have the greatest focus when it comes to preventing unpleasant smells or sweat: It’s all about Business. Berlin, Cologne, London, Shanghai, you are always on the move and at the end of the day or even right in the middle of it, you always have to be perfectly styled for the appointment. What good is the best styling if we feel uncomfortable about ourselves, e.g. unpleasant body odours? The more insecure we feel about ourselves, the more uncertainty we spread in our daily lives, private lives, but also in business appointments.

That is why it is important to develop beauty products for men who keep their promises. The world’s largest and most successful perfume Youtuber Jeremy Fragrance has also included the product in its YouTube channel. Of course, every youtube meticulously ensures that the products advertised are the best of the best. Because nobody would follow them if they gave bad tips!

Fitness Sports: The good life

After a long working day, sometimes even in the morning, we go to the gym! For a quick training session, without much distraction and with absolute focus on the training equipment. As I have just written, my day sometimes looks stressful, which you may know from your own profession. When it comes to my sports exercises now, it is directly double load and of course double developments of sweat.

The more the better? Some women say that they are attracted to a man’s light sweat smell, but I don’t feel so attractive myself, so I need something effective against sweat development, even in the intimate area. After Jeremy Fragrance shot a chassis over Nivea, I found this one from Michael Smolik, the current kickboxing world champion. If the heavyweight kickboxing world champion isn’t a reference for us men, who is?

Michael Smolik Video, Kickboxing World Champion x Chassis For Men

Chassis For Men is now also available in Germany!

Two strong men have convinced me on Chassis For Men’s YouTube – as I said, every youtuber takes care of the quality for his community. I have also tested it extensively! Everything wonderful and top, only the price you have to be able to afford. Currently a Chassis For Men can costs just under 18 €. That sounds a lot at first, but you have many days and weeks of stress-free time from unpleasant smells, which disturb you, for example in the intimate area. A topic that we absolutely had to discuss today, among us men, in private!

Chassis For Men: Fresh into the summer

Chassis For Men Premium Body Powder: Optimized for men and especially for the intimate zone: